DDFYM – Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Fusion success and transformation

Seeing that Fatty Qu was in such pain, Sima You Yue kindhearted made a batch of roasted pig trotters. Since she was at it, she also divided that Ivory Toothed Pig into a few portions, planning to use it as meat dishes for them for the next few days.

Just as she was cooking, Fatty Qu sat down to rest. Once she was finished, he recovered as well and came over.

“Wow wow, smells good!” Fatty Qu walked over. Seeing that Sima You Yue had already prepared everything and was currently roasting the pig trotters, he said, “I was just saying it, but I never thought that You Yue, you would actually know how to roast pig trotters! It smells so good!”

Sima You Yue happened to be adding in the final ingredients to the pig trotter dish and cooly glanced over at him, saying, “Somebody was waving his fist in the air declaring that he definitely had to eat it. He even said it again after that. Since you wanted to eat it so badly, I decided to give it to you.”

“Ha ha, You Yue, you’re the best! Whoever marries you in the future will definitely be blessed!” Fatty Qu declared as he drooled.

“I have no plans to get married.” Sima You Yue shrugged as she said, “I’ll probably be a spinster by the time I finish settling all my things.”

“What else do you have to do after rescuing the General and the others?” Fatty Qu stretched forth a hand to try and grab onto the pork trotters that had finished roasting, but his hand was slapped aside by Sima You Yue.

“That’s right, You Yue, aside from saving General Sima, what else do you have to do?” Wei Zi Qi also asked with curiosity.

Sima You Yue smiled, but she did not reply.

She still had a lot of things to do. Aside from saving Sima Lie and the others, she still had to look for her birth father and settle the grievances she had from her own past life. Although she did not have full recollection of her memories, whatever she saw from her dreams showed that the Ximen Clan was waiting for her to exact revenge.

Aside from these things, she still had to help Mo Sha look for the other half of his soul. She had an inkling that Mo Sha’s power in his previous life was not low. Interacting with him meant that she would probably have dealings with the Devil World. No matter for good or bad, this really caused her some headache.

She finished preparing the dishes before handing the roast pork to Fatty Qu. He ate it so happily, as if he was releasing all of the sullenness he had from fighting it just now in the afternoon.

After eating lunch, everyone continued towards the mountain. Perhaps it was because their position was getting closer to the inside, they met two high levelled low Spirit Beasts in the afternoon.

Because the two Spirit Beasts that they met were not of the same level as the Ivory Toothed Pig that only had raw strength, it was quite difficult to defeat it. Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang defeated the first one together while the other one was defeated by Ouyang Fei and Wei Zi Qi.

After cleaning up the mess, everyone set up camp near a small brook. The battles that occurred in the afternoon left everyone with some injuries, so they decided to rest early, leaving only the Spirit Beasts to keep watch.

Sima You Yue first took out the Golden Snake Fruit before eating a pill that would heal her wounds. After a short moment, she opened her eyes and leapt off the bed. She took out her pill furnace and pill ingredients and began to refine pills.

She was still responsible for the production of the pills for the Sima Clan, so she would always refine a few commonly used pills during her rest times. After that, she would get Little Roar to send it out to the place agreed upon, to hand it over to the person who would come to receive the pills.

At the same time, she was practicing the art of refining.

For the later part of the night, if she was not refining pills, she would be cultivating or sensing the space. Following this, the amount of space that she could sense was getting increasingly larger and she had more and more understanding of it. The way that she looked at the world was becoming more and more different.

Right now, space was not something that was incomprehensible. It was something like a life, there were times that it would change.

Half a month after the entered a mountain, they found a natural cave. That cave had a few dark entrances inside. Everyone cleaned it up and made more space, fixing up their own room. They currently made it into their base.

In the morning they would spar in pairs, look for Spirit Beasts to battle, then have a variation of arrangements at night. Sima You Yue planned their days full of activities.

However, because the Golden Snake Fruit Tree needed moonlight, Sima You Yue would often be outside at nights.

Because the Spiritual Qi here was dense, every time they had a great battle, they would take a period of time to recover their own spiritual qi. Each time, they reaped more than a little benefit.

Before even a month had passed in the mountain, Sima You Yue rose to a ninth ranked Spirit Lord. After a month plus, after a battle with a Saint Beast, she passed the ranks of Spirit Lord and became a first ranked Great Spirit Master.

On this night, Sima You Yue just happened to be comprehending the effects of becoming a Great Spirit Master when she felt some movement in her Devil Snare bracelet. She quickly called Little Roar out to let him set up a boundary.

Once the boundary was prepared, Mo Sha appeared in the cave.

“It’s done?” SIma You Yue asked with some excitement.

Thinking about it, there had been no news from Mo Sha for this half a year and she began to worry that something might have happened during the fusion of the Spirit Pearl. Yet, she was also worried that Mo Sha would not be able to press on; she was also worried about whether or not her Spirit Pearl would be harmed. However, since he had not contacted her, she did not dare to contact his rashly.

Mo Sha nodded his head as a little pagoda appeared in front of her. It appeared not too different from the Seven Layered Pagoda from before.

“Seven Layered Pagoda? Then what about the Spirit Pearl?” Sima You Yue asked as she looked only at the Little Pagoda.

“Test to see if you can feel your connection with him.” Mo Sha said.

Sima You Yue picked up the Little Pagoda and closed her eyes to feel for it. She really did feel a connection running between this pagoda and her. She gave a thought and she, Mo Sha and little Roar appeared inside a different environment.

“Where’s Little Spirit?”

Sima You Yue kept looking around when she couldn’t spot Little Spirit.

“I’m here.” Little Spirit slowly appeared from thin air.

Sima You Yue stepped forward and hugged Little Spirit, taking a good look at him. She stretched forth a hand to pinch his cheeks and her hand was slapped aside.

“Mm. Seeing that disagreeable appearance, it’s still the Little Spirit of before!” Sima You Yue said as she hugged Little Spirit and gave him a kiss.

“Hmph hmph, of course it’s me!” Little Spirit wiped away saliva that did not exist as he looked at Sima You Yue with the look of a married woman, which made Sima You yue extremely happy.

“Mo Sha, how are you?” Sima You Yue saw that Mo Sha’s soul was even more faint than before and asked worriedly.

“Still okay, nothing too major.” Mo Sha said.

“It seems your soul is a lot fainter than before.” Sima You Yue said.

“I merely expanded a bit of my Soul power.” Mo Sha spoke as if he didn’t care.

Sima You yue knew that his condition was not great right now, but she knew that he was acting this way because he did not want her to worry.

“I didn’t take good care of the Golden Snake Fruit Tree.” Sima You Yue said with a tinge of guilt.

“I know.” Mo Sha had long seen the Golden Snake Fruit Tree that was quickly going to wither.

“You just have to nurture that tree for a few days and it will be fine.” Little Spirit said, “Furthermore, you will no longer need to take it out every night.”

“Why?” Sima You Yue lowered her head as she looked at LIttle Spirit and asked.

“Stupid owner, have you not noticed the changes in this place?” Little Spirit said condescendingly.

“I only checked on how you guys were doing when I entered, it’s natural that I would not notice the changes that have occurred here.” Sima You Yue said as the scanned her surroundings. She said, “What differences are there between this place now and before?”

Little Spirit rolled his eyes at Sima You Yue and said, “Tilt your head down and take a look!”

Sima You Yue obediently tilted her head down and actually saw her own shadow. She raised her head and realised that there was actually a blue sky and clouds. There was even a bright sun!

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