DDFYM – Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: Land of Paradise

Sima You Yue was sucked into the white light. By the time she opened her eyes, she and her four brothers were already standing in a different place.

“This place is a… field?”

Everyone looked at the scene before them in shock. The grass was lush and abundant; if it wasn’t a field, then what was it?

“This is the ancestral ground? It has nothing!” Sima You Le said.

Sima You Yue looked around, saying, “It should be. That old fox didn’t say what kind of place it was. He only said that there were many opportunities here. It must be an an awfully big place.”

“There is nothing here, how are we supposed to get our opportunities and legacies?!” Sima You Le said.

“This is an opportunity that was gifted to us anyway. If we can gain something, then we gain it. If cwe can’t gain anything, then we’ll just take it as a chance to view what the ancestral grounds look like.” Sima You Yue understood this in her heart.

Sima You Ran nodded as well, saying, “Since Clan Leader also mentioned before that less and less legacies have been passed down recently, I think the things here should be getting less and less in quantity.”

“That’s true.” Sima You Le nodded. Seeing that Sima You Yue was still looking at the surroundings suspiciously, he asked, “You Yue, what are you looking at?”

“I’m thinking whether or not this place is similar to the Spirit Pagoda, and is inside of a spirit tool.” Sima You Yue replied.

“No way!” Little Spirit voiced out in protest, “I’m the only one who is capable of being a living spirit rool. How could this place possibly be a spirit tool!”

“If its not a spirit tool, then what is it?” Sima You Ran asked.

Little Spirit appeared in Sima You Yue’s embrace with a flash . Ever since he became the Spirit Pagoda, he was able to leave the inside of the tool wander around outside.

He took a look at the surrounds and said, “This should be a type of Land of Paradise.”

“Land of Paradise?” Everyone looked at Little Spirit, asking, “What is a Land of Paradise?”

“It’s a little world inside of a space.” Little Roar opened his encyclopedic mouth, “In the Primordial Lands, many clans have a place like these. Most of them are a space opened by the accomplished seniors of the previous generations.”

“So the Sima Clan actually has a place like this!” Sima You Qi said.

“Who knows, maybe the Sima Clan came down from the higher realms!” Little Roar said, “It’s not like the powers of this realm are the only ones who can make a Land of Paradise.”

“Who knows, maybe that really is the case.” Sima You Yue said, “One day on the outside is a month in here, wouldn’t it be great if we could just continue to cultivate here.”

“This isn’t impossible.” Little Roar said, “This kind of space is determined by the strength of its user. Some of them can only stay inside for a few days while others allow one to stay for a few years. The most awesome ones are those from the ancient races. They stay in those kinds of places. For a place like this, two months should be its limit.”

“There are those who live in this kind of spaces?” Sima You Le asked with wide eyes.

“That’s right!” Little Roar nodded, saying, “However, those kinds of places are just denser with spiritual energy. Time flows the same in and out.”

“Oh, so that’s the case!” Sima You Le was a bit disappointed.

“Of course that would be the case!” Little Roar rolled his eyes at Sima You Le, saying, “These Lands of Paradise have rules. They can’t give you everything, or else the heavens and earth would turn over!”

“What are you thinking so much for!” Sima You Ran knocked Sima You Le on the head, saying, “Since we’re here, let’s take a look around to see if we can find anything.”

Sima You Yue kept Little Spirit away and hugged Little Roar, conveniently choosing a direction to walk along with everyone else.

“Sigh, unexpectedly, you can’t fly in the air here!”

“You really can’t!”

“Then we can only use our flying beasts.” Sima You Yue called Little Roc out but heard the sound of movement even before they took off. Someone was charging in their direction at a high speed.

“It’s Sima You Lin and Sima You Lan. There’s also Sima You Yang and Sima You Qing!”

“Why are they being chased by a group of spirit beasts?”

“Those spirit beasts.. Damn it, they’re Divine beasts!”

“Quickly get on Little Roc.” Sima You Yue was solemn. There was no way they could hold up against that many Divine Beasts.

She shouted loudly at Sima You Lin and the others twice before Sima You Lin noticed them. She said, “Hold on for awhile, head to where You Yue is!”

Sima You Lan and the others had initially lost all their strength but when they saw Little Roc, they used the last of their strength to run over.

Little Roc was waiting for everyone to get on before he spread his wings and took flight, leaving the Divine Beasts glaring with wide eyes.

Sima You Yang lay on Little Roc’s back, saying, “It’s great to have a flying beasts. They can still fly while they’re here. When we go back, I’m going to look for one as well.”

“I was already unable to continue running just now. If we didn’t meet you, we would definitely have been in danger.” Sima You Qing said with gratitude.

“How did you all end up encountering those Divine Beasts?” Sima You Qi asked.

“It wasn’t us who encountered them.” Sima You Qing sighed, saying, “The four of us just happened to land there when we entered. How tragic!”

Sima You Yue laughed, saying, “The four of you are the representatives of the Sima Clan’s younger generation. Who would have thought that your luck would be so good. You actually encountered an entire group of Divine Beasts.”

“Wouldn’t the Sima Clan be strengthened if those Divine Beasts could be taken out?” Sima You Le asked.

“That’s impossible.” Sima You Yang sat up, “All those who enter are thirty fives years old and below. Only a maximum of a hundred people can enter at once. Those Spirit Beasts are over a few hundred to a thousand years old and are all Divine Beasts. Who would be able to defeat them. Don’t talk about taking them out with us, it would already be considered quite the feat to preserve your life if you encounter them.”

“It’s not like nobody in the past had any designs of those Divine Beasts, but in the end, they could only watch those Divine beasts grow stronger and stronger with open eyes. Even if someone was able to tame one or two, they could not bring it out because they had no way of forming a contract so they couldn’t leave this place.” Sima You Lin explained.

“For those who are thirty five years and below, even if they were a Beast Tamer Master, their rank wouldn’t be that high so they wouldn’t be able to tame those Divine Beasts.” Sima You Qing lamented.

“If we could take out those Divine Beasts, our Sima Clan would definitely get a drastic increase in strength. It’s just a pity…” Sima You Lan lamented.

Sima You Yue touched her chin then looked down at the hoard of Divine Beasts, saying, “I have to think of a way take the whole lot out…”

“You Yue, forget it. Didn’t we say it already, we need to be able to tame and contract them, otherwise, they can’t go out.” Sima You Yang said.

“Heh heh.” Sima You Yue merely laughed.

It was only her older brothers and Sima You Lin who knew that she wasn’t kidding.

“Chirp chirp-”

They just flew over a grass patch and drifted over a mountain when a group of birds, giant goshawks, falcons, hawks, vultures and others suddenly chased after them.

“Oh damn, so many birds!” Sima You Yang jumped up excitedly when he saw those birds. It was a pity that he could only look at them but couldn’t have them.


That giant hawk spit out a ball of flame as Little Roc tilted to the side, dodging it.

“Those birds are very vicious. We can only hide now that they are chasing us.” SIma You Qing looked at those birds and saw that their gazes were all vicious, as if they wanted to devour them.

“Eight of them, just nice.” Sima You Yue said while looking at them, “Since we’ve met each other, I’ll give you all a gift. You Yang, didn’t you say just now that you wanted a flying beast? Little Roc, land on the ground.”

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