DDFYM – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Golden Snake Fruit Ripens

Sima You Yue rubbed her nose and said a sentence that even she didn’t believe.

“Cough cough, I’m such a pure and innocent person, how could I have done something like this.”

Little Roar and the others were in the Spirit Pearl. When they heard what Sima You Yue said, they all rolled their eyes.

Wei Zi Qi and the others all gave Sima You Yue a look that showed they knew he was lying to himself and to others. If they didn’t know what his true strength was, they would have believed him. However, after the whole episode at Pu Luo Mountain Range, they knew that he was definitely not weaker than them and was actually even stronger. This sentence could not even convince the person who said it, much less convince them!

“Regardless of whether or not you did it, hearing what Nalan Lan and the other one said, this time, they will go to your Sima Clan to look for trouble.” Fatty Qu said a bit worriedly.

He never used to care about whatever happened between the Sima Clan and the Nalan Clan, but now that he had taken Sima You Yue as a brother, he would naturally take his burdens upon his own shoulders.

“The Nalan Clan has always been nursing a grudge against you because of the previous time where you caused Nalan Lan to be expelled. I heard that they’ve been increasing pressure on your clan these few months. If not for the fact that General Sima had ties with the army, I think that they would have directly struck against you.” Wei Zi Qi said, “Although that Nalan Qi is a bit stupid and incompetent, he is the apple of Nalan He’s eye. If he knew that he was killed by you, he would be even more heavy handed and intense.”

She didn’t refute anything that Wei Zi Qi had said about her killing Nalan Qi and she had already thought about all his worries.

“Since he talked about his troubles about going to find Grandfather, then why don’t we push the inconvenience of killing onto the source.”

Hearing that Sima You Yue spoke without any hesitation, their hearts were shocked.

“Tsktsk, and you just said that you were a pure and innocent person but now you say these kind of words so easily.” Fatty Qu unveiled her mask.

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him, saying, “My purity and innocence depends on the receiving party. A dragon has reverse scales that will anger it if you touch it, everyone has their own areas you can’t mess around with. If anyone dares to mess with my family, I, Sima You Yue, will definitely not let them off easily!”

The four of them were moved by what Sima You Yue said, a dragon has reverse scales that you can’t touch, weren’t they the same!


An angry roar sounded from the mountain valley, scaring everyone on the mountain who was waiting for the Golden Snake Fruit to ripen.

“What happened?”

“No idea, why would the Divine Beast suddenly rage?”

“It seems like someone got close to the Golden Snake Fruit!”

“It was a Spirit Beast, my goodness, it was a Ninth ranked Saint Beast!”

“They’re fighting!”


Sima You Yue and the others stood up and lay on the boulder, facing the mountain valley. They really did see two Spirit Beasts fighting and it ended up involving the other Spirit Beasts nearby, scaring them into retreating behind quite a bit.

“That Saint Beast is really powerful, it can actually battle a Divine Beast.” Fatty Qu clicked his tongue in astonishment as he watched the battle down below.

“That’s because it’s bloodline is slightly higher than the Saint Beast’s.” Wei Zi Qi said, “Spirit Beasts of a certain bloodline can eliminate the pressure that comes from some higher ranked. However, whether or not it will be able to attain victory will depend on their individual strengths.”

“That Divine Beast is concealing its power, the Saint Beast is going to lose!” Bei Gong Tang said.

The others didn’t know how Bei Gong Tang knew this, however, not long after she finished speaking, that Saint Beast lay beaten on the ground. Each breath it took was shallow, as were the breaths it released.

“That Full Ape has actually reached the level of Second Ranked Divine Beast!”

The people who were watching were completely shocked by the strength that the Spirit Beast had revealed and were at a loss.

“General, it’s unexpected that the Full Ape would actually be a Divine Beast at second rank. Now the difficulty in seizing the Golden Snake Fruit will be increased many many, many times!”

Actually, a Rank One Divine Beast’s strength was not that different from a Rank Two Spirit Saint. Adding on to that the help of a few more men, it was still possible for Sima Lie to obtain that Golden Snake Fruit. However, now that this Full Ape increased its rank to a Second Ranked Divine Beast,  it’s battle strength was comparable to a Fourth Ranked Spirit Saint and could be considered as being stronger than him by two ranks. Wanting to surpass it became completely uncertain in a short moment.

“Admittedly, this Golden Snake Fruit is really enticing, but this Full Ape actually secretly increased in rank. Pass down the command to play by ear and not to risk one’s life to be stubborn.” Sima Lie saw Nalan Clan’s camp that was not too far away from his. Nalan He was over there having a discussion and he was also talking about what just happened.

The boulder that Sima You Yue was hiding behind was not too far away from the Sima Clan’s campsite. When she heard what Sima Lie said, her heart full of worry finally calmed down. She was afraid that SIma Lei would be muddle headed over this treasure and would stubbornly press on in fighting with the Full Ape for the Golden Snake Fruit. Now that she knew he did not think this way, she felt relieved.

However, she never expected that their desire for the Golden Snake Fruit would be taken by others as people who did not know their own strength.

Night gradually arrived and the moon this night was exceptionally bright. It was like a Jade Plate hanging up in the sky, like a silver blanket across the mountain valley.

Perhaps it was because it could feel that the Golden Snake fruit was about to ripen. The Spirit Beasts as well as the people in the mountain valley did not rest. Everyone was anxiously paying attention to the situation regarding the Golden Snake Fruit.

Sima You Yue anxiously stared at the Golden Snake Fruit Tree. Because she was slightly more informed about it than others, the parts that she were focusing on were slightly different.

Most people only saw that the Golden Snake Fruit was absorbing the moonlight and that it had yet to turn completely golden as it slowly matured. However, her focus was on the Golden Snake Fruit tree.

The Golden Snake Fruit Tree was giving off a faint white glow, spreading out like a thin silver thread. Under the mask of the moonlight, those who did not look carefully would not be able to notice it at all.

“Is that the gas that allows one’s soul to recover?” Sima You Yue saw the Full Ape sit beside the Golden Snake Fruit as it worked hard to breathe in the gas that was emitted by the Golden Snake Fruit. Looking at it, the fact that it was able to breakthrough to the Second Ranked Divine Beast rank was not unrelated to this gas.

In the later half of the night, when everyone was a little bit sleepy, Mo Sha suddenly voice out, “The Golden Snake Fruit is going to ripen!”

Sima You Yue had always been watching the Golden Snake Fruit Tree and realised by herself that there were some changes to the Golden Snake Fruit. Those seven fruits had already turned yellow and were giving off a rich fragrance, causing the Spirit Beasts onsite to go crazy.

Those Spirit Beasts charged towards the overhanging cliff, wanting to take the fruit. However, they realised that it was wrapped in a burst of white light, barricading it from everyone’s touch.

“Still missing the final part.” Mo Sha said.

“The Golden Snake Fruit has matured, everyone quickly go take it!” It was unknown who shouted this from the mountain as everyone’s state of mind was immediately thrown into disarray in a moment. They completely disregarded the hoard of Spirit Beasts, directly flying towards the Golden Snake Fruit.

The Spirit Masters who reached the rank of Spirit King were able to fly in the air. It seemed that each and every single one of these were experts whose powers were ranked above Spirit King.

Those Spirit Masters who had directly flown over to the overhanging cliff were swatted down by the strong gust of wind that came from a swat by the Full Ape, sending more than a few people flying. Those were fell on the ground were besieged by the Spirit Beasts from all sides.

Beast and beast, man and man, everyone was fighting against everyone, turning the entire mountain valley into a scene of chaos.

Sima You Yue saw that SIma Lie was also flying towards the Full Ape and took out a bottle of medicine powder and placed it in Bei Gong Tang’s hand. She said, “I’m going to snatch the Golden Snake Fruit. Help me to scatter this on the people from the Nalan Clan. If I’m able to snatch the Golden Snake Fruit, I will definitely give you a share!”


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