DDFYM – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Light Devil Body Physique


Mo Sha nodded, confirming that it was true.

“At that time, why didn’t I feel that we had entered a contract?” Sima You Yue felt it was strange and asked.

“Because I blocked it.” Mo Sha said.

Sima You Yue scrutinised this Mo Sha and was secretly fearful. Being able to block the contract between two people such that she was unable to feel a thing… even if she had only been in this world for a short period of time, she knew that this was something that was practically impossible.

However, he had done it. Furthermore, it was done when he was still an incomplete spirit. How terrifying was he in his past life!

“However, the stronger he is, I believe, the more things he will know how to do.” Sima You Yue contemplated in her heart, “If he has established a contract with me, wouldn’t I have an overwhelming advantage? Who knows, I may even be able to gain much more things from him.”

Mo Sha noticed that Sima You Yue’s eyes were turning and knew that she had thought of some warped idea yet again. However, he could not be bothered with it and closed his eyes for awhile before opening them to look at her, saying, “Enough.”

Sima You Yue felt it for a moment then realised she really had another connection with Mo Sha.

“When did we establish a contract?” She still felt it was incredulous when she asked.

The other party was a devil, furthermore, was in a spirit state. How did they form a contract with each other?

“When you broke the Illusion Array, I don’t know how you entered into a contract with the Spirit Stone. Since I lived in there, of course I entered into a contract with you as well.” Mo Sha’s face blackened considerably when he thought of this, “In any case, will you let me go and check now? I’ll take a look at what this seal is.”

Talking about the seal on her body, Sima You Yue also became more serious. Who knew that her body would actually have some a weird thing. She didn’t know what this seal was for, who gave it to her and why she had it.

“Come then.”

She nodded towards Mo Sha. She didn’t know how he planned to enter her body and was going to ask when Mo Sha turned into a kind of black ray, shooting into the space between her eyebrows.

At the moment he entered, Sima You Yue felt a biting chill and unconsciously broke out into shivers.

“How is this guy’s temperature so cold.” Sima You Yue could not help but jest, “If he doesn’t come out soon, I’ll turn into an ice cube.”

After more than a little while, just before Sima You Yue’s body reached its limit, Mo Sha came out from between her eyebrows. The moment he left, the freezing cold also left with him.

“How is it? What is that seal?” Sima You Yue noticed that Mo Sha was looked at her with a complicated expression and asked. Seeing how he refused to answer, she said, “Don’t tell me that a bomb is sealed within my body?”

“Not a bomb, but something like it.” Mo Sha had followed Sima You Yue for such a long time that he knew what she was talking about when she said the word bomb.

“It’s really a bomb?!” Sima You Yue’s expression was wrecked with grief, “I was just randomly spouting guessing, who knew that I would guess it.”

“I said that it wasn’t a bomb.” Mo Sha said.

“Fine, no matter what is is, I still have to know what it is.” Sima You Yue pursed her lips, saying, “Say it, what is sealed within my body?”

“Light Devil Body Physique.” When Mo Sha said this, his voice trembled slightly, as if he was quite agitated.

Sima You Yue had been shocked by his three words, so.. So she didn’t notice his agitation.

“What is a Light Devil Body Physique? Why is it sealed?”

“If it was not sealed, I’m afraid that your body would have exploded when you were two or three years old.”

“So terrifying?” SIma You Yue attempted to find a word that would properly describe its extent, but failed. “Then what is it exactly?”

“This world is separated into light and darkness. You should know this right?” Mo Sha looked at Sima You Yue.

“Don’t I just have to look at you to know.” Sima You Yue felt that Mo Sha would talk for a long time so she casually took out a chair from her interspatial ring, sitting down to listen slowly.

Mo Sha looked at what Sima You Yue did and could not help but turn his face completely black. This brat was just incomparably worried just seconds ago, but she was now taking out a chair to sit down and listen?

“People from the world of light have a physique that will only be found after a few hundred thousand years. This kind of physique actually contains a kind of aura. This aura will let them cultivate at speeds that surpass normal Spirit Masters by more than a few times, furthermore, their bottlenecks are few. As a result, they have very strong abilities to recover. This kind of body is called a Light Body Physique.

“So powerful!” Sima You Yue’s mouth opened wide in shock, “If one managed to encounter this kind of body, wouldn’t this be super-ultra out of this world!”

“On the other hand, in the Dark world, those with dark auras are termed Devil Body Physiques. If one was able to use one of the two types, to the average person, this would be seen as an extremely fortuitous event.” Mo Sha said, “However, you are not the same as them.”

“You said I possess a Light Devil Body Physique, don’t tell me that you’re saying I have both kinds?” Sima You Yue said.

Mo Sha gave her an appraising look, saying straightforwardly, “That’s right. You have both kinds of auras in your body. One represents the light while one represents the darkness. Both are at odds with each other but they now reside in one body. What do you think will happen? Furthermore, at that time, you were just a baby, you would have been killed with even a little bit of shock.”

“No wonder it has to be sealed.” Sima You Yue said. After that, she thought about something and looked straight at Mo Sha, asking, “Now that this seal has been broken, won’t I be 100% dead?”
“Not for the time being.” Mo Sha replied, “However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t in the future.”

Sima You Yue looked at Mo Sha and beamed, saying, “You definitely have an way to deal with it, right?”

Mo Sha raised his eyebrows, “How are you so sure?”

“Since we’ve had a contract, if I die, you also wouldn’t be able to live on. However, you don’t look worried at all.” Simna You Yue declared assuredly, “Anyway, you managed to recognise right away that I have a Light Devil Body Physique, so you definitely have seen experienced like this before. Or, you are one, or you have encountered one before.

The way Mo Sha looked at Sima You Yue changed a lot in a moment. He never expected that this brat would actually have a brain.

“Your Lordship knows that his charm is hard to contain, but you still don’t have to look at me like that.”

Sima You Yue pinched her nonexistent fringe and pretended to show off, causing Mo Sha to roll his eyes.

“You still haven’t said what kind you are!” Sima You Yue said.

“I was like you, in the past.” Mo Sha said this sentence slowly.

Although Sima You Yue had guessed it, hearing it from Mo Sha himself still gave her a bit of surprise.

“Then, then how did you turn into someone from the Devil Clan?”

Mo Sha glanced over at Sima You Yue, before looking in the distance, saying, “When I was young, I was also a human. I didn’t grow up in the Devil Clan.”

Sima You Yue looked at Mo Sha and felt waves of hurt coming from her own body.

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