DDFYM – Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: They’re all poor people

That shop attendant led Sima You Qing away and another shop attendant immediately came up, asking, “Do the few of you need any help?”

“No need, we can walk around on own own and talk a look.”

“Okay then, please call us if you need anything.” After speaking, that shop attendant retreated to one side respectfully.

“The things here are better in quality and variety as compared to the ones in Peace City.” Fatty Qu’s eyes lit up as he looked at the things and said with a smile.

“Take a look and see if there’s anything you like.” Sima You Yue said.

“Okay then.”

Everyone went about their own way, looking for anything they might want.

In a short moment, Sima You Yang’s group came in as well. Seeing Fatty Qu and the others who were wandering around the items, Sima You Ze, his brother and Huo Zi Jiao’s started to carry ugly expressions.

Sima You Yang nodded his head at Wei Zi Qi and the others before bringing Huo Zi Yan upstairs to see if there was anything he wanted to buy.

Huo Zi Jiao and the others did not go up. After seeing Sima You Yue and her gang, they didn’t want to go upstairs anymore.

“Bumpkins, do you even have the money to buy the things here?” Huo Zi Jiao walked over and looked disdainfully at these people who were cheapening the area by wandering around repeatedly.

“What’s it to you whether or not we have the money?” Fatty Qu sneered, “Unless you, little Miss from the Huo clan, are also the steward here?”

“Hmph, I’m just reminding you. Don’t choose something that you cannot afford to pay for. You’ll lose face for no reason.” Huo Zi Jiao laughed coldly, waiting to see them embarrass themselves.

Bei Gong Tang happened to wave to the shop attendant, asking, “Does this place take in pills?”

“We do, does Miss want to sell some pills?” The shop attendant asked.

“Mm, Little Miss Huo reminded me. If we don’t have money, we’ll end up losing face so it’s better to first exchange them for a bit of cash.

Sima You Yue and the others saw Bei Gong Tang act this way and knew that this lady was angry. She waited to see how she would deal with Huo Zi Jiao.

“Then let us go upstairs. Miss, please follow me.” The shop attendant said.

“Okay.” Bei Gong Tang nodded but she didn’t walk off.

“Don’t, we’ve never seen how it’s like for others to sell pills!” Sima You Yi said.

“That’s right, if it’s just one or two pills, there’s no need to walk over there.” Sima You Ze accompanied.

“Bei Gong, why don’t you do it here. We’re lazy to go upstairs anyway.” Fatty Qu said, “Otherwise, others will really think that you will go through so much effort to sell just one or two pills.”

“Your own people have already said so, why are you still going upstairs!”

They were sure that Bei Gong Tang and the others had come from some small place, so they should only possess a few pills. That’s why they intentionally wanted them to stay downstairs and embarrass themselves.

Bei Gong Tang looked at the three of them before turning to the shop attendant and saying, “Since everyone thinks this way, we can do the exchange here.”

The shop attendant had no opinions towards this and said, “Miss, our first rank pills are thirty gold coins for one, second rank pills are sixty gold coins for one, third ranked pills are a hundred gold coins for one, fourth ranked pills are three hundred gold coins for one. If they are special pills, the prices are not restricted by their rank.”

Bei Gong Tang nodded her head. The prices were considered reasonable and weren’t too high.

After that, the shop attendant brought her to a a counter at the side, wanting her to place the pills on top. Bei Gong Tang shook her head, saying, “There’s not enough room here.”

Her voice was light, but it caused the heart of the people on site to shake.

This kind of counter wasn’t enough room? Didn’t she just have one or two pills?

The shop attendant was stunned as he turned around and gave an order to the female attendant at the side.

“Hmph, do you have that many pills? Don’t tell me you’re an unsuccessful alchemist? I’ve never heard of an alchemist bumpkin before.” Sima You Ze said.

“So what if I am or not? Does it have anything to do with you? Do you have nothing better to do but to bother about the business of everyone?” Bei Gong Tang scoffed with displeasure.

“You!” Sima You Ze was so angry that he stomped his feet while pointing at Bei Gong Tang, his eyes flaring with anger.

“What, am I wrong?” Bei Gong Tang laughed coldly, “Whether or not I am an alchemist has absolutely nothing to do with you. What are you doing huffing and pudding over here!”

Sima You Qing, Sima You Yang and Huo Zi Yan came down from upstairs and saw the people below quarreling. They asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Little Miss Huo said that we don’t have enough money to patronise this place so Bei Gong wanted to sell a bit of pills to earn some cash in order to avoid really having no money and ending up as the butt of Little Miss Huo’s joke!” Sima You Yue said faintly.

Huo Zi Yan, Sima You Yang and the others were all bright, so they roughly understood what happened by what Sima You Yue said. It was definitely Huo Zi Jiao and Sima You Ze who had come to bother Sima You Yue and the others again.

During this time, a servant lady came over and stopped beside the the counter. With a wave of her hand, a table one by two metres long appeared.

After that, their shop attendant said, “Miss, the table has been prepared. Please take our your pills.”

Bei Gong Tang walked over and, with a wave of her hand, over a thousand pill bottles appeared on the table, shocking everyone on site.

Sima You Ze and the others had said not too long ago that she would have but one or two pills, and they were harshly slapped across the face. It was the kind of slap that would echo down the halls.

That shop attendant was shocked as well, following up with a, “Miss, we have to carefully count this many pills.”

“Okay.” Bei Gong Tang didn’t say much, but took a seat and proceeded to sit down.

The shop attendant quickly beckoned for more people to come over to take stock of these pills.

“Miss, the total is one thousand one hundred first ranked pills, eight hundred second ranked pills, six hundred third ranked pills and two hundred fourth ranked pills.” The shop attendant kept away the pills on the table and told her the number they had calculated.

Everyone sucked in a breath when they heard the figure. Even an average disciple of any clan would not be have so many pills on them when they went out right? No one aside from an alchemist would bring along so many pills.

Sima You Yang stared wordlessly at Bei Gong Tang. He was a direct descendant of the Sima Clan, but he only had a hundred over pills on him. That girl had that many, she really was a good alchemist!

“Why don’t we sell my pills as well. They just take up space in my interspatial ring!” Ouyang Fei walked over and, with a wave of his hand, the table filled up with jade bottles once again.

Everyone was starry eyed by this scene. Even Ouyang Fei was an alchemist. They even said that they were poor before, but they knew now that they were definitely richer than them.

Although Sima You Yang and the other two were a bit shocked by Bei Gong Tang’s pill, they did not pay too much heed since it was just an alchemist. They had plenty of alchemists in their clan.

However, they never expected that there would be two alchemists in a single moment. Furthermore, it was even a fourth ranked alchemist. The most important thing was that You Yue and the gang looked to be even younger than they were. In time to come, who knew what their potential would be!

That shop attendant began to take stock of this second batch of pills and it was only a good moment later that they managed to count them all. It was a few hundred pills more than what Bei Gong Tang had.

“Oh my, since you’re selling things, why don’t I clear my interspatial ring as well.” Fatty Qu stepped forward, saying, “Do you accept spirit tools?”

The shop attendant nodded, saying, “We do.”

“That’s great. I want to change it for a bit of cash to buy things to avoid having not enough!” Fatty Qu finished speaking and went to the table. With a wave of his hand, a hundred over spirit tools appeared on the table. Many were even placed on the floor because there wasn’t enough room.


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