Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Alternative Name: 爆宠狂妻:神医五小姐
Author: 扇骨木
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Action, Fantasy, Romance
Status: Ongoing
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Misty Cloud Translations
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She was the Fifth Young Miss of the revered General’s Residence, but was seen to be useless as trash. Promiscuous and flirtatious to a fault, she was finally killed by mistake under the hands of the attendants of the man she was chasing;

She was a genius favoured by the Heavens but ultimately murdered by an insidious plot and all who shared her bloodline pursued and exterminated which caused her to lust for revenge to be paid in blood.

The day the genius had unwittingly taken up the body of that useless trash and opened her eyes, her fate had completely changed!!!

Refining elixirs and the smelting of weapons were tough? That did not daunt her. Beast Tamers were rare? She had easily gained the title of Emperor Beast Tamer! Forced marriages!? Men being arrogant because they are good looking?

She stretches her hand out and easily pulls devilishly handsome men to her: The Demonic King brothers would easily take their place. A devilish glance, a slight shimmer of movement, and that man would suddenly disappear the next moment. He turned back around, his devilish smile alluring: “Let’s continue with the topic, let’s have a child!”

This is another interesting story with transmigrating and very fun filled characters that will delight you.

Chapter 1: “Fifth Young Master is bent”
Chapter 2: “Lost Memories”
Chapter 3: “Enemy Encounter”
Chapter 4: “Kicking up a fuss”
Chapter 5: “Brothers”
Chapter 6: “This Body has a Problem”
Chapter 7: “Enjoying Food, One of the Perks of Being Alive”
Chapter 8: “Book Pavilion”
Chapter 9: “Expelling the Poison”
Chapter 10: “Fascinating New World”
Chapter 11: “Genius”
Chapter 12: “The Box Left Behind by Father”
Chapter 13: “Returning to the Academy”
Chapter 14: “Thrashing Up Nalan Qi!”
Chapter 15: “The First Advancement”
Chapter 16: “Divine Beast Little Roar”
Chapter 17: “Spirit Pearl”
Chapter 18: “Dormitory Mates”
Chapter 19: “Gaining a Better Understanding”
Chapter 20: “I’m NOT a pet!”
Chapter 21: “Provocation”
Chapter 22: “Up to the Challenge?”
Chapter 23: “A Different Weapon”
Chapter 24: “Flash Fight (1)”
Chapter 25: “Flash Fight (2)”
Chapter 26: “Supreme Artifacts”
Chapter 27: “Ling Long”
Chapter 28: “Ling Long’s Ability”
Chapter 29: “Spirit Beast Egg Selection”
Chapter 30: “Schemed Against”
Chapter 31: “Imprisoned Within an Array”
Chapter 32: “Dispelling the Array”
Chapter 33: “Mysterious Spirit Beast Egg”
Chapter 34: “Nirvana Fire”
Chapter 35: “There’s someone by the riverside!”
Chapter 36: “Yue Yue, are you acting like a rogue?”
Chapter 37: “Negotiating Terms”
Chapter 38: “Intriguing”
Chapter 39: “Little Roar’s Ultimate Move”
Chapter 40: “Eating what’s hers, Sleeping what’s hers”
Chapter 41: “This Lord is a Man and I Have No Interest In You!”
Chapter 42: “A Badly Injured Soul”
Chapter 43: “The True Him”
Chapter 44: “Leaving On A Journey, First Kiss”
Chapter 45: “You are my woman!”
Chapter 46: “Sage Pavilion”
Chapter 47: “An Amazing Array Master”
Chapter 48: “Returning to the Capital”
Chapter 49: “The Spirit within the Spirit Stone”
Chapter 50: “Mo Sha”
Chapter 51: “Pill Refining, Round One”
Chapter 52: “A Waste? A Devil More Like It!”
Chapter 53: “Returning to the Academy”
Chapter 54 : “The Person Behind”
Chapter 55: “So It Was Actually Her!”
Chapter 56: “Sound Stone”

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  1. Diana says:

    I loved this novel, I read only the first chapters, and that was enough for me to adore it. I’d like to ask if you’re still going to post it.

  2. Rawa Beast says:

    I love books like this one especially 😉

  3. Purpleeeeeee says:

    Please update this novel!!! Its amazinng 😀

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    hahahaha, thank you everyone for all your comments! I’m very happy to see that you are all enjoying this as much as I do! Happy Reading~

  6. cyphus says:

    Thank you for the translations, keep updating please! 😀

  7. Yvette says:

    Thank you for your hard work, it’s a very good novel, enjoying the humor as well.

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