DDFYM – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Grandfather Wakes Up

In order to protect Sima Lie, Sima You Yue spent the night cultivating in the house. She moved a chair over and placed it on the bedside, crossed her legs and sat on it as she began to practice her soul arts.

On the morning of the second day, the warm sunlight streamed into the house.

Sima Lie slowly opened his eyes. When he saw the sun shining on Sima You Yue’s body, he saw a kind of dazzling countenance.

After cultivating for an entire night, all the remaining exhaustion from yesterday was completely swept away. Sima You Yue let out a long yawn before gently opening her eyes.

“Grandfather, you’re awake?!” When she saw that Sima Lie was looking at her, Sima You Yue was so excited that she almost jumped off the chair.

Sima Lie nodded as he looked warmly at her. Thinking that his previous circumstance must have scared her silly.

“You Yue, how did you know that I was here?”

“I met Third and Fourth Brother at the mountains. They said that you were staying here.” Sima You Yue said, “Oh, you’re awake so I’m going to call Third Brother and the rest! You gave us all a such a huge scare when you came back wounded and unconscious.”

After she finished speaking, she dashed out and quickly brought Sima You Ran and Sima You Le back with her.

“Grandfather, you’re awake! Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Sima Lie shook his head, indicating that he was feeling fine.

“Shao Ling, get the innkeeper to cook a bit of porridge for breakfast.” Sima You Yue said to Shao Ling. After thinking for a while, she wasn’t sure whether or not the things cooked here were edible so she changed her mind and said, “Forget it, I’ll do it myself. Third Brother, you all stay here and take care of Grandfather, I’m going to cook some breakfast.”

Shao Ling hadn’t had time to react before Sima You Yue already walked past him and left.

He never thought that Sima You Yue would actually really be able to save Sima Lie. Looking at his master close his eyes once again, he felt his eyes turn slightly red as he knelt down beside the bed, “General, your subordinate lacked the strength to protect you, causing great harm to fall on General, please punish your subordinate.”

“Shao Ling, you should stand up. I’m the one who didn’t let you follow me, it’s got nothing to do with you.” Although Sima Lie had awakened, he was still quite weak so his voice sounded like it lacked strength.

“Shao Ling, you should rise. Grandfather won’t blame you.” Sima You Ran said.

Sima You Le came beside Shao Ling and pulled him up, then turned to Sima Lie and said, “Grandfather, you don’t know how dangerous your situation was this time. If it wasn’t for Fifth Bro who knew how to save you, I’m afraid you would have…”

He didn’t finish his sentence but everyone understood.

‘It was You Yue who saved me?” Sima Lie said with a bit of surprise.

Sima You Ran nodded, saying, “It was. When we came to the lobby, we happened to meet Shao Ling who was going to check out of the rooms, saying that they wanted back to bring you back to look for Great Master Shi. However, Fifth Bro examined you and said that if we didn’t heal you quickly, you would lose your life in half a day. After that, he used a few needles to suppress and contain the poison in your chest area, delaying it by one or two days.”

“That’s right, we even invited a few doctors over to take a look but they said they didn’t have any idea. After that, during this period of time, Fifth Bro found a way to save you and then took care of you for an entire night. He said that you would awaken today and this morning you did wake up.”

“How did You Yue save me?” Hearing that his favourite granddaughter bad saved him, his heart felt especially glad.

“We don’t know either, she made us all go outside.” Sima You Le said.

Sima Lie thought of the person who had helped her detoxify the poison and wondered, could it be that person who taught her?

Up until now, Sima Lie thought that there was a person who was backing Sima You Yue and helping her.

Because he was too weak, Sima Lie didn’t say too much. Sima You Ran and the others merely stood beside him and accompanied him.

After a moment, Sima You Yue carried in a bowl of porridge. She said to Sima You Ran and the others, “Third Brother Fourth Brother, I left a bit of porridge in the kitchen. I’ll stay here and feed Grandfather, you all should go ahead and eat something. You all haven’t eaten for a day either.”

‘Okay.” Sima You Ran and the others had eaten the things that Sima You Yue bad cooked before and had fallen in love with those delicacies. Furthermore, they hadn’t eaten for a day and felt especially hungry so everyone went out, leaving Sima Lie in her care.

Sima You Yue placed the serving tray onto the table, coming to the bedside saying, “Grandfather, I’ll help you sit up first and lean against this.”

Sima Lie nodded and relied on her strength to shift backwards to learn on the back cushion she prepared.

Sima You Yue carried the porridge over with both hands and took the ladle to ladle out a single scoop before blowing on it and feeding Sima Lie.

“Grandfather, this is some medicinal porridge, which I’ve mixed some medicine into. It will help a lot in healing your body.” Sima You Yue said while feeding him.

With regards to his power, Sima Lie’s demands towards his commitments were very little. In the past, he would often accompany Sima You Yue for breakfast and thought just now that it was because of this that she had this habit. It turns out that this was porridge that she had specially cooked and modified for him.

“The things that You Yue makes get more delicious each time.” The aroma of the porridge was mouth watering. When one ate it, they would feel the weariness of the body slip away, cleansing away the chill from every part of the body. The strength in his body gradually came back.

“If Grandfather likes it, You Yue will often cook it for you to eat!” Sima You Yue smiled as she said.”

“Haha, okay!” Sima Lie heard these heartfelt words, he thought of that man from the past who refused even to go home, and his heart surged with emotion.

They said that girls were the most intimate of your cotton padded jacket and his granddaughter was the most intimate of them all.

The grandfather-granddaughter pair sat in the warmth of the sun eating a bowl of porridge. After he finished eating it, Sima You Yue even took out a silk handkerchief to wipe his mouth, leaving Sima Lie’s heart feeling incomparably sweet.

Sima You Yue placed the bowl onto the serving tray on the table and came back, saying, “Grandfather, do you feel a bit better?”

“Mm, that medicinal porridge was really not bad. My body feels nice and warm.” Sima Lie said.

“That’s good.’ Sima You Yue said, “Grandfather, how did you get hurt?”

“Its nothing much. When I went out, I encountered a few of our old enemies.”

“Grandfather, don’t fool me.” Sima You Yue said, “Devil Creatures wouldn’t appear on the Yi Lin continent. If it was your average enemy, you wouldn’t have been injured by the six-toed mouse, leaving Devil Qi on your body.”

‘You said those are Devil creatures?!” Sima Lie looked at Sima You Yue with a shocked expression that was no less than her own when she first found out.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying “so I’m guessing that the ones who harmed you are no ordinary enemies. Furthermore, Grandfather is so powerful here that nobody in the entire Yi Lin continent will be able to hurt you.”

‘So the weird creature that attacked me at the end was actually a Devil Creature.” Sima Lie muttered.

“Grandfather, you’re still not telling me?” Sima You Yue said.

“Sigh, you have really gotten a lot more shrewd than in the past.” Sima Lie said, ‘It’s just that the person should have already returned, so even if I say it…”

“Grandfather, since it’s an enemy that actually is after your life, this is probably no ordinary grievance. Just because he has left now doesn’t mean that he won’t return. If you don’t tell us then what are we supposed to do if we meet him in the future?” Sima You Yue cut Sima Lie off and stunned him into silence.

After pondering about it for a moment, Sima Lie let out a long sigh, saying, “Sigh, this is an old clan feud…”



Note from Misty: If anyone’s confused, because in chinese, he/she sounds the same but are written differently. Hence when in speech, although in chinese, the author could differentiate them but when translated into english, it’s quite obvious so we’re leaving all speeches as ‘he’ for Sima You Yue cos it’s still supposed to be a secret to others so if others hear a ‘she’, they might pick up on the clues… so for now, unless it becomes more obvious in the future, we’re leaving it as ‘he’. For narration and inner thoughts of those who know her secret, it would then be a ‘she’. Hope this clears up any fluffy cloud brewing~

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