DDFYM – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: “Sage Pavilion”

A luxurious palace located on the top of a mountain. The marble palace walls shone with white radiance under the sunlight, looking incomparably majestic and holy.

Wu Lingyu sat on Fire Qilin and descended right in front of the main door of the palace. The gatekeepers immediately knelt, saying respectfully, “Greetings to the Holy Son.”

Wu Lingyu smiled lightly as he nodded his head, saying gently, “You may rise.”

“Thank you, Holy Son.” The gatekeepers stood up and returned to their positions.

“Where is Pavilion Lord?” Wu Lingyu asked.

“The Lord is at Clear Wind Palace Hall together with the other Branch Pavilion Lords, discussing some affairs.” The gatekeeper replied, “The Lord instructed us that if the Holy Son returned, to tell him to look for them in the Clear Wind Palace Hall.”

“I got it.” Wu Lingyu waved his hand and entered through the palace door. He walked towards the Clear Wind Palace Hall. All the people kowtowed towards him whenever he walked by in reverence.

“Holy Son, Pavilion Lord has been waiting.” A woman dressed in white said as she saw Wu Lingyu, “Please follow this servant.”’

The lady led Wu Lingyu inside, and the people in the main hall said, “Pavilion Lord, the Holy Son has returned.”

A man clad in black sat on the seat above, his white Chang Pao was concise but it was not simple. His handsome face looked like he was not more than 30 years old, but he had already an old man who had lived for more than a thousand years.

“Lingyu greets Pavilion Lord.” Wu Lingyu bowed slightly.

“Lingyu, you’re returned. I am currently discussing some affairs with these other Lords. You can return to your seat.” Pavilion Lord nodded as he said.

“Yes, Pavilion Lord.” Wu Lingyu walked to his seat and sat down.

“Alright, let us continue.” Pavilion Lord said, “Where were we?”

“In response to Pavilion Lord, we were talking about the incident where the Ximen clan was exterminated.” A female Pavilion Lord said.

“Right, have we properly investigated this incident of the extermination of the Ximen clan?” Pavilion Lord asked.

“We have finished investigations. The perpetrators were the ones who have always been at war with them – the Zong Zheng clan.” The Branch Pavilion Lord said.

“We do not have to bother about the previous issues of the clan. However, I’ve heard that the Ximen clan has a daughter called Ximen You Yue, her innate gift is extremely high, is that the woman whom the higher ups want us to look for?” The Pavilion Lord asked.

“In reply to Pavilion Lord, the man who was sent to investigate this matter has returned. Ximen You Yue has a strong innate talent as well as a multi-faceted Spirit Master, however, she only has 3 facets and does not possess the four different facets that was rumoured.” The Branch Lord said, “Furthermore, she has already been killed by the Zong Zheng Clan, this point can absolutely be verified.”

Wu Lingyu sat at his place. Listening to them talk about Ximen You Yue, he could not help but to think of Sima You Yue. Thinking of how he had thoroughly enraged her before he had left, he could help but break out into a smile.

“Since that is the case, there is no longer any need to care about the affairs of the Ximen family.” Pavilion Lord said.

“Yes, Pavilion Lord.” That man said, “However, when we were investigating, we found out that the Zong Zheng family has a little miss called Zong Zheng Han Yue, she’s a rare talent. I feel that I could let her enter my Sage Pavilion.

“Could she be the woman from the prophecy?” Pavilion Lord asked.

“No, she’s a dual faceted Spirit Master with the gold and fire attributes.” That Branch Pavilion Lord said, “She has already been tested by our own people and they have confirmed that she is a dual faceted Spirit Master.”

“Since she’s a dual facet Spirit Master, you can let her enter.” Pavilion Lord waved his left hand, as his right hand rested on the armrest and leaned his hand against his forehead and said, “Is there anything else you want to raise?”

“Pavilion Lord, during my administration, I discovered a four faceted Spirit Master.” Another Branch Pavilion Lord, who had a cold disposition, said.

“You’re certain that she has four facets?”

“Yes I am, Pavilion Lord. That is a ten year old female child who has just begun to cultivate. During the clan ability testing, it was found that she possessed four facets.”

“No matter whether or not she is the woman from the prophecy, we cannot let this go.” Pavilion Lord said slowly, as if a person’s life was worth nothing to him.

“I have already called for men with superior skills to bring her to take on our clan name and bring her into the Sage Pavilion. I wanted to give a report to Pavilion Lord before executing her.”

“Good. It is the will of the higher ups, in order to avoid the killing of a thousand, we cannot let a single one go. As long as they are female with four or more facets, we cannot let them go, do you understand?” Pavilion Lord warned.



Wu Lingyu sat wordlessly at his place and he laughed coldly in his heart. This was the ‘pure and holy’ Sage Pavilion. In their eyes, the lives of others were worth less than a stalk of grass. All for the sake of a prophecy from who knows where.

After a while, after they had finished their discussions, only Pavilion Lord and Wu Lingyu, these two people, were left.

“How come you went out for so long this time?” Pavilion Lord asked Wu Lingyu.

“In reply to Pavilion Lord, I’d heard that there were movements in Yi Lin Continent, so I went down to take a look.” Wu Lingyu replied.

“Then did you meet any suspicious people?”

“No.” Wu Lingyu said confidently. “Yi Lin Continent is the most inferior continent here. Looking for a talent is more difficult than reaching for the sky.”

If one was talking about a suspicious woman, then he would definitely think of Sima You Yue. However, he had no plans to say anything about this.

“Even if this is the case, you shouldn’t be careless.” Pavilion Lord warned.

“I understand.” Wu Lingyu lowered his head slightly, looking as if he had taken to heart what he had said.

“How is your body?” Pavilion Lord asked in concern.

“In reply to Pavilion Lord, it is the same as it always way. My Master said that he is still looking for a way for me to fix this problem.” Wu Lingyu replied.

Pavilion Lord took out a jade bottle from his interspatial ring and said, “This is a pill that I have tasked others to research about. It nourishes the soul greatly. Take it and use it well.”

Wu Lingyu rose, both hands extended towards the jade bottle, saying, “Many thanks for Pavilion Lord for your concern.”

“You are the Holy Son that I have personally chosen and you are my successor. It is a given for me to show you some care.” Pavilion Lord smiled lightly, “If there’s anything else in the future, just get the people in the lower realm check it out for you. There is no need to go there personally.”

“I understand.”

“Alright, you should go and rest.” Pavilion Lord said as he waved his hand.

“Alright. Then I will head downstairs first.”

“Go. Remember to use that medication.” Pavilion Lord urged.

“Yes, I will go back and use it well.” Wu Lingyu said, “Lingyu takes his leave.”

Wu Lingyu turned around and walked out with large strides. When he was at the entrance, he heard the sound of Pavilion Lord’s voice.

“Holy Maiden will be coming back from above these few days. When that time comes, bring a few people to receive her.”

Thinking about that annoying woman, whose skin was thicker than the concrete wall and always stuck around him, Wu Lingyu went stiff. However, he still turned around to reply, “Yes.”

Meanwhile, in the Pu Luo Mountain Valley in Mainland China, Sima You Yue miserably sat on Ya Guang as they escaped. She’s originally thought that just being able to leave the mountain valley would be good, but who would have thought they would chase her for several hundreds of kilometers.

As for that ‘nearby city’ that Wu Lingyu had told her about, it was only after riding on Ya Guang’s back, running for half a day when she finally saw it.

“We’ve ran so far, this is his idea of a nearby city?” Sima You Yue placed Ya Guang back into the Spirit Pearl. “Next time, if I ever meet him again, I will definitely tear out his skin!”

She entered the city. Everyone saw her battered appearance but they did not laugh at her. In fact, they even expressed some kind of admiration.

“May I ask, how do I get to the Spirit Masters Guild?” Sima You Yue pulled a passerby to ask.

“Great Master, just continue walking on straight. After crossing two streets, just turn left and you will be there.” The passerby, who had been pulled to a stop, replied with veneration.

“I got it, thank you!” It was the first time that Sima You Yue had been looked at with a gaze of admiration and it felt a bit strange.

What she didn’t know what that the people of this place could tell at one glance that she had come from Pu Luo Mountain Range. A person who dated to enter the Pu Luo Mountain Range alone must definitely be a powerful expert. Everyone immediately had the posture of reverence.

She followed that person’s instructions to get the the Spirit Masters Guild; that was a place that would have that teleportation array back to the capital.

Thinking about the person who had pushed her, she broke into a sneer. She was about to go back so she should properly prepare her own revenge.

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