DDFYM – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: I’ve Let It Slip…

The footsteps came closer and closer and Sima You Yue had already taken out a bottle of medicine powder and placed it in Bei Gong Tang’s hand.

The two of them were injured and and their battle strength had dropped by quite a bit. If they really encountered enemies, this would be able to help stall for a while.

The cave that Little Roar had chosen was relatively hidden, but the footsteps were heading directly inside the cave.They didn’t hear any calls for help from Ouyang Fei or the others, which proved that strength of the people who came was a few levels higher than theirs. Only then would they not have any opportunity to call for help.

It had already been two days since the Golden Fruit Tree event had passed. It was possible that those powerful experts had yet to leave and were wandering around the mountain when they happened to meet Fatty Qu and the others…

Just when the two of them were making random guesses, the few of them finally reached the cave.

“We’re back.” Fatty Qu’s round chubby body appeared at the cave entrance followed by Ouyang Fei and Wei Zi Qi.

Seeing that the three of them had no external wounds, the two of them relaxed, asking, “Are you guys okay?”


Fatty Qu had yet to finish speaking when he was picked up by one of the men from the back and placed behind. After that, some unexpected silhouettes appeared in front of Sima You Yue, causing her to call out in surprise, “Third brother! Fourth Brother! What are you guys doing here?”

“Fifth Brother, we heard that you got hurt? Quickly let Third Brother take a look.” Sima You Ran quickly appeared beside Sima You Yue, wanting to run into her but afraid of hurting her.

“Third Brother, I’m already fine!” Sima You Yue pulled Sima You Ran’s hand as she tried to placate his moodiness.

“Fifth Brother, what is the meaning of this. How did you receive such serious injuries?” Sima You Le walked over as his eyes filled with worry and anger.

“I’ll explain it to you later, okay.” Sima You Yue said, “You guys haven’t replied me yet, what are you all doing here?”

“We came here to practice combat!” Sima You Le said, “And it just so happened that our two groups ended up in Pu Luo Mountain Range so we ended up together.”

Sima You Yue just realised that apart of the two of them, there were a few other people standing outside the mountain cave. It looked like they were Sima You Ran’s schoolmates.

“Enough, say it now, how did you get injured?” Sima You Ran looked at Sima You Yue, saying, “Just now, Little Qu already said that every single one of your bones were broken yesterday. How did you end up getting so gravely injured?”

This Fatty Qu, didn’t he know that her older brother was a control freak? He still dared to tell him that every single one of her bones were broken!

Sima You Yue maliciously glared at Fatty Qu before looking at the five men who were still fainted on the ground, saying, “It’s because of them. They lured us to the territory of a vicious beast. You don’t know but there were so many wolves, it terrified us all.”

“It’s because of these people?!” Sima You Ran glared icily at those men, as if they were already a pile of corpses.

“Mm, that’s them!” Sima You Yue said.

“I’m going to kill them!” Sima You Le stopped for a moment before standing up, taking out his sword, intending to go over and kill those men.

“Fourth Brother, Fourth Brother, don’t be rash!” Sima You Yue pulled on Sima You Le, saying, “These five men cannot die in your hands.”

“Why not?” Everyone was confused.

“Because they’re from our academy.” Sima You Yue explained the entire situation in a moment, however, she left out whatever happened with the Acacia Silk Snake and blamed whatever happened entirely on the Wolf Pack attack that happened earlier.

“Too cruel!” Sima You Le angrily went and viciously stomped on them a few times.

“Then what do you plan to do?” Sima You Ran naturally noticed the loophole in whatever Sima You Yue had said. For example, for what reason would she have caught those men, why it was only her and Bei Gong Tang who got injured and so on. However, there were outsiders among them right now so he didn’t expose her and went along with whatever she had said when he asked his question.

“Of course it would be to give them a taste of their own medicine.” Sima You Yue said. “They placed us within a pack of wolves, so I want them to meet the exact same kind of situation. That we were able to survive is only because we were lucky, whether they live or die will depend on their own abilities! Dear older brothers and sisters, you all won’t spread this around, right?”

“Pu Luo Mountain Range was always a place where Spirit Beasts ran rampant, Encountering a few Spirit Beasts is something that happens all the time.” A lady wearing a red dress said.


The others also agreed. Seeing the rage in their eyes, she figured that they were also feeling unbridled disgust towards the actions of those few people.

“Since you want to do things this way, then go ahead.” Sima You Ran ruffled Sima You Yue’s hair, turning it into a complete mess.

Sima You Yue slapped his hand away, saying, “Third and Fourth Brother, did you all come to execute a mission? Our mission is already complete and we will return tomorrow. You can go ahead and complete your mission first.”

“Don’t even think about chasing us away.” Sima You Ran said, “We already finished doing whatever we needed to do yesterday and were already preparing to return. We can wait for your wounds to heal together.”

“Ah, this isn’t too good, is it? We can’t let these other older brothers and sisters wait!” Sima You Yue said.

“It’s okay, another one or two days won’t matter.” Those people said.

Sima You Yue could see that her two brothers were the core of their two teams. If the two of them didn’t want to leave, the others wouldn’t say anything.

“Okay then.” She buried her head in the pillow. It looked like they weren’t going to leave on their own accord.

Those few people knew that Sima You Yue and her brothers had just met and would definitely have things to talk about so they left first. Immediately, Bei Gong Tang also found an excuse to get Ouyang Fei and the others to bring her away.

Seeing that there was nobody else left in the cave, Sima You Ran finally asked, “Say it, how did you get those injuries?”

“I just knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from you. See, Fourth Brother didn’t even notice anything was off.” Sima You Yue pursed her lips and said.

“You still dare to say it!” Sima You Ran slapped Sima You Yue’s head, “If it wasn’t for the fact that there were others around, I would have given you two slaps long ago. You actually lied even to your older brothers!”

“Come on, it’s not like I lied to you on purpose!” Sima You Yue looked at Sima You Le with grief, hoping that he would help speak on her behalf. However, Sima You Le didn’t stand on her side this time and had actually turned his head to the side, refusing to look at her at all!

“Okay, tell us honestly how on earth you got those injuries!” Sima You Ran said with a serious face.

“Okay…” Sima You Yue told them about the encounter with the wolf pack and the Acacia Silk Snake. After that, she looked at Sima You Ran and the rest pitifully, “Your team members were there just now so I couldn’t let them know I was female and could only talk nonsense! Also, this isn’t considered nonsense since they were really the ones who caused the incident with the wolves.”

“These people!” Sima You Le clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white; only then did he manage to stop himself from impulsively going over to kill them.

“So you’re saying that your team members all know that you’re female?” Sima You Ran’s attention was focused on this point. If they revealed this, there would definitely be trouble.

“This Brother, you can relax. They won’t tell anyone.” Sima You Yue said, “I trust them.”

“Mm, I believe that you won’t do anything reckless anymore.” Sima You Ran said, “Recuperate today, tomorrow we’ll head for Salt City. Grandfather is still there waiting for us.”

“Grandfather hasn’t gone back yet?” Sima You Yue asked.

The moment she said this, she realised that she had made a mistake. However, it was too late. She only saw that Sima You Ran, who was initially looking at her tenderly, was staring at her solemnly again.

“It’s over, I won’t be able to run this time…” Sima You Yue grieved in her heart.


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