DDFYM – Chapter 115

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Please note that the term Weaponsmith Master has been changed to Armament Master

Chapter 115: Eavesdropping

“Alright, many thanks to Master Wu!” After Wan Wu Feng finished speaking, he took the pill and ate it. He quickly felt a warmth spread through his body as the wounded areas on his body started to ache as the pained lessened. He repeatedly nodded his head in joy.

Wu Lin sat down as the Armament Master Guild stood up, and presented Wan Wu Feng a Spirit Weapon.

This Spirit Weapon was rare, but for someone like Wan Wu Feng, it was not as enticing as an Emperor Pill. As a result, he merely looked at it twice before getting the Imperial Attendants to keep it away.

After that, the Beast Tamer Master Guild, Spirit Master Guild and the other large clans all gave their different gifts that really opened Sima You Yue’s eyes.

However, looking at these kind of gifts more than once was quite meaningless. This segment of display of presents had practically turned into fierce competition of powers. Whoever’s gift was the most precious or special would give that party a huge amount of face.

After quite a long time, this gift giving session finally ended. The First Prince clapped his hands and the palace maids stepped forward to clear the fruits and snacks. They replaced them with the main course of the banquet, as the dancers and the like all began to go on stage to perform.

Ancient feasts were all the same. Even though it was a different world, it was similar enough. For someone like Sima You Yue who had seen the different kinds of late night feasts, this kind of programme was not too interesting for her. She waved at Sima Lie and, when everyone was not paying attention, she secretly left the large hall.

The duration of the banquet was long, so it was normal for people to go in and out for some air. Sima You Yue’s departure did not really attract anyone’s attention.

“Really boring. I don’t know whether or not I can go back first.” Sima You Yue was walking inside the Palace by herself. Seeing that the Nalan Clan didn’t really do anything, she really felt like she couldn’t sit there anymore and wanted to go home.

Hearing Sima You Le talk about the presence of an artificial lake, she walked to that direction based on her intuition. Before reaching that place, she heard the sound of a scuffle. After hearing who it was, her heart leapt with joy as she immediately hid behind the rock garden nearby.

Thinking about how she still had that Sound Stone on her, she took it out and inserted some Spiritual Qi into it. The veins on the Sound Stone started to move, showing that it had already begun recording the sounds from the surrounding.

“Murong An, what do you mean by this?” Nalan Lan looked tearfully at Murong An. Her obviously pitiful look caused Murong An to gulp subconsciously.

This Nalan Lan was normally beautiful and really caused one to take pity on her. It was a shame that her current state meant she was no longer useful. In other words, she was not even close to being as useful to him as Shi Mo Li was.

However, who wouldn’t be willing to take a few bites out of this piece of delicious meat that had delivered itself to the door. Especially since it was someone as rare as this.

If he was able to receive the nurturing of the Alchemist Guild as well as the support of the Nalan Clan, his future days would definitely be smooth sailing.

Thinking up to this point, his eyes flashed with warmth once again. He stepped forward and held on to Nalan Lan’s hand, saying, “Silly girl, I never had any other meaning. My heart has always been with you. The one I hold dear in my heart is only you.”

“Then what is going on with you and that Shi Mo Li? When did you two get together? You even want to get married? Then what was I to you?!” Nalan Lan was really in love with Murong An. Seeing that he was still so warm to her, her heart was softening. However, thinking about how he was so intimate with Shi Mo Li earlier, her heart flared with anger once again.

Murong An simply pulled her into his embrace.

“With her, I’m merely playing according to the circumstances.” Murong An gave Nalan Lan a kiss on her forehead, saying “You know it as well; her father is Shi Lei, the Great Master Shi. If I were able to learn alchemy from him, my future would definitely be unparalleled. But you also know what kind of person Shi Lei is. He is someone who is so hard to get along with. Without any referral, there was no way he would ever consider me. As a result, I thought of a way, which was to get closer to her. I have no feelings for her, I only like you. You have to believe me.”

“Then why did you not even come over for a single look during the time that I was hurt?” Nalan Lan heard what Murong An had said and trusted him quite a bit more. However, she was undoubtedly still filled with grievance.

“At that time, I was busy dealing with Shi Mo Li. In order to get her to trust me, I had no choice but to stick with her the entire time.” Murong An said, “However, I still sent people to help me keep an eye on your situation.”

“Really?” Nalan Lan looked at Murong An as she slowly began to believe what he said.

When Murong An saw her acting this way, he knew that she had already began to trust him. He bent down and kissed her on the lips, saying, “Of course it’s true! We’ve been together for such a long time, how could I like some other girl. I’m merely making use of her.”

“Then you’re not allowed to be with her anymore.” Nalan Lan said.

“How could I do this!” Murong An exclaimed. After that, realising that his reaction was too big, he pacified her gently, “I still have yet to learn alchemy. If I break it off with Shi Mo Li, all the time I had spent would have been wasted.”

“But… But I don’t want to see you being so intimate with that Shi Mo Li.” Nalan Lan said unhappily.

“Silly girl, you have to remember that I am merely putting on a play. You are the only one in my heart; there’s nobody else.” Murong An pacified her and even bent down to give her a kiss when he finished speaking. His hands were even moving up and down restlessly.

Sima You Yue saw that the two of them were going to get a bit R-rated, and she had pretty much heard all that she needed to, so she kept away the sound stone and quietly slipped away.

However, thinking about it she couldn’t let the two off so cheaply. After walking a little bit farther, she told an imperial guard that it seemed as if she had dropped something by the lakeside and wanted him to help her look for it. Seeing that a few imperial guards had headed to the lakeside, she smiled evilly as she turned around and returned to the great hall.

Even before she walked to the palace gate, she heard Nalan He’s voice coming from inside.

“Your Majesty, since the Sima Clan has that secretive person, it’s concealing a great helping hand. Your Majesty is unwilling to say it, but could it be that they do not even care for Your Majesty at all?”

Sima You Yue’s heart sank; this Nalan He was starting it.

Sima Lie mulled it over and didn’t say anything. He had already thought that Nalan He would think of a way to find out about the Sima Clan’s pill situation, but he never thought that he would use this direct method to say it in front of this huge crowd.

“General Sima, you really found someone that great? Since that’s the case, why don’t you let everyone meet him?” Wan Wu Feng words seemed merely to enquire, however, his expression and tone were completely different. They carried with them traces of frost.

“This… it’s not that this lowly officer does not want to say it. It’s just that the guy does not want to be made known…” Sima Lie said.

“Grandfather, since everyone wants to know, what harm is there in telling them? If not, they will think that the Sima Clan truly has something that they dare not show the public!” Sima You Yue walked in from outside and smiled, “Your Majesty, actually, it’s not that Grandfather didn’t want to tell you, it’s just that my lowly self told Grandfather not to tell anyone in case everyone assumed that it was just my lowly self stirring up trouble by lying.”

“You are Sima You Yue?” Although Wan Wu Feng had never met him, he had seen Sima You Yue sitting with Sima Lie. Furthermore, he was now calling Sima Lie his grandfather, so aside from the few that he had seen before, he was sure that this was Sima You Yue.

However, wasn’t he a waste? How could he be the secretive person that Nalan He was talking about?

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