DDFYM – Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: Settling down

This Golden Snake Fruit was not the one she snatched from the Pu Luo mountain range back then, but it was a fruit that ripened from the Golden Snake Fruit tree while it was in the Spirit Pagoda.

Halcyon took the fruit and said, “Yes. I’ll come back in a few days.”

After speaking, he flew up into the sky, leaving the Sima Clan.

Sima You Ran watched Halcyon leave and said, “He looks to be flying towards the direction of the waters, right?”

“Fifth bro, do you know what he’s going to do?” Sima You Le asked with curiosity.

“I don’t know either. He’s not my contracted beast and didn’t tell me what he was going to do.” Sima You Yue waved her hands.

“You Young Masters are finally free. What do you say we don’t go home until we’re drunk tonight?” Fatty Qu rushed up and said.

“We thank you for taking care of our Fifth Brother all these years.” Sima You Ming cupped his fist in greeting towards them, “Once Grandfather comes back, we will definitely drink a few rounds with you.”

Sima Lie only came back when it was close to noon. He said to them, “We have decided to return to our roots. We will be living here in the future.”

Sima You Yue and the others were not surprised by this decision at all since this was within their expectations.

Although everyone was rather dissatisfied with the family, it was still a good idea for them to stay here. Especially since he wanted to think for Sima You Ming and the others. With a family like this, they would be able to go farther in life in the future.

Since Sima You Yue planned to stay, Wei Zi Qi and the others planned to get a house here as well. They would stay in the guest house while looking for the house.

Sima You Yue initially wanted to let them stay in the Sima Clan for a period of time. However, once she thought about how she herself was not familiar with the clan, she changed her mind.

When it was late, Sima You Qing and Sima You Yang came to look for Sima You Yue. They just happened to chance upon them drinking, so they very shamelessly sat down together.

When they heard that Wei Zi Qi and the others were planning to settle down in the Anyang Prefecture, Sima You Yang slapped his chest and guaranteed that they could leave this matter to them and they would definitely find a suitable house for them to stay in.

On the second day, he came over to look for a few people and told them that they had already found a house for them. Since they were they they also brought news about the auction that was held yesterday. They said that many people were fighting over the Earth Dragon Marrow and the initial low price of two hundred thousand rose to over five million.

“It’s a good thing that we don’t need it anymore, or we would have had to fork out a huge sum of money.” Sima You Yue concluded at the end.

“You’re found a house?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“Found it. It’s my friend’s house. When he heard that I wanted it, he let me have it.” Sima You Yang said.

“Is that okay?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“No problem. He has many houses and doesn’t care for one or two. If you have the time, I can bring you over there to take a look. If you don’t like it, you can look for others.”

“Okay. The brothers and the others are all busying about matters relating to their clan but I’m free so let’s go take a look.”

They first went to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion to pick up Little Tu before bringing him with them to take a look at the house.

The house that Sima You Yang found was not far from the Sima Clan’s house and was close to the Sima Clan’s mountain range. It wasn’t that big but there was no issue if it were to house a few thousand people.

The house was far from the heart of the city and was quiet and peaceful, suitable for cultivation.

“Not bad.” Sima You Yue toured around it and was very satisfied with the environment here, “What do you all think?”

“It’s not bad.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“I like it.” Fatty Qu said.

Sima You Yang saw that everyone liked it, so he said happily, “If you like it then let’s reserve this place!”

“Alright then, let’s use this place.” Bei Gong Tang felt that it was suitable as well.

“Then it’s settled.” Sima You Yang said, “In a moment, I’ll get some servant girls to clean it up. It’s been a long time since someone stayed here so there’s dust everywhere.”

“Then we’ll have to trouble you.” Sima You Yue said.

“We’re a family now, what are you being so courteous for.” Sima You Yang placed his hand on her shoulder, saying, “When we met in Lin Chuan city, I never thought that we would be a family!”

After settling the house, the lives of Wei Zi Qi and the others were settled as well. They had encountered quite a bit of things during these three years, and for a short time, they did not have to think about having to develop their skills through combat but could properly cultivate.

Everyone believed that their cultivation would definitely quickly rise up in time to come.

“Those who wanted to rope you in would definitely come to find you soon. If you all wish to, you can find a power to plant yourselves under.” Sima You Yang said.

“We have no interest in joining up with a power. If we don’t want to, what should we do?” Fatty Qu said.

“Why don’t I go back and look for my Grandfather to discuss with him for a bit. We can claim that you all have joined our Sima Clan and if we all don’t give you anything, you don’t have to do anything for us.” Sima You Yang said.

“This isn’t a bad idea.” Fatty Qu said, “Many thanks to Brother You Yang, then.”

“Alright, then You Yue and I will head off first. We’ll come find you when we have the time.”

After which, Sima You Yue and Sima You Yang left, leaving the others behind.

Shortly, a few servant girls came over, saying that Sima You Yang had already sent them over and were now responsible for them.

Bei Gong Tang and the others had rejected at first. However, thinking about how Little Tu had to eat every day and that the entire house would need cleaning, they let them stay.

Sima You Yang and the others went back to the Sima Clan and went to look for Sima Lin. He recounted everything about Wei Zi Qi and the others.

Sima Lin agreed very quickly to Sima You Yang’s request and sent men out to spread the news, saying that Wei Zi Qi and the others had already joined the Sima Clan.

Once word was spread, all those powers who wished to rope them in could only stamp their feet and wring their hands. Such great fortune cats were snatched away by the Sima Clan in an instant.

However, thinking about how they had relations with Sima You Yue, they could only sigh and lament that the Sima Clan had really profited greatly this time.

“Many thanks to Clan Leader.” Sima You Yue expressed her gratitude.

“You don’t have to thanks us. We benefit greatly from the release of this news as well.” Sima Lin said, “This way, the powers will not try to recruit you anymore.”

Thinking about how the powers were not simple at all, she understood.”

“You Yue, due to your Grandfather’s request, you are not written into our genealogical records. However, you are still our clansmen.” Sima You Lin said.

“Grandfather has already told me about this. You just have to treat Grandfather and the others well.” Sima You Yue said.

She did not have much opinion about being written into the genealogical records or not. She just had to be able to live together with Sima Lie and the others.

“It was us who failed you all in the past. The Clan will definitely compensate them.” Sima Lin said.

“Many thanks to Clan Leader.” Since they would be living together in the future, she had no wishes to continue pursuing matters of the past. Anyway, those who had maliciously beaten Sima Lie and the others had already been killed.

Sima Lin could see Sima You Yue’s attitude as well and he nodded his head satisfactorily, saying, “Your medical abilities must be exceptional since you managed to cure Youngest Uncle. I have something that I need your help in.”

“What is it?”

Sima Lin glanced at Sima You Yang and said, “Yang’er, head down first.”

Sima You Yang retreated downstairs as Sima Lin went to a dark square and pushed it. A secret path appeared in front of Sima You Yue.

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