DDFYM – Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: Pulling a snake out from its hole

It was no wonder that she had not seen Halcyon in the guest house when she woke up. It turns out that he had been the knight to save the damsel in distress.

“Do you know who the other party is?” She asked.

“We know.” Little Tu said, “He said that he was someone from the Nalan Clan. I heard the people who were watching us say something like he was a first ranked power.”

“Nalan Clan?” Sima You Yue was a bit surprised when she heard this name again. She had quite a bit of grievances with the Nalan Clan in the Dong Chen Kingdom.

Since the Sima Clan was a power banished there, the Nalan Clan must be their root clan as well. It was just that she never expected to bump into them.

“Then, Halcyon didn’t kill them off?” Sima You Yue was curious.

Little Tu shook his head, saying, “Big Brother Halcyon said he merely came here to rescue people, he didn’t randomly kill people! He let those two leave.”

“Sigh, what a pity!” Sima You Yue lamented.

“However, Big Brother Halcyon didn’t let anyone know that he was a Sacred Beast.” Little Tu explained.

Sima You Yue patted his shoulder, saying, “Go and eat two pills to let your panda eye subside. It really doesn’t look cute at all. As for Fatty, you can find your own pill to eat. Little Tu, let’s go in.”

After she finished speaking, she held Little Tu’s hand and brought him into the house and gave him two pills to eat. In a moment, Bei Gong Tang came over.

“Nalan Clan… Not a family, not one that has just one door, but is an entire clan of people. The way of doing things is exactly the same!” Bei Gong Tang did not have any good impression of the Nalan Clan’s people and ground her teeth.

“Extremely hateful.” Sima You Yue heard that the other party had wanted to kidnap a beauty in broad daylight, and even that the old person had perverse fetishes, and hate rose in her heart. “However, it’s not too convenient for us to make trouble now. Wait till we clean up things on our side, then we’ll go and finish them off!”

“Mm.” Bei Gong Tang nodded. No matter what she did, the rage she felt did not dissipate.

On the morning of the second day, Sima You Yue pulled Bei Gong Tang to the street. First, was to find out some news about the Nalan Clan. One the other people found that they knew nothing of the Nalan Clan, they looked at them as if they were some kind of barbarians. However, they still told them whatever they knew.

As expected, the Nalan Clan was a first rate power in the Yilin Continent. Their main house was not in the imperial capital, but in the Northwest city of Lin An. It just so happened that it was exactly opposite of the direction to the Sima Clan. Since it was able to rise to the position of the four great clans, there was no way their strength would be small.

However, Sima You Yue was half relieved, knowing that this wasn’t the main nest of the Nalan Family and pulled Bei Gong Tang one round around the streets. If they couldn’t meet that person, then fine. However, if they met them, then she would reluctantly get rid of him in the name of justice!

“Yo, isn’t this the beauty from yesterday?” A vulgar voice was heard and Bei Gong Tang turned around to look. It was truly that wretched male from yesterday, accompanied by the vulgar senior as well.

The two of them were decked in flowery clothes, and you could tell with a single look that it was not any ordinary stuff. Sima You Yue glanced at them, saying, “Yesterday, was it them who sexually harassed you guys?”

Bei Gong Tang nodded.

“Where’s the little child from yesterday? This Expert really loves him to death!” The vulgar old man looked to the left and right, but did not see any sign of Little Tu, so he directly asked.

Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang both blanched inwardly, this old man was still having some designs on Little Tu since he didn’t die!

Seeing signs that Sima You Yue was going to explode, Bei Gong Tang pulled on her and said to the two Nalan Clansmen, “My Older Brother is nearby, you all better not follow us.”

She pulled Sima You Yue into the crowd the moment she finished speaking.

“Senior, they…” The vulgar man was a bit anxious when he saw that Sima You Yue and the others had left.

“Do not stress, let me scan the area.” The vulgar senior closed his eyes and sensed his surroundings, saying, “That Older Brother of theirs is not around here at all.”

“Then, are we going to chase after them?” The vulgar man said anxiously, afraid that they would not be able to catch up if they did not chase them right now.

“No need to worry, they won’t be able to run away.” The vulgar senior started to walk slowly as he spoke, walking towards the direction of the two of them.

When the vulgar man saw this, he quickly rushed to catch up.

Bei Gong Tang was pulling Sima You Yue towards the outside of the city. It really looked as if they were running away, further filling the two men with confidence that there was truly only the two of them.

“Senior, catch that female, you naturally know yesterday **** had happened.” The vulgar man told the vulgar senior, hoping even more that he would help him catch Bei Gong Tang.

“You can relax, I will naturally catch them. It’s been awhile since my ** has been excited.” The vulgar senior said.

Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang’s, who were walking in front, had eyes that flashed with murderous intent when they heard what the men were saying.

The two were actually taking Little Tu as a **** and even wanted to kidnap him? Truly evil!

When the two Nalan Clansmen saw them walking outside of the city, they wondered if they lived outside the city? However, it would be so much more convenient for them to act if they were in a desolate place. When the time came, nobody would know that it was them who had done it.

After walking 5km away from the city, Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang stopped walking and turned around to face them.

“Why did you follow us?” Bei Gong Tang glared hatefully at the two of them.

“Hey hey, pretty lady, after seeing you yesterday, my beating heart would not be still. I wanted to invite you to my residence as a guest to express our feeling towards you.” The vulgar man said shamelessly.

Sima You Yue stepping forward, blocking Bei Gong Tang, saying, “Hmph, where did this idiot come from? Is my wife someone you can invite just because you wish you?”

The vulgar man was extremely unhappy when he heard Sima You Yue refer to Bei Gong Tang as her wife, replying, “How can a man like you be fit for a beauty like her! I will kill you off today to set that beauty free!”

“Hmph, aren’t you just wishing to steal my wife from me? You even make it sound so righteous!” Sima You Yue looked coldly at that man, as if she was merely looking at a corpse.

Want to kill her? It was unknown who would kill whom!

She started to tap into her Spiritual Qi and the surrounding Spiritual Qi started to fluctuate. The opponents could estimate her strength.

“Haha, merely a second ranked Spirit Overlord. We will send you to the gates of hell today!” After he spoke, the vulgar man tapped into his own Spiritual Qi and his fourth ranked Spirit Overlord power appeared.

Sima You Yue did not take him seriously at all. When she was just a first ranked Spirit Overlord, she was already capable of killing Qin Wu. Although this man was around the same rank as Qin Wu, when compared to Qin Wu who lived his life on the blade, he was clearly a shabby man who looked impressive but was of no substance.

“Senior, don’t interfere. Let me kill that man.” After speaking, he launched an attack at Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue snorted coldly. She battled with him, and the victor was decided in a quick moment. In their battle, she exterminated the other party in ten moves.

The vulgar senior had never taken Sima You yue seriously at all because her rank was lower than both of theirs. However, he never expected that she would have such valiant battle prowess, quickly defeating that vulgar man. Furthermore, it was done so quickly. By the time he had reacted, she had already killed that vulgar man.


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