DDFYM – Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: Sima Jun

“I believe that your father did not do it.” The ancestor said, “But in order to convince the clan, you still have to heal that person. You all can go.”

“Yes, Ancestor.” Sima Lin cupped his hands in a bow as he brought the group with them and left.

When they walked past half the mountain, they heard the cry of a Spirit Beast followed by a person’s cry.

Sima Lin and Sima Qing heard that voice and their faces flashed with helplessness. They brought them to a mountain far away.

“Stand still, you have to play with me!”

“Don’t want to, release me!”

“No, I want to play with you. Let me ride on beasty!”


“Stay still…”

One man and beast was chasing each other on the mountain. When Sima You Yue and the others had come to the mountain, what they saw was like a painting.

“Youngest Uncle, you’re messing around again.” Sima Lin flew up and pulled Sima Jun, who was sprinting wildly.

Sima Jun panicked when he saw Sima Lin and said, “Let go of me, I want to chase Beasty! I want to play with him!”

“Youngest Uncle, let’s not play with Beasty today. Let’s play other things, okay?” Sima Lin asked.

“Where are you going to bring me to go play?” Sima Jun asked Sima Lin and didn’t believe him.


Sima Lin was stunned. He had no idea what they could play!

Sima You Yue never thought that the person would be this way. It looked like his soul had really gotten injured, where his intellect had regressed till he appeared about nine years old.

She waved at them, saying, “Come over, I’ll give you something fun to play with!”

“Who are you, what are you going to let me play?” Sima Jun saw quite a lot of strangers and hid behind Sima Jun fearfully.

“I have many many things that are fun to play with!” Sima You Yue said, “However, you have to listen to me today. Only then will I bring you to go play.”

“First tell me what you have that I can play with before I go over.” Sima Jun thought long and hard behind Sima Lin while staring at Sima you Yue.

Sima You Yue took out a yellow pumpkin. She turned around and took a knife and shua-shua-shua scratched it before quickly turning around again. In her arms, the pumpkin looked exactly like the pumpkin from the Thanksgiving celebrations they had in the west.

“Wa, I want to play!” Sima Jun was interested in that thing and was no longer scared of her. He ran over to snatch the pumpkin in her hands.

“So quick!” Sima You Yue cried out secretly. It looked like he really was quite powerful.

“How did you do it?” Sima Jun asked.

“You want to play?” Sima You Yue was like a big bad wolf preying on little children.

“Want.” Sima Jun nodded.

“Then you have to listen to me today!”

“Okay.” Sima Jun replied simply.

“Then we’re going to head back first. After that, I’ll bring you to go and play, okay?” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

“You look really nice when you smile!” Sima Jun stared at Sima You Yue, saying, “I like it when you smile.”

Sima You Yue stepped forward and held his hand, saying, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the place where you live. We can go there to play together.”


Sima Jun held on to Sima You Yue’s hand and brought her to the house that he lived in.

Sima Lin and Sima Qing watched them go with faces of disbelief.

“Youngest Uncle never liked others to get close to him. I never thought that he would actually be able to get on Youngest Uncle’s good side.” Sima Qing sighed.

“Uncle’s intellect had always remained as a child, so he likes to play. However, we always just played along with him. Let’s go, we’ll follow them and see.” After Sima Lin finished speaking, they followed after everyone.

Sima You Yue followed them down the mountain and came to a secluded house by the foot of the mountain.

“This is where I stay.” Sima Jun said, “When can we start playing?”

Sima You Yue scanned her surroundings. Not even a single silhouette of a servant was in the house. Only a few animals who had yet to form any intellect were scuttling about.

“Youngest Uncle doesn’t like to interact with others and is afraid of everyone. He chased away every single servant that we sent here.” Sima Lin said, as if he knew what Sima You Yue was thinking.

Sima Jun saw that Sima You Yue was ignoring him so he asked again, “When can we start to play?”

“I’ll teach you first what I did just now. We’ll each carve one, after that, I’ll take your pulse, play?” Sima You Yue asked, “Or else I won’t play with you.”

“Okay. Quickly teach me!” Sima Jun urged.

Sima You Yue brought him to a pavilion in his house and took out two big pumpkins. She gave him one, then began to teach him how to carve it.

After a long moment, both of them finished the carvings. Sima Jun looked at the two dissimilar carving qualities and said, “How come yours looks so much better than mine?”

“You just have to carve a few more and it’ll look nice too.” Sima You Yue said, “Now stretch out your hand, let me take your pulse.”

Sima Jun stretched forth his hand and let Sima You Yue take his pulse. He pursed his lips with dissatisfaction as he pouted, “They always get people to come to test me for whatever illness, but I’m not sick at all! I think Little Lin is the one who’s ill.”


Everyone except for Sima Lin, whose face was turning black, burst into laughter.

Sima You Yue did not laugh, but turned her full attention into checking Sima Jun’s body.

“You Yue, how is Young Uncle?” Sima Lie asked when he saw Sima You Yue furrow her eyebrows.

Sima You Yue retrieved her hand and Sima Jun immediately hugged the two big pumpkins and ran off to study them.

“Not bad, I have a way.” She looked at the naive smile on Sima Jun’s face, saying, “I can treat him in three days.”

“Three days?! Are you sure?” Sima Qing stared at her in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Yue did not know why they were so shocked.

“The doctors from before all said that he would need at least a year’s worth of time to recover even if we managed to find the Golden Snake Fruit and the Earth Dragon’s marrow.” Sima Qing said.

“Different methods, I suppose.” Sima You Yue did not reveal that much, saying, “When I checked him just now, I realised that he has a lot of Spiritual Qi in his body. His power is at least of the third ranked Spirit Paragon. How is he so strong?”

“Youngest Uncle is a fifth ranked spirit paragon.” Sima Lin said, “He used to be an unparalleled genius. Perhaps it was because he was a simple man, he rarely came across spirit bottles.”

“Haha, I know how to make it look better now! You Yue, give me another big pumpkin!” Sima Jun flashed a giant smile at Sima You Yue as he stretched forth a hand to ask for the pumpkin.

Sima You Yue took out a large pumpkin and handed it to him before continuing to say to Sima Lin, “We want to live here for the next few days. Nobody is allowed to come and disturb us. My gGandfather and the others have to be here as well.”

“Okay.” Sima Lin was very direct this time. He could accept this as long as they were able to heal Sima Jun.

In any case, he believed that they would not use this time to escape.

Sima You Yue and Sima Jun interacted a bit while everyone went inside his house.

Before she began to heal Sima Jun, she went to refine a batch of Hundred Revolutions Pills. Right now, she was strong enough to make it all on her own. However, she was only able to produce eight pills, which was much worse when compared to Mo Sha’s ten or eleven pills.

After that, she gave Sima Lie, Sima You Ming and her three other brothers two pills each. While they were in shock, she pushed them back into their own houses before getting Wei Zi Qi and the others to watch over things here. Then, she went to start Sima Jun’s healing process.

Within these three days, the Sima Clansmen were all shut inside this house. Although she had told them not to bother her, they all watched her from afar. Each and everyone of them were stunned by whatever had happened in the house.

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