DDFYM – Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: The lightning ends


Even though they were standing at the top of the city wall, everyone could feel the power contained in that flash of lightning.

Just when they thought about what that ultra-Saint beast would use to avoid that lightning, a human figure jumped out of the mountain, facing the front of the lightning bolt.


The figure’s arm and the lightning hit each other directly, as many people closed their eyes immediately.

Fatty Qu opened his eyes wide and saw that human figure. He slapped his mouth, swallowed his saliva and said, “That person is the Sacred Beast that just transformed?”

“Yes, I can still feel the spirit of a beast in him.” Little Roar said.

Sima You Yue lifted her hand and poked Little Roar, “Dog Nose. You can smell it even when it is so far.”

“My sense of smell is even stronger than those dog spirits!” Little Roar complained unsatisfactorily.

Sima You Yue looked at Sofia Mountain Range. She was extremely shocked, being able to confront the lightning directly meant that the Sacred Beast’s strength was extremely powerful!

Very soon, a second bolt of lightning came crashing down again. It contained a little more power as compared to the first time.

That Sacred Beast chose to tackle it straight, yet again, crushing that lightning with its hands.

“Damn it, this fellow is too powerful. If I run into him, there definitely would be no chance of survival.” Fatty Qu held his chest, afraid that his heart would run right out of his chest.

She did not know why, but seeing this Sacred Beast that passed through by force, Sima You Yue thought of the human looking beast that was with Wu Lingyu.

Did it also experience the same kind of terrifying experience?

Thoughts swirled around in her head, why would she suddenly think of that person!

Not long after the second lightning struck, a third one crashed down again.

The super sacred beast directly confronted the first three lightning strikes. Although he was not weak, the damage done was not light.

Three lightning bolts struck, but the dark clouds didn’t show signs of dissipation. Instead they grew thicker and thicker in the air.

Little Roar squinted both eyes, and said, “The bloodline of that Sacred Beast is not weak!”

“How do you know?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Although every transforming beast will experience this kind of lightning calamity, there are actually different kinds. The more powerful the bloodline, the stronger the lightning tribulation. These first three lightning bolts were already quite strong and able to strike the common beasts behind the Sacred Beast. Despite that, the clouds are still thickening, meaning that the lightning bolts that are coming after are going to be even stronger!” Little Roar said, “I’m curious about the original form of that transformed beast!”

“I am very curious as well.” Sima You Yue said.

“However I also hope that it has nothing to do with the current beast tide, otherwise we are in danger.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“There’s no point thinking about it now.” Ouyang Fei grabbed his sword, looked into the distance and said, “No matter what, we are here now, there are so many beasts outside, even if you want to find a way out it is impossible.”

“Mm, let’s see, whether a blessing, a curse, or a disaster, we can’t hide from it.” Bei Gong Tang said.

After a long while, the tribulation cloud threw out yet another lightning bolt.

This time, everyone felt that the bolt was much more powerful than the ones before. The moment that the lightning struck down, the whole earth shook.

“How many lightning bolts have been shot?”

“Nine of them. Every three bolts of lightning counts as a small tribulation, the difference in strength is little, but three small tribulations multiply in strength.” Little Roar said, “This Sacred Beast’s power has already faced the first six bolts of lightning without problem. It is just that we do not know if it can survive the last three bolts of lightning. Many get wiped by the last three bolts of lightning.”

After hearing what Little Roar said, several people’s hearts were lifted, the previous bolts of lightning were already so powerful. Who knows how the last three bolts would be like.

Upon breaking apart the fifth bolt of lightning, that Sacred Beast accepted the baptism from the lightning tribulation, letting the lightning strike his own body.

Many people saw the transformation of an Sacred Beast for the first time. Seeing him accepting that bolt of lightning, they asked, “Why didn’t he run away?”

“This transformation lightning tribulation cannot be avoided. This dark cloud has already targeted him, so no matter where he runs to, that lightning will still strike him down. Even if you manage to turn into a corner, you will still be found out in the end, that lightning can turn around faster than you.” Little Roar said.

This transformation lightning tribulation was originally formed because of the transformation of the Transcendent Saint Beast, it would target his Qi.

“What if someone went to help him get through this tribulation? Like if there was a lightning rod nearby, wouldn’t it attract the lightning directly?” Sima You Yue said.

“Yue Yue, you are so stupid, this is in fact a transformation lightning tribulation, not a regular lightning, it will only strike the transforming beast, it will not strike your lightning rod!” Little Roar turned his back and said, “If anyone bravely went to help, the power of the lightning would double. At that time, it will not be helping him out, but adding on to his burdens.”

“Then in the future, if you all transform, I would be unable to assist you all?” Sima You Yue asked.

Little Roar realized now that she was worried for them, and his heart was warm as he said, “If we transform, you can do it with us, but others will not be able to. Our contractual relationship allows for this.”

The Sacred Beast also allowed the last three jolts of the lightning tribulation to strike it directly, for a long long time there was not a even a little reaction. Just as everyone thought that he had already been wiped out by the lightning tribulation the night before, a horrifying pressure came from the Sofia Mountains.

The rest of the beasts prostrated to the ground and saluted, facing the Sofia Mountain Range.

Even Little Roar came out from Sima You Yue’s embrace and faced that direction, bowing slightly.

“Little Roar, why did you bow to it?” Fatty Qu looked at Little Roar.

Can it be he also got intimidated by the pressure?

Little Roar raised his head, returned to Sima You Yue’s arms and said, “This is to show the successfully transformed Sacred Beast a form of respect.”

That pressure slowly dissipated, as a light of advancement shone from the Sofia Mountain Range.

“Wow, this fellow actually managed to get a promotion after experiencing the transformation lightning tribulation!” Little Roar saw the light of advancement, and could not help but burst into foul language.

Once the light of advancement disappeared, the long night had also passed as the sky has started turning white.

In this night, everyone was too shocked. The power of nature, combined with the power of the Sacred Beast, caused them to have a lingering fear. As if the thunder and lightning still echoed in their ears, and the sky above their heads would explode anytime.

Everyone’s heart thumped with anxiety. If this beast war and the Sacred Beast were linked, there would be a catastrophe in Three Springs City!

“Brother Lei, what should we do now?” Sun Li Li looked at Wang Lei with worry.

Wang Lei looked at the beasts below and said, “No matter what, I am the ruler of Three Springs City, naturally I will remain with Three Springs City. As for the people, the women and children should have been evacuated. As for those spirit masters that wants to leave, let them go. As for what happens in the end, let it be as heaven wills.

After hearing that it was possible to leave, many spiritual masters retreated directly from the wall.

However, before they got far, a heavy pressure came pressing from behind, causing all of them to fall to the ground.

“It is here…”

The people on the city walls saw a figure quickly land here from Sofia mountains. That figure was that Sacred Beast…


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