DDFYM – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: A three year appointment

Sima You Yue’s voice was very, very weak. However, every single person heard it.

“Three years…”

Sima You Yue’s voice transmitted once again. After that, everyone thought that they saw her unconscious body move.

“You Yue?”

“Cough cough…”

Sima You Yue coughed twice as both her hands slowly moved back, pushing herself off the ground to stand.

“Three years…” She repeated it once more.

Seeing that Sima You Yue had stood up, Sima Qing and Sima Lin were both surprised. It was especially so for Sima Lin since was the one most clear about the degree of her injuries. He never thought that not only did she remain conscious, she was even able to stand.

“What do you mean by three years?” SIma You Lan was also stunned by Sima You Yue and asked.

“I know where the Golden Snake Fruit is. In three years, you all must take care of Grandfather and the others. Cough cough, ensure their safety. In three years, I will personally go to the Sima Clan and use the Golden Snake Fruit… to… to and trade for my Grandfather and Brothers.” Sima You Yue’s body swayed twice, as if it was going to fall down. She was no longer able to speak but her gaze was extremely resolute.

Everyone on site was completely stunned and momentarily unable to speak a word.

“Fifth Bro…” Sima You Ming and the other three’s eyes turned red.

Sima You Ran ran over to support Sima You Yue as Sima You Le took a pill and fed it to her.

Sima Lin’s eyes flashed as he said, “You said that you know where the Golden Snake Fruit has ended up?”

“I know whose hands it is in, but I don’t know where he is.” Sima You Yue recovered slightly, saying, “This Golden Snake Fruit must be very important to you. In comparison to the Grandfather that you all chased out of your, it should be infinitely more crucial.”

“What makes you think that?” Sima Lin raised his eyebrows as his interest towards Sima You Yue increased.

Sima You Yue did not lean on Sima You Ran but stood on her own. She looked at Sima Lin, saying slowly, “When those people returned, they naturally brought back news of the Golden Snake Fruit. If it was not important to you all, there’s no way you would rush here so quickly. I’m thinking that someone very important to you had an injury to their soul. Once you knew about the Golden Snake Fruit, you fell over yourselves dashing here.”

Sima You Lan’s impression of Sima You Yue improved more and more. She really was very intelligent and had guessed the entire story accurately.

Sima Lin didn’t speak so Sima You Yue coughed twice lightly, before continuing, “So, this Golden Snake Fruit is important to you. I didn’t speak falsely, right? Using my Grandfather and the others to exchange for the Golden Snake Fruit in three years would not be disadvantageous to you all at all.”

“Why should I conduct this exchange with you?” Sima Lin, “We won’t even know if we can wait for three years. It could be that three years later, we won’t need that Golden Snake Fruit anymore.”

“A soul injury is an injury of their spirit, not their body. Not only will said person be able to live three years, even thirty years would pose no problem.” Sima You Yue said.

“You know medicinal arts?” Sima Qing asked.

Sima You Yue did not reply. She only watched Sima Lin, asking, “If so?”

“Even if you were right on this point, how can we believe that you will be able to bring the Golden Snake Fruit to us in three years time? The outside is perilous and surrounded by dangers; even the average Spirit Saint would not lightly pass this area. For a little tiny Spirit Master like you, how would you be able to reach the rank of Spirit Saint in just three years.” Sima Lin said.

“I have my own ways.” Sima You Yue said, “How I go and look for the Golden Snake Fruit and break through the barrier to the outside is my own problem. You just have to protect Grandfather and the others for three years. On this day, three years later, I will definitely appear in front of the gates to your Sima Clan! Do you dare to make this exchange with me or not?”

“You Yue, don’t care about us. You just have to go and settle your own things in the future, you don’t have to worry about us anymore.” Sima Lie said to Sima You Yue with eyes that reflected his reluctance.

Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lin and waited for his reply.

“Okay. I will do this exchange with you.” Sima Lin said, “Within three years, I will help them to settle down. But if you don’t come three years later, I will let their fates be settled according to the decision of our clan.”

“Okay.” Sima You Yue said, “I believe that you are not someone who does not abide by his word. You definitely have to protect my Grandfather and the others well, or else I will make your entire Sima Clan regret…”

Her voice grew softer and softer, and was completely unclear at the end. Before speaking her last few words, she fainted.

“Fifth Bro!”

“You Yue!”

“Fifth Young Master!”

Sima You Yue rested on Sima You Ran’s body and was completely knocked out.

Sima Qing looked at Sima You Yue and sighed to Sima Lie, “You raised a good grandson.”

Sima Lie walked over and hugged Sima You Yue. He looked at her with heartache and tenderness for a moment before placing her in the stewards’ hands.

“Take good care of Young Master.”

“Yes, General. This old servant will definitely use my life to protect him.” The steward took Sima You Yue as he promised.

He had always known of Sima You Yue’s identity and had doted upon her. Now that he had been shaken by her, even if she was the only one in the Sima Clan, he would definitely take good care of her and protect her!

Sima Lie patted the steward on his shoulders as he said to Sima Lin, “Let’s go.”

Sima Lin summoned a Goshawk, and that large raptor bird enlarged itself as in glided into the house.

“Divine Beast!” There were some who noticed the rank of the Goshawk as they cried out in surprise.

Sima Lin took the lead to climb on it as Sima Qing, Sima Lie and the others climbed on as well. Even Sima Ke brought the unconscious Sima Kai as he flew on.

Sima You Lan hesitated for a moment before coming beside the Steward and handing him a bottle of pills, saying, “These are Fourth Ranked Pills and are extremely beneficial to healing his wounds. Give it to him in a moment.”

After she finished speaking, she placed the pills in Sima You Yue’s embrace and turned around to fly on on the back of the Goshawk.

Once everyone had got on, the Goshawk flapped its wings and flew away, blowing about all the sand on the ground.

The old principal who was in the air the entire time watched as Sima Lie left with them. He secretly sighed as he landed on the ground, saying to the Steward, “Give him to me. You go and settle whatever situation the Sima Clan has left behind. When it is stable, come to the academy to look for him.”

The steward had heard Sima Lie entrust things to the old Principal just now, so he handed Sima You Yue over to the old principal.

As the Sima Clan would undergo great trials, there would be great unrest regarding their properties. No matter what Sima You Yue chose to do in the future, he would support her. He would make sure the unrest regarding their properties would be not be too unsettled before she awoke.

The old principal looked at Sima You Yue. He had seen everything she did just now and his heart both ached and approved of her actions. Thinking of the path that she would have to walk, he could not suppress a sigh.

He hugged Sima You Yue as he flew into the sky above the academy. The instructor of the guards at the entrance waved his hands, letting the men turn off the great array protecting the academy.

He hugged Sima You Yue and directly went to the house he stayed in. Bei Gong Tang and the others saw her unconscious body and quickly ran towards the place she would stay in, leaving behind a ground of students who were still discussing about the events that had taken place.

All parties of influence had already returned to their own houses, and began to discuss the issue regarding how the powers in the imperial capital would be divided.

The Sima Clan now had power only in name. All the influential powers in the imperial capital had to redistribute the power, and everyone wanted to get a share of it.

Many commoners came to the General’s residence and the residence that was originally majestic and awe inspiring was now a site of ruins. This was living testimony of of what a terrible scene had occurred.


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