DDFYM – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: A Tooth for a Tooth, an Eye for an Eye

“How did you know that Grandfather came here?” Sima You Ran stared at Sima You Yue, and her heart began to fluster under that gaze.

“Cough cough, uh, I saw it that day.” Sima You Yue beamed at him and said, “Third Brother, didn’t you guys say that you came to this place long ago, how did you know that Grandfather was here?”

“We met him yesterday. He said that that he would remain in Salt City for a while and to go look for him if we were able to leave this place.” Sima You Ran said, “Don’t think you’ll be able to avoid answering my question. Grandfather didn’t say anything about meeting you yesterday, which means that he has no idea you’re here. Say it, where did you see Grandfather? Did you secretly run over to snatch the Golden Snake Fruit?

Seeing how Sima You Ran was acting, Sima You stuffed her head into the people, “I just went to take a look from a place very very far away, I didn’t go there.”

“You think I believe you?!” Sima You Ran took one look at Sima You Yue and knew she definitely didn’t catch a glimpse from a place very very far away.

The moment Sima You Le heard that Sima You Yue actually went to snatch the Golden Snake Fruit, he immediately cried out, “Fifth Bro, how could you go to such a dangerous place? Didn’t you know that that item attracted many powerful experts and Spirit beasts? You actually went to watch the fun in such a dangerous place. You really… if Grandfather knew, see how he would deal with you!

The moment she heard what Sima You Le said, she immediately raised her head.

“Third Brother, Fourth Brother, you have to help me keep this a secret, you can’t let Grandfather know about this.” Sima You Yue looked pitifully at the two of them with shining eyes and began to act cute.

If it was the past and she did something like this, she would definitely have felt weird about doing something like this. However, it was probably because she was looking at her relatives right now that she did not feel any inhibitions.

“Humph, it’s such a serious matter; how could we possibly help you keep it a secret.” Sima You Ran chided her with a cold and stern face, “ If something happened to you, how would we feel? How sad would Grandfather be?”

“I was wrong.” Sima You Yue sincerely admitted her wrongs.

No matter what reason she had, when faced with the concern of her loved one, it would not be legitimate.

“It’s good that you know you were wrong!” Sima You Le saw that she was being scolded by Sima You Ran with a stern and cold face and felt a bit of heartache so he spoke up for her.

“That right, Third Brother, you shouldn’t be angry either. I just went to take a little peek because I was curious, I won’t do it in the future!” Sima You Yue looked like extremely earnest, the only thing she didn’t do was to slap her chest and pledge.

“Humph!” Sima You Ran couldn’t speak as nicely as Sima You Le and remained as stern faced as before.

Sima You Le winked at Sima You Yue and she immediately understood. She pulled on the corner of Sima You Ran’s clothes and swayed her body.

“Third Brother, I already know I’m wrong, don’t be angry anymore. If you’re angry, my little heart trembles and trembles, oh no, my wounds are hurting again.”

“Fifth Bro, where hurts?” Sima You Le asked anxiously.

“Sigh, it hurts everywhere.” Sima You Yue said aggrievedly.

“Enough, I know you’re faking it.” Sima You Ran could not help but look at Sima You Yue. How did this brat end up even more cheeky than before? “I can keep from telling Grandfather about this, but if you dare to do this kind of things without care for how serious it is, don’t talk about not telling Grandfather; I will be the first to punish you!”

When she heard Sima You Ran say this, she knew that the issue was settled. Sima You Yue smiled happily as she said, “It won’t happen next time, okay!”

After she finished speaking, she secretly added another sentence in her heart, “I won’t let you all find out next time!”

If he knew what she was secretly thinking, Sima You Ran would definitely be angered to death.

“Alright, continue to recuperate for today. We’ll see how your body is like tomorrow. If it’s not possible, we’ll wait for one more day. We’ll head outside to discuss with them our travel route.”

Sima You Ran left after speaking with Sima You Le trailing behind. He turned around to give Sima You Yue an ok sign, then turned around to leave.

Sima You Yue buried her head into the pillow again, crying out in her heart in agony for committing such a low-levelled mistake. However, she felt warm all over because of the that her family had shown her.

When Sima You Ran and Sime You Le walked out, Wei Zi Qi was supporting Bei Gong Tang inside. Because of her identity, the  relationships between the five of them had gone through some subtle changes. At the very least, Bei Gong Tang would talk to her about female things.

Although she was just lying on the bed, her wounds were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The next day, for the sake of not holding anyone back, Sima You Yue didn’t care how painful her bones were, she persisted on travelling. Sima You Ran couldn’t convince her and could only let them begin travelling.

However, before they left the mountain Range, there were still a few things they had to settle.

“You Yue, should we wake them up now?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Mm. If they don’t wake up then this wouldn’t be considered fair!” Sima You Yue took out a medicine bottle and threw it to Fatty Qu. “Put this under their nose and let them smell it.”

Fatty Qu followed her instructions and those who smelled what was in the medicine bottle woke up quickly.

“Sima You Yue?!” Wu Tian, the group leader, saw Sima You Yue and his initially dazed brain immediately woke up.

“Still able to recognise me, looks like he’s awake.” Sima You Yue said, “He hasn’t eaten for a few days, he must be much weaker now right?”

“What do you plan to do?” Shou Hou saw the evil grin on Sima You Yue’s face and suddenly felt a wave of goosebumps, a chill emanating from his heart.

“Not doing anything, just learning a few things from you all.” Sima You Yue said, “ This antidote will only be given for a short while and won’t be able to help you recover your strength so the timing is just right. Fatty, be careful not to get any of it on your body, or else, don’t blame me for throwing you aside without a care.”

Fatty Qu caught the bottle and poured a bit onto the bodies of those men and said, “Relax, I won’t be that stupid.”

When all five men had been sprinkled with the powder, everyone made to walk out of the cave.

“Wha..What have you done to us?” An unknown fear gripped his heart as Wu Tian shouted at Sima You Yye.

The others had already left as Fatty Qu turned around, saying, “Didn’t we already say we wanted to learn from you? Right now, you can all properly feel what it’s like to be graced by Spirit Beasts.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t turn around again and left.

Not long after Sima You Yue left, quite a few Spirit Beasts had smelled the scent that was coming from inside the cave went inside. When they saw Wu Tian and his group of men, they charged crazily at them and quickly finished the men off cleanly, where not even bones remained.

“You Yue, what did you scatter on their bodies?” Sima You Ran came beside Sima You Yue and asked, as they had left quite a distance from where the cave was but they were still able to hear Wu Tian and his men’s final cries of agony.

“Nothing much, it’s just some medicinal powder that attracts Spirit Beasts.” Sima You Yue answered..

“Why do you have something like that?” Sima You Ran asked

“Bought it before we came.” Because outsiders were present, Sima You Yue randomly said something.

Although these people were her older brother’s teammates, she was not acquainted with them and had no plans to let them know about herself.


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