DDFYM – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: She is a perverse genius

Hearing Sima You Yue prattle on, Sima You Qing and the others lowered their heads and could not help but laugh.

Sima Tai took the extremely rare Fusion book and was so shocked he couldn’t speak.

“How is it, don’t you feel like you got something really cheaply?” Sima You Yue looked at Sma Tai’s expression and harrumphed, “You have to compensate me.”

“Okay.” Sima Tai replied very quickly this time.

“Clan Leader, this is?” Sima Lin saw that Sima Tai was very straightforward, so he became very curious towards the spirit skill in his hand.

“You all should remember that we have an ancestral record that writes how our ancestors had a door that would allow one to gain the abilities of their contracted beast?” Sima Tai asked.

“Could this be it?” Sima Lin’s face held unconcealed shock.

If this was it, the Sima Clan would have to properly thank Sima You Yue.

“I think that your ancestors totally did not want you all to learn this ability.”


“Because the requirements to obtain this book are impossible. It just happened that I happened to fulfill them and obtained it.” Sima You Yue said, “If your ancestors really wanted the later generations to learn it, they would not place it there.”

“You Yue, didn’t you say that you didn’t encounter any test?” Sima You Qing said.

“That’s right. There were no tests in front, however, the place it was put was blocked by an extremely hard turntable. If you couldn’t open that turntable, you wouldn’t be able to obtain it.” Sima You Yue said.

“Then how harsh were the conditions to open that turntable?” Sima You Yang asked.

“In any case, no matter who of you went, not a single one of you would be able to open it. It’s not difficult, it’s just that you fundamentally don’t have that condition.”

“What condition? Even Brother Lin wouldn’t be able to do it?” Sima You Lan asked.

Sima You Lin looked at Sima You Yue as well, his eyes held curiosity and doubt.

Sima You Yue sighed, saying, “That turntable had five colors. Every color needed its represented spiritual qi. Only one person would be able to enter, so if this wasn’t prohibiting just anyone from entering, then what would it be.”

“Ssi- You’ve a Multifaceted Spirit Master?!” Sima You Yang cried out when he understood Sima You Yue’s meaning.

“I didn’t say that.” Sima You Yue said, “However, speaking of this, Clan Leader, you said you were willing to compensate me.”

Sima Tai was also shocked when he found out she was a multifaceted spirit master, saying, “Yes, what do you want as compensation.”

“What I’ve given you is something good, so the compensation has to be good as well.” Sima You Yue chuckled, “I heard that the library pavilion in your residence has quite a few spirit skills, but not just anyone is allowed to enter.”

“I will grant you free entry.” Sima Tai said.

“I’m not asking for that.” Sima You Yue waved her hand, saying, “ You’ve locked my four brothers away for three years, and have not learnt any good spirit skills, let them enter and choose a spirit skill.”

Every was shocked. They never thought that she would actually use her request to give her brothers an opportunity to learn.

For her brothers, she really put in so much effort time and time again.

“You are our clansmen. It is natural that they will be able to enter the library pavilion to choose a spirit skill.” Sima Tai said, “Speaking of spirit skills, is the book Raging Inferno still with you?”

“Nope, when I came back, I returned it to Grandfather.” Sima You Yue said, “Since we’re done here, I’m going to head back first. Oh right, I don’t like others gossiping about me. If I hear about it, I’ll get angry, okay.”

After she spoke, she bowed to everyone before retreating.

“This guy, actually dares to threaten me.” Sima Tai appeared angry as he spoke. However, everyone could see that his eyes held no anger.

“You Yue has always liked to stay low key. If we really speak about him, he might really get angry.” Sima You Qing said.

“Strong yet not proud. Mature and steady. His road ahead will be boundless!’ Eldest senior sighed.

“If we let the other powers know that our clan has produced such a talent, they will definitely try to exterminate him.” Second elder said.

“Nobody is to speak of anything that has transpired here today. Furthermore, get everyone to keep silent about his abilities. Otherwise, they will be subjected to the family law!” Sima Tai said.

“Yes, Clan Leader.”

Just like this, Sima You Yue set off a huge wave in the Sima residence. However, not a single ripple was let out. The outside didn’t get a single bit of news.

Sima You Yue was really satisfied when she saw the results. Although the people in the clan knew she could tame Divine Beasts, nobody revealed it. The things that she said that day in the great hall were also kept secret. That was why, apart from Sima You Lin and the others, the rest of the Sima Clan had no idea she was a multifaceted Spirit Master!


She was fighting with a lion. The other party had just increased rank to a Divine Beast, but it was only fighting on par with her.

Of course, this was under the circumstance that she hadn’t shown her full hand.

“Ah, I don’t want to fight anymore, dont want to.” Great Lion had been beaten by Sima You Yue until all his fur had dropped out and began to wail loudly.

“Great Lion, we haven’t fought that long today, how could you surrender!’ Sima You Yue pounced on that great lion and said while pulling his ears.

“Your battle abilities are so strong, my fur was almost completely burnt off by you!” Great Lion said.

“Didn’t you eat a pill I gave you and recovered?” Sima you Yue said, “Who else can have this kind of opportunity?”

“Don’t want it either.” Great Lion had already made up his mind not to fight her today.

“No way, I haven’t found a better sparring partner yet. You have to fight with me!’

“My Little Devil, please let me off!” Great Lion wailed, “There are so many Spirit Beasts on this mountain, why do you choose me?”

“What choice do I have.” Sima You Yue slapped the Great Lion’s head, “The ones in the mountain are either too weak or too small. I want to increase my battle strength, so I have to spar with someone like you.”

Great Lion lay on the ground, saying, “No, I don’t care. I don’t want to fight you anymore!’

“You-” Sima You Yue was infuriated. This Lion really was a coward.

Right now it had already been half a month since they came back from the ancestral ground. During this half a month, she had run about on the mountain looking for spirit beasts to strengthen herself.

She had been suppressing the excess spirit power she had obtained earlier, so she prepared to increase in rank these few days. However, she never thought that this great lion she was sparring with would not want to do it anymore.

“Since he’s not willing, why don’t we spar today.” Sima Lin appeared and said to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue looked towards the mountain top. Sima Lin was there watching her.

“Grandfather Lin.”

“Three years ago, we competed on our mental strength. Do you want to do so again today?” Sima Lin flew down, looked at Sima You Yue and said.

“Okay!” Sima You Yue excitedly agreed.

Ever since she had come back from the ancestral ground, she had wanted to look for Sima Lin for a spar. Three years ago, she was unable to fight back against his suppression. She really wanted to know whether or not, three years later, she would be unable to go three rounds with him like before!

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