DDFYM – Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Encountering a treasure

Sima You Yue and the others sat on Little Roc and rushed towards that direction.

“Water Lizard, Giant Green Crocodile, Black River Horse… Why are there so many Amphibian Sea Beasts?!”

“There are even Land Sea Beasts!”

“They’re injured!”

“Little Roc, hurry.” Sima You Yue said as she patted Little Roc on the back.

“Tenth Elder is there as well. He’s protecting those guards.” Sima You Lan said.

“Call out the contracted Beasts, let’s go save them together!”

Little Roc arrived on the ground and placed everyone down as he charged into the battle first.

Everyone called out their own contracted beasts and charged in, rescuing those inside.

Sima You Yue called out Ya Guang and Thousand Resonance. Along with Little Roc, she had three Divine Beasts. This was the biggest troop, causing the Sima Clansmen to be incomparably surprised.

The hundred over Spirit Beasts were engaged in combat with the Sima Clansmen. The Divine Beasts made up half of the numbers while there were not many Saint Beasts that were on par with the Spirit Paragons. However, they all died there.

Little Roc was in midair and enjoyed exceptional advantages. That was why he was absolutely unrestrained by the sea beasts below even though he was not that powerful.

Thousand Resonance released his seven tails and each one slapped away a single spirit beast. With him at the head, they very quickly killed out an escape route for those in the centre.

“Seven Tailed Fox!” The Sima clansmen cried out in pleasant surprise when they saw that it was actually a Seven Tailed Spirit Fox that had killed a way out for them.

“Whose spirit beast is that?” Someone asked.

“Why do you care whose it is? The most important thing is to get out from this seige.” Someone else said.

“RIght! Let’s quickly escape!”

With Thousand Resonance’s strength, aside from those who had already died, everyone else escaped the seige. After which, Sima You Yue let everyone get on Little Roc’s back and took them out out of there undeterred.

The Spirit Beasts below had to watch them leave with open eyes as they called out unrelentlessly without any way of chasing after them. They could only divide up the few carcasses and gnaw at them.

When the Sima Clansmen sitting on Little Roc’s back saw that not a bit remained of the comrades that they had gone through thick and thin with, their eyes turned red.

Little Roc took them to a safe place before flying down. Everyone finally calmed down when they arrived here.

“How did you all end up encountering so many Spirit Beasts?” Eldest Senior asked.

“We don’t know either. In the beginning when we went, there were not that many spirit beasts. However, when we went there today, there were suddenly so many Spirit Beasts. Furthermore, they were all Divine ranked.” Tenth Elder said.

“I smelled the Sunset Cloud Flower when I was there just now.” Sima You Lan said.

“Could it be that the Sunset Cloud Flower had attracted those Spirit Beasts?” Someone asked.

“It wouldn’t. The Sunset Cloud Flower is not that attractive to those Spirit Beasts.” Sima You Yue shook her head, “It should be because of something else.”

“Since there’s the Sunset Cloud flower, there must be the Moon Breath Grass nearby.” Sima You Lin said.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “Therefore it should also have the Brown Bee.”

When this point was mentioned, her eyes lit up as she said, “I know why those Spirit Beasts were there!”

“You know the reason?” Sima You Lan looked at Sima You Yue and asked.

“That’s right. If my guess isn’t wrong, we have obtained something really good.” Sima You Yue said, “Thousand Resonance, Ya Guang, Little Roc, let’s go. We’ll go back to the place just now.”

After speaking, she took Thousand Resonance and Ya Guang as they hopped on Little Roc’s back.

“I’m going too.” Sima You Lin hopped on as well.

“You all really want to go?” Eldest Senior looked at the two.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “That’s something really go. It will be gone if we’re too late. You all can wait here for us to return. Little Roc, let’s go.”

“I want to go too!” Sima You Lan called out.

Sima You Yue turned around and looked at her, saying, “It’s dangerous there. You don’t know how to hide your aura. It’s better for you to stay here.”

As she spoke, she patted Little Roc and he spread his wings and flew up.

“Eldest Senior, are you really letting the two of them go?” Tenth Senior asked.

Eldest Senior watched as their silhouettes got further and further away, saying, “They’re already gone.”

His point was that they had already left, so even if he didn’t let them go, there was no other way.

“Eldest Senior, will Big Brother and the others be in danger?” Sima You Lan looked in the direction they had left in with worry.

“It should be no problem.” Eldest Senior said, “Young Master understands the dangers, however, he still went without hesitation. It should be that he has enough confidence in You Yue.”

“Mm, that Young Master You Yue was a lot more valiant than he appeared.” Tenth Senior said, “He has three contracted beasts that are Divine ranked and even one white ball, whose strength we cannot perceive. With this kind of strength, even Young Master You Lin cannot compare.”

Sima You Lan had seen Little Roar’s power and was a bit more calm when she heard them speak this way. If things did not go well, they could always sit on Little Roc and escape. At least their lives were not in danger.

“The clan is slowly declining. Maybe they will be able to turn the tables on their return.” Eldest Senior said faintly.

Maybe the clan would change just because of him alone.

Sima You Lin sat beside Sima You Yue and could not help but ask when he saw her eyes shine, “What kind of item is it that you would be so excited?”

Sima You Yue laughed with a hehe, saying, “It’s a treasure that will cause the entire continent to tremble once we take it out!”

“What treasure?”

“I’ve said before that with the Moon Breath Grass, there would be a Sunset Cloud FLower . With the Sunset Cloud Flower, there will be Brown bee.” Sima You Yue said.

“Mm, you’ve said it before.” Sima You Lin nodded.

“This is common knowledge to many. However, there is something that many don’t know, which is that when the Brown Bee Queen evolves, it turns into the Scarlet Queen Bee, which is a Paragon Queen Bee and every Queen bee will listen to its orders.” Sima You Yue said excitedly.

“Then why will it attract the attention of the Spirit Beasts?” Sima You Lin didn’t understand.

“Because the Scarlet bees that the Scarlet Queen Bee gives birth to have the ability to increase one’s inner Spiritual Qi as well as has medicinal value. Furthermore, the Scarlet Queen Bee is very beneficial to Spirit Beasts since eating it will increase their strength.” Sima You Yue said.

“No wonder so many Spirit Beasts would be attracted.”

“Once the Brown Bee turns into a scarlet bee, it is a lot more powerful and is at least of the Divine Rank. In the future, it can even turn into the level of a Sacred Beast. Most Spirit Beasts have no way of reaching it.”

“Then are we not in any danger?” Sima You Lin frowned.

“After it evolves, there is a short period of time where it will be very weak. At that time, we have to contract it. Otherwise, our plan will fail.” Sima You Yue was not worried at all.

“Even if we need to form a contract with it, we need a Beast Tamer Master! We didn’t take one with us this time.” Sima You Lin was not happy at all.

Sima You Yue smiled without saying anything, which made Sima You Lin extremely surprised.

“You’re a Beast Tamer Master?” He looked at her in shock, “No wonder you have three Divine Beasts. How could you be so skillful if you weren’t a Beast Tamer Master.”

The more time he spent with Sima You Yue, the more surprises he was given. He became less calm and collected the more he hung out with her.

They came to the canyon that they were at the previous time and those Spirit Beasts were all still waiting at the canyon.

On a big tree in the canyon, a beehive was currently releasing red rays. The rays were getting brighter as if it was going to shoot through the sky into heaven.

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