DDFYM – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: “A Different Weapon”

After Sima You Yue closed the door, she heard Little Roar yelling at her from within the Spirit Pearl, clamouring to come out. With a thought, Little Roar appeared in front of her.

“What’s the matter?” She hugged him and ruffled his furry his long ears and asked gently.

“Yue Yue, you really want to challenge that white lotus?” Little Roar asked.

“Yes, why not? Since people specially came to provoke me, tell me, can I retreat?”

Sima You Yue threw Little Roar into the air as he leaped in a beautiful crescent arc and when he saw he was going to hit the wall, he swiftly twisted his body and flew back to see her searching for something within her interspatial ring. “What are you looking for?”

“Weapons! I need to find a weapon for this challenge. In the ring that cheap dad left me had only a pathetic selection of weapons.

“You want weapons? I saw a lot over at Little Spirits’ place!” Little Roar reported.

“Oh really? Let’s go have a look then!” With a thought, they both entered the Spirit Pearl once again.

As soon as they entered, Little Spirit appeared before them. “Come with me” he calmly said as he turned and led the way. It seems he knew the reason for her arrival.

“This is the former former’s Master’s weapon refinement collection. Little Spirit brought them to a room filled with a wide variety of weapons.

“How many former masters did you have?” After listening to Little Spirit’s words, she could not hold back her curiosity and asked.

“There’s only those few.” Little Spirit disappeared right after.

Sima You Yue had a good look at the weapons and found that the majority comprised of Holy armaments. Sprawled across the wall were all grand and majestic weapons, however looking for an inconspicuous low profile weapon was rather hard.

After going through almost all the weapons, she finally found a little dagger at the far corner of the room. She picked it up and flipped it about on her hand and felt the weight and finally said: “It’s settled, this would be it.”

After Sima You Yue left the room, Little Spirit appeared and took a glance and when he saw the empty spot at the far corner of the room where the dagger used to be, he was surprised. “She actually chose that weapon and it did not resist. To think that all the former Masters did not manage to gain it’s acknowledgment, yet , a girl who has just embarked on the path to cultivation had managed gain it’s approval…

Or could it be that her future would be a long and arduous path threaded with obstacles?

When Sima You Yue took the dagger out and removed it from the sheath, she was dumbfounded.


Little Roar was laughing hysterically sprawled on the ground, holding his stomach and wiping a tear off.

“Yue Yue, you chose for such a long time and in the end, out of all the fine weapons in there, you actually picked out a rusty dagger?!”

Sima You Yue stared helplessly at the dagger in her hands. Although it felt alright in her hands but when she unsheathed it, other than the handle being wrapped by leather, the entire blade was covered in a layer of rust. How was she going to use this for the challenge?

At this time, a male student had ran to their courtyard and hollered out: “Sima You Yue! Miss Meng has asked me to remind you that the challenge is starting soon, if you are not going for it, it’s best to start packing your things and scram!”

After saying what he needed to, he turned and left. Although Meng Ting was not afraid of her Grandfather, that didn’t mean the others felt the same, if they were caught by Sima You Yue, their future would be bleak.

When Sima You Yue heard the message, she sighed and said: “Now I don’t even have time to polish it, we’ll just use what we have then. Although it doesn’t look nice, it still fits well in my hands.”

Little Roar threw her a look of contempt: “Any other weapon would be better than that?”

“What do you know. A weapon and a person must resonate, if I simply pick any weapon, at a critical juncture, it might just drag me down.” She mumbled and sheathed the dagger and continued to argue in defence: “Also, for some weapons, in the hands of different people, a different power may be unleashed.”

She blinked for a moment as she stared at the dagger. For a moment there, she thought it moved on its own. Hmm, it must have been an illusion.

“Well, that’s what you said the last time as well. But since then, you’ve still not found a weapon that you’re happy with.” Little Roar complained.

He looked at the dagger with disdain. In her past life, she had never found a suitable weapon and she was always searching for that one weapon. Now, in her present life, how did she end up with such a dilapidated weapon?

Looking at the reality before him, his heart felt cold.

Sima You Yue saw the expression on Little Roar and felt three black lines at the back of her head. What was this expression? Did he despise her weapon, or her? And what’s with the sullen expression and the feeling of sadness that was welling up within her?

“Do you want to go back?” She asked.

“No! I want to stay outside and see you trash that white lotus with my own eyes! I’ve not seen you for such a long time! I don’t wanna go back!” He shook his head vehemently.

“Alright then, let’s go.” She tucked the dagger safely on her waist belt and carried Little Roar out.

As the whole world knows, she couldn’t cultivate. She couldn’t put the dagger in the interspatial ring now. Not yet.

When she heard the neighbouring door open, Bei Gong Tang glanced out her window and shook her head before she continued reading the book in her hand.

“You Yue.”

Sima You Yue stopped in her tracks, she had just stepped out of the courtyard and she heard Wei Zi Qi call out from behind.

“Zi Qi, something?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head. “I’ll accompany you to the stage, no matter what the results are, it’s better you have someone accompany you there.”

As they walked towards the stage, it attracted the attention of many as people started pointing at them and talking in hushed tones.

“I thought he had already been expelled, didn’t think that he was hiding amongst the freshmen.”

“Who do you think his Grandfather is? If he wants to stay in the Academy, all they need is a word from him.”

“Really shameless, this kind of person can only rely on their background, its too unfair!”

“I heard that Meng Ting challenged him to a fight, if he loses, he will leave the Academy and never take a step back!”

“They should quickly let him go, if such people stay on, wouldn’t it just tarnish the reputation of our esteemed Imperial Academy?”

“I also heard that if he won, he wanted Meng Ting to avoid him and make a detour if she ever ran into him.”

“He really knows how to dream. I heard Miss Meng’s temper isn’t very good, this time he provoked her, I wonder how miserable would he be on stage later?”

“That Meng Ting has already achieved reaching the level of a fifth grade Spirit Warrior at a young age, although the level isn’t very high, it’s enough to deal with a waste.”

“Yeah! Can’t wait to see him get thrown out of the Academy gates!”


Sima You Yue and Wei Zi Qi were walking past and these careless whispers and insults were just thoughtlessly being thrown out, thinking that they couldn’t hear them well.

However, each word was heard clearly and Wei Zi Qi flushed red with anger. But when he saw that Sima You Yue walked on leisurely as if he heard nothing, Wei Zi Qi could only hold it in and walked alongside.

“Aren’t you angry?” Wei Zi Qi asked through his gritted teeth.

“What’s there to be angry about? Those dogs that bite are the quiet ones. These barking dogs only know how to make noise. The best way to shut them up is using strength to speak!”

“Challenge stage? This should be it.” Sima You Yue read out loud in the words that were hung on the signboard above.

Before she had even stepped inside, she could already hear the noise spilling out here from inside.

Seems like Meng Ting had gathered quite a number of people to watch the battle!

ps: white lotus in this instance means more like a derogatory term, something along the lines of a flower vase.

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