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Chapter 112: Alchemist Guild

Sima You Yue’s mood was extremely good as she lay on the bench sunbathing. She had just given a batch of pills to Sima You Ming and the others. From his own mouth, she found out about the Nalan Clan’s reaction. When they saw the men who had come to scout out the situation have such a surprised reaction they saw them take out a second batch of pills, she would feel all happy inside whenever she thought of what Nalan He and the others would look like.

“Young Master, it will be the Emperor’s birthday banquet in two days, will you be going?” Chun Jian asked after pouring her a cup of tea.

Sima You Yue took the cup. Thinking of how Fatty Qu had told her that many powers were going, she said, “Going. Why would I not be going. I still want to see how Nalan He looks like right now”.

“I’m just afraid that the Nalan Clan will come and pick a fight with Young Master.” Chun Jian said.

“A piece of trash that lacks even the strength to truss a chicken; in front of such a large audience during such a public occasion, what can they do to me.” Sima You Yue said, “I’m afraid that the they will go and pick a fight with Grandfather.”

This was the most important point within her considerations.

Right now, the battle between the two of them had entered the white-hot phase. She was afraid that Nalan He, in light of the fact that so many Alchemists had appeared, would not let go of this chance to find trouble.

“That Nalan Clan is a large family with great accomplishments; it’s just that they don’t have an option of continuing things like this. Is there any way of directly killing them?” Sima You Yue looked at the tea leaves in her cup as she mulled it over.

“Young Master, no matter what, we can’t directly kill those from the Nalan Clan.” Chun Jian said as she heard Sima You Yue.


“Because the Emperor does not permit it.” Chun Jian said, “General dominates the army, and even though the Nalan Clan is just another clan of people, they are still a power necessary to keep the equilibrium in the capital. The General’s status made it so that he was only able to pressure the Nalan Clan but unable to wipe them out.”

“Then who is capable of wiping them out?”

“The Emperor!” Chun Jian said, “And it is only him who has the capability to wipe out a clan as large as theirs. It has always been only him who has this kind of power.”

“The Emperor?” Sima You Yue thought of what Sima Lie has said before and shook her head. That guy had even thought of using the Nalan Clan to weaken their Sima Clan, why would he even think of exterminating the Nalan Clan.

“This isn’t a method either. As long as we manage to find a weak point, it will be good.” Chun Jian said “I heard that the General has said before that the current Emperor is heavily suspicious. If we are able to make use of this point…”

Sima You Yue’s eyes flashed as she paused for a moment before standing up from her chair. She pinched Chun Jian’s face as she said excitedly, “Chun Jian, you really are this Lord’s Little Sack of Knowledge. I will go and look for Grandfather to discuss it with him.”

After saying this, she rushed outside, leaving behind a stupefied Chun Jian.

“Young Master… He really is completely different from how he used to be…”

Two days later, the Emperor of the Dong Chen Country’s 150th Birthday Banquet was held. The Imperial Family had thrown a huge feast for him with numerous guests. The First Prince and Third Prince took charge of it as all the first rate powers of the entire country were invited to the large banquet held in the Imperial Palace.

Since Sima Lie was the General, he was in charge of ascertaining the safety and orderliness of the banquet and had to go the Palace much earlier. It was only when evening came that Sima You Yue, Sima You Ming and the other two took a Beast-drawn carriage and headed to the Imperial Palace.

When the Beast Carriage arrived at the entrance of the Palace, they were pulled down by a group of people.

“What’s wrong?” Sima You Ming opened the carriage door and asked.

SIma You Yue looked out the door and saw a group of soldiers standing in front of their Beast-drawn carriage, pulling them to a stop.

“So it was the First Prince.” The Soldier who was taking lead of the other soldiers seemed to recognise Sima You Ming as he waved his hands, saying, “The First Prince has passed down orders that in order to show respect to the Emperor, everyone is not allowed to ride on Beast-drawn carriages tonight as they enter the Palace. So I invite this Lord and the other Lords to get down from the carriage and enter the palace on foot.”

“Everyone else has to do this as well?” Sima You Qi asked.

“That’s right. All the Beast-drawn Carriages have been parked at that area.” The leader of the group point at the empty area at the side.

Sima You Yue looked outside the window and she really did see a few Beast-drawn carriages settled over at the empty space in an orderly fashion.

Sima You Ming glanced over at it, saying, “Since that is the case then we will get down as well.”


“The five of them got off the carriage as the soldier led the guard driving the carriage to the side where the Imperial Guard was parking the carriages.

“Thank you Lords for your understanding.” The leader cupped his hands in thanks once again.

“Let’s go in.” Sima You Qi patted Sima You Yue who was currently looking around, reminding her to follow them and not to get lost.

Just as they were going to enter the Palace doors, two more beast carriages were pulled to a stop.

“What? They actually want us to walk in?!”

The voice that was raised so suddenly, instantly drew the attention of the people in the surroundings,as even Sima You Yue and the others turned around to take a look.

Sima You Le saw the mark on the carriage as he pursed his lips, saying, “This Alchemy Guild is getting increasingly arrogant. They really think they are so capable!”

“These guys have always been capable.” Sima You Ming glared at Sima You Le, saying, “The Emperor’s banquet is tonight, so we better not go and mess around or else Grandfather will be troubled.”

“We know that.” Sima You Le touched his head as he said.

Sima You Yue watched as a young man got off the Beast-drawn carriage, followed by a lady dressed in white and a middle aged male. Finally, an old man emerged from the carriage. That white clothed lady was extremely dissatisfied at being pulled to a stop and her face was extremely black. She immediately walked towards the leader of the Imperial Guards and punched him, saying, “You didn’t even take a look at whose carriage it is, and you actually dared to tell us to walk in. It must be that you don’t want to live anymore!”

That Team leader of the imperial guards stood up from the ground, saying, “This is an order from the First Prince. Everyone who enters the Palace has to walk on foot. I implore Great Teacher Shi and President Wu to forgive me.”

“Hmph, the First Prince has also said that we need to enter the Palace on foot?” That middle aged male raised his chin in an incomparably arrogant manner.

“Great Teacher Shi, the First Prince has said that everyone has to do it.” The leader of the Imperial Guards said.

Shi Lei never imagined that the leader of the Imperial Guards would actually talk back to him and his face immediately fell. Just as he was going to explode towards the leader, Sima You Yue spoke up.

“Wow, isn’t this Great Teacher Shi? Why would you come to a place like this to find trouble?”

Shi Lei was interrupted just as he was about to rage, and he glared angrily at the person who just spoke. Seeing that the person who just spoke was actually the waste, Sima You Yue, his face fell even more.

“Sima You Yue? Why did you come as well?” That young man looked at Sima You Yue with narrowed eyes.

It was only now that Sima You Yue looked at that young man properly. When did Murong An join the Alchemist Guild?

Seeing the lady clad in white beside him, could it be that he had moved on to somebody else after Nalan Lan had been kicked out from the Academy?

“Even a person like me would naturally want to come and take a look at the Emperor’s Birthday Banquet.” Sima You Yue said, “Great Master Shi, could it be that you are unwilling and unable to go in? Oh my, Big Brother Imperial Guard, you didn’t see properly either. See whose Beast-drawn carriage this is? It actually belongs to the Alchemy Guild’s Great Teacher Shi as well as President Wu. How could you let them get down? I know, you said that this was based on the First Prince’s orders, however, is the status of the Alchemy Guild something that is easily shaken by others? Do they still need to come down and go on foot?”

Hearing what Sima You Yue had said, the team leader and Shi Lei’s faces changed immediately. The looks in the eyes of the people around had changed as well.

If they really requested to be able to continue sitting on the Beast-drawn Carriage to enter, that would be like saying that the Alchemy Guild’s status was bigger than the First Prince and above the Imperial family!


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