DDFYM – Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: Annihilation

“Hmph!” Some giant birds didn’t believe it and wanted to charge up, but they could fly no higher than a few metres.

“What have you done?!” That giant bird shouted with shock.

“I didn’t do anything. I merely placed a few things on the ground.” As Sima You Yue spoke, she inserted a bit of spirit power into the ground. That spirit power did not dissipate, but charged around violently, forming the outline of a giant array.

“Space sealing array!” SIma You Lin recognised it with a glance and called out in surprise.

Sima You Yue glanced at him. She never thought he would actually be able to recognise this large array.

That’s right, the moment they landed on the ground, she had created a Space Sealing Array on the ground. She waited for the giant birds to land before she secretly activated it, sealing the space here.

Sima You Lin was once again stunned by Sima You Yue. This guy, apart from being an Alchemist and Beast Tamer Master, was actually an Array Master! What he did just now was not something that just anyone could do.

“Is he still a human?” He could not help but curse in his heart.

Even a bright genius like him was largely surprised. No matter how stunning a person was, if they were with her, they could only ever be side characters.

“Enough. The door has already been closed. Now, I will begin to settle you. I definitely have to beat you all to a pulp today!” Sima You Yue pulled Sima You Ming and the others in after she spoke, fighting with the group of spirit beasts inside.


“Who beat my eye?!”


Sima You Yue looked at the happenings inside and said faintly, “I feel like group fights are not bad! It’s a pity that my mental capacities are full now. Otherwise, I would contract two Divine Beasts. In the future when I go out with a legion of beasts, I’ll get my group to beat up anyone that is displeasing to the eye. That would feel great!”

Everyone standing behind her had black lines forming on their head. This guy was still lamenting that his mental capacities were full? He hadn’t considered their feelings at all!

In the end, not a single one of those giant birds escaped. All of them lost their ability to move and lay on the ground. Only the look in their eyes were filled with discontent.

Sima You Yue walked over, saying, “Just give in to it. If you stay here, you will only be relegated to a small little place. Why don’t you just form a contract with us. We’ll go outside and see the world!”

“We do not give in…” Goshawk glared at Sima You Yue.

“There’s no choice even if you do not give in. I’m not here to discuss terms with you today. You’re already gifts to my brothers. You don’t give in now but you will in a moment.”

After speaking, Sima You Yue placed her finger in the space between Goshawk’s eyes, beginning the Imperial Art of Beast Taming.

Sima You Yang’s eyes were about to fall out of his head and his chin almost touched the ground. He pointed a finger at Sima You Yue, then stammered, “He, he, he’s actually contracting the beasts!!! HE’S A BEAST TAMER MASTER TOO?!”

Sima You Lan and Sima You Qing had on the same expressions. They looked at Sima You Yue like he was an alien from another planet.

Sima You Ran nodded, saying, “He became a Beast Tamer Master three years ago. At that time, he could already contract Saint beasts.”

“Three years ago… How old was he then?” Sima You Qing asked incredulously.

“At that time, he was probably fifteen, not yet sixteen.” Sima You Le replied.

“So you’re saying that he’s only nineteen right now! An alchemist and Beast Tamer Master at only nineteen. Heavens, let me go die! It looks like I have to relive my life!” Sima You Yang cried out.

“You forgot one thing. He’s also an Array Master!” Sima You Lan added on.

“We don’t know when Fifth Bro became an Array Master, however, I feel like I wouldn’t be surprised even if he told me he was an Armament Master right now!” Sima You ran said.

“Really… perverse!” Sima You Yang finally spat out after a long moment of silence.

“Fifth Brother has a different way of contracting beasts. You’ll know once you form your contracts.” Sima You Le said with a smile.

“He even has a special way of forming the contracts?” Sima You Yang looked at Sima You Le, however that guy didn’t speak anymore, leaving him with an itch in his heart that he just could not scratch.

Two days later, Sima You Yue had tamed those eight huge birds. She got up and saw everyone’s shocked expressions.

“What’s wrong with you all?”

“You Yue, tamed eight divine beasts in a row…” Sima You Lan said with shock.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “That’s right. I’ve already tamed those eight beasts. You can now choose the ones you would like to contract.”

“We’re not talking about that. We want to ask whether or not you’re tired from taming that many?” Sima You Qing asked.

“A little tired. It’s a little hard to stomach so much spiritual Qi I got.” Sima You Yue said, “You all can contract them on your own. I’m going to rest for awhile.”

After speaking, she found an empty place to sit and began to refine the strength that was given to her when she tamed the spirit beasts.

“Since we said earlier that the Black Hawk is for Brother You Min, we can choose the remaining.” Sima You Qing said.

“I like that large vulture. I want him!” Sima You Le said.

“Then I’ll choose that Goshawk.” Sima You Yang was not courteous as well as he went to hold on to the Goshawk.

Very quickly everyone chose the ones they liked and began to contract them.

“Oh, I remember. You Le, what’s that special way you were talking about just now?” Sima You Yang suddenly asked as he prepared to contract the beast.

“You’ll know after you contract it.” Sima You Le said, then went to contract his huge vulture.

At this moment, the advancement ray of light flashed beside Sima You Yue, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Fifth Ranked Spirit Overlord. This guy, can he not give us so much psychological blows?” Sima You Yang pursed his lips as if he wanted to beat her up!

“Comparing really leads to death! It’s better for a genius like him to be compared against Brother You Lin!” Sima You Qing said.

“Sigh, quickly cultivate. I really don’t want to look at him!” Sima You Lan said. At this moment, she felt like her own talent was not worth anything.

The eight of them started to contract the beasts and after the contracting lights flashed, it was followed by rank advancement rays of light. This shocked Sima You Lin and the other three. However, seeing that Sima You Ming and the other three brothers were just standing there, they knew that this must be the special thing they were talking about earlier.

“You can even advance in rank by forming contracts?! This is the first I’ve heard of it.” After it was over, Sima You Yang was still in a daze. He felt that this advancement in two ranks was like a fantasy!

“This is because the rank of the Divine beast you contracted was high. Otherwise, how would you be able to advance two whole ranks.” Sima You Lin understood the mystery behind it and commented.

Sima You Yang pulled at his hair, saying, “No matter what you say, I advanced by two ranks. Ha ha, it feels so unreal!”

Those huge birds were not calm either. They exchanged glances with one another, saying, “I actually advanced in rank. It’s been so long since I’ve advanced.”

“Me too, if I knew I would be able to advance, what would we get beaten up for!”

“You said it!”

Sima You Le patted Vulture’s head, saying, “You will definitely grow stronger quickly if you follow me! The beasts that You Yue contracts will grow in strength along with their master.”


Sima You Yang was currently walked by when he almost tripped on his own feet.

He turned around and looked at the people who were still in a daze. His gut told him that Sima You Yue still had a lot of secret tools. He still had a lot of strength, and that the Sima Clan would return to its former glory days in the Yi Lin continent because of him.

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