DDFYM – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: “Ling Long’s Ability”

“Little Yue Yue, you’ve finally awoken.” Ling Long said happily as she saw Sima You Yue open her eyes.

Sima You Yue stretched out her hand and wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes. She turned her head and looked at the little child beside her and said hesitatingly, “Ling Long?”

“Ha, Little Yue Yue recognises me.” Ling Long chirped happily as she clapped her hands.

“How have you turned into a child? And such a small one at that?” Sima You Yue sat up and cupped Ling Long into her hands. She realised that she was merely around the the size of two fists.

“Of course, I am a Soul Weapon. I’m quite similar to Little Spirit, of course I’d be able to transform into a human.” Ling Long said while laughing happily. “However, I’m more powerful than that guy! I’m able to completely transform into one, but he’s unable to. He can only waste away inside the Spirit Pearl. So, looking at just this one point, the one who is the most senior Supreme Artifact is me.”

“Alright, both of you are very powerful.” Sima You Yue quickly pacified the situation when she saw that Little Spirit was about to explode.

“Oh right, what did Little Yue Yue dream of just now? We immediately felt your pain, and it also hurt me greatly.” Ling Long asked.

“Nothing much, it was just a few old memories.” Sima You Yue said. “Perhaps it’s because I can now cultivate, so my memories are slowly coming back to me.”

Looking at how Sima You Yue was reluctant to divulge any information, nobody asked any further.

Sima You Yue stood up. Looking at how she was still at the place that she fainted at earlier, the corner of her mouth arced and said, “Couldn’t you all have let me lie down on a bed or something? At least it would have been more comfortable.”

“Too lazy to change location.” Little Spirit said in a forceful and just manner. In a flash, he disappeared.

“I’m also too lazy to bicker with you any further, if not, you’ll anger me to death.” Sima You Yue did not look at Little Spirit and looked at Ling Long, who was in her hands, and asked, “What kind of weapons can you turn into right now?”

“I also have no idea.” Ling Long shook her head as she said.

“Then let’s try.” Sima You Yue said.

“Alright.” After saying this, Ling Long turned into a dagger and said, “Master, let’s begin.”

Sima You Yue thought of a few different types of weapons in her head. Aside from the initial double edged sword, none of the rest succeeded.

After a while, Sima You Yue helplessly looked at the pot in her hands and bellowed with laughter, “Hahaha, what kind of Supreme Artifact are you? Did you turn into a pot because you plan to help us cook some food?”

“This time was a mistake.” After saying this, Ling Long left Sima You Yue’s hands and started to spin in midair. When it stopped spinning, the pot was missing and a spatula that was used to stir-fry vegetables appeared in front of everyone.

Sima You Yue’s initial hopefulness turned to disappointment. While looking at the spatula, the disappointment had turned into despair.

It turns out that she had chanced upon another fraud item. It had said that it was so powerful but in the end, the result was too beautiful. She could no longer bear to look at it.

Looking at Sima You Yue’s expression, Ling Long turned into the dagger and said, “Little Yue Yue, don’t be disappointed. Although I can turn into many things, right now, it’s also dependent on your own ability. The stronger you become, the more powerful a weapon I can turn into as well.”

This was basically saying, her current strength was only able to turn it into cooking utensils.

Sima You Yue could feel the disappointment in Ling Long’s words and picked it up and said, “I will enable you to turn into extremely powerful weapons. In any case, I am unable to use these weapons right now. When I increase in strength, we will become stronger together!”

“Mm! I believe in you, Little Yue Yue!” Ling Long said confidently.

“Me too, I also want to become stronger together!” Little Roar came over and said.

Ling Long turned into a small child and stepped on Little Roar’s face, roaring, “Little Yue Yue and I are mutually encouraging each other right now, what did you run over for?!”

Sima You Yue looked at the fiery little lady, whose temperament had changed in a split second. For a moment, she was unable to figure out which one was the true Ling Long.

Since the time that the Spirit Pearl had come out, it was now already sunset. It was lucky that they had no classes in the afternoon or she would have been caught in the act by the scoundrel Feng Zhi Xing.

Thinking about Feng Zhi Xing, she thought about Little Spirit’s reminder. Did he really know that she could cultivate? Then why did he not expose her at that point? He obviously knew that she was a wastrel, but he willingly accepted her into his class. Was it really because he was doing it on account of the principal and her grandfather?

If he really had any motives towards her, she did not sense any malicious intent from him. Unless you’re saying that he had concealed it so deeply. Furthermore she had been sensitive towards people ever since she was born. Feelings like maliciousness or kindness were very obvious to her; she had never mistaken these things before.

So much so, that because of this, when she had carried out multiple missions with people from her organization before, she had managed to kill someone in revenge even during their betrayal.

As a result, she could feel that Feng Zhi Xing held no malicious intentions towards her.

Also, right now in the principal’s office, Feng Zhi Xing who had just returned from outside was called over.

“Are you aware of the situation regarding your class of students?” The old principal looked at Feng Zhi Xing and asked.

“Are you talking about the challenge? I’ve heard about it.” Feng Zhi Xing replied indifferently.

“What do you think about it?” The old principal asked.

“Don’t have any opinions, as long as she doesn’t play their lives, anything goes.” Feng Zhi Xing leaned on the chair and fiddled with his fingernail. He said, “Furthermore, in the competition, they are responsible for their own life and death, if any situation occurs, their two families won’t be able to pin this on me.”


The old principal almost choked when he heard Feng Zhi Xing’s words and said, “I’m asking about the situation where Sima You Yue triumphed over Meng Ting.”

“So what if she’s won over Meng Ting?” Feng Zhi Xing said, “This is not anything strange. That Meng Ting only closes the door and studies at home while Sima You Yue constantly gets into fights in the city. I think that it’s due to his vast combat experience that he won.”

When the old principal heard about how Sima You Yue had triumphed over Meng Ting, he actually thought about whether or not he could have possibly been able to cultivate. If not, why would this scoundrel with such foresight accept a wastrel. However, listening to his explanation now, it was not like it was not a reasonable explanation. After all, during their fight, Sima You Yue had really not used any spirit power.

Feng Zhi Xing saw the way the old principal’s eyes darted around sneakily and guessed what he was thinking in his heart. However, he did not plan to say anything.

“Do you still have anything else? If not, I will make my move first. I have to bring them to choose a Spirit Beast Egg tomorrow and have to go back to prepare a bit.”

“Yup, choosing a Spirit Beast Egg is a very important event for the students, you need to prepare properly. Have the Spirit Beast Eggs all been replenished?” the old principal asked.

“They all arrived today. I expect that they’ve all been sent inside already.” Feng Zhi Xing replied.

“Then you should go and prepare.” The old principal said, “remember to take note not to allow them into the house with the dead egg. If not, they would have wasted a chance unnecessarily.”

“Since it’s a dead egg, why don’t you dispose of it?” Feng Zhi Xing asked puzzledly.

“That was something that was passed down a very long time ago, our custom in this school is not to touch that egg. I am also unaware of the reason why. However, there were many times in the past where a student who entered that house would always be very confused upon his return. As such, we thought that, despite it being a dead egg, it was still a rather unique place. So, we left it as it was.”

“I understand.” Feng Zhi Xing said, and left.

At night, when He Qiu Zhi was walking around in the campus, a group of people blocked her path.

“Are you guys going to choose eggs tomorrow?” That person asked.

“Yes.” He Qiu Zhi replied.

“Very good. Help me with one thing, I will reward you well.” That person said with a smile.

“What thing? You should let me listen to first.”

“Help me eliminate Sima You Yue.” That person said, “Meng Ting has the support of her Meng family, what powers do you have to protect you? If she finds out that you’ve instigated Meng Ting into challenging her……”

“I’ll do it!” He Qiu Zhi answered nervously and thought about it for awhile and asked: “How do you want me to do it?”

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