DDFYM – Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: The Words Grandfather left behind

“Young Master.” The Steward just happened to come back and walked over when he saw Sima You Yue standing there in a daze.

Sima You Yue turned around and looked at the Steward, saying, “How are things?”

“Qu Clan has already confirmed that they will work with us. We still have some matters to discuss and sort out.” The Steward said.

Today, Sima You Yue went to the Beast Tamers Guild while he went to the Qu Clan to look for Fatty Qu and his father to discuss matters regarding the supply of goods.

“Young Master, how are things going on your end.”

“Relatively smooth.” Sima You Yue said, “We can continue when we go back.”

When they returned to the temporary conference hall, Sima You Yue gave a once over on the events that happened that day. When he heard that Sima You Yue had not only spoken with the Beast Tamers Guild successfully but even became an Elder of the guild, he was incomparably happy.

“Now that your name has already pretty much been spread, we can now begin to recruit men.” Sima You Yue said, “We are in urgent need of people right now, so we can be slightly more relaxed with our requirements. As long as they are strong enough and their personality isn’t too bad, they will do. Furthermore, they have to commit to being part of Sima Clan’s strength for ten years. They can obtain their salary from the Sima Residence. After ten years, it will be up to them to decide whether to stay or go.”

“Young Master, why did you set it at ten years?” The Steward could not understand.

“There are some Spirit Masters who do not like to be restricted. If we force them to lend us their power forever, the would not agree. If it’s only a span of ten years, they will take this as a simple transaction.” Sima You Yue said, “Furthermore, ten years is enough time for us to slowly develop our power.”

“So this is the case. It’s truly Young Master who has thought everything through.” The Steward said as he nodded.

“ With regards to our standard for recruitment, they have to at least be the rank of a Great Spirit Master, and it has to be based on strength. They will be able to obtain different ranks of Spirit Beasts, and it will also be ones that I have tamed myself. I will also add in some pills as a bonus.” Sima You Yue added, “Furthermore, joining the Sima Clan will entitle them to the same benefits that we and our guards enjoy. What do you think?”

“Good. It is only with good benefits that we will be able to entice them to stay.” The Steward replied.

“Since you’ve agreed as well, we should find someone to do up an announcement.” Sima You Yue said, “Other than the construction of the Sima residence, get the other to work faster. We can’t remain without a home forever. If this carries on, we won’t be able to attract talent.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

“You should go down and settle the details. When the hired help find them, we’ll send men to capture some Spirit Beasts. We can’t rely on the Beast Tamer Master guild forever.” Sima You Yue said.

“Alright. Then this old servant will go and get it arranged.” The Steward bowed slightly as he prepared to leave.

Sima You Yue saw that the Steward had actually just returned and had not yet even drunk a single drop of water before wanting to rush off and said, “It’s a pretty unusual period of time, I’ll have to trouble you.”

The Steward shook his head, “Being able to toil for the Sima Clan is this Old Slave’s blessing.”

“Thank you, Uncle Fu.”

The Steward smiled as he left. He raised his head and looked towards the direction that Sima Lie had left in, saying, “Oh General, the Young Master has really matured!”

Sima You Yue left the conference hall and looked at the people bustling to construct the Sima Residence, heaving a long sigh.

Seeing the Book Pavilion that was completely intact, she thought about the suspicions that she harbored earlier and slowly walked over.

Standing in front of the Book Pavilion, she thought of the first time that she had brought herself here. With a single thought, a key appeared inside her hand.


She placed the key into the lock the door opened with a click.

She pushed the door open and entered. Even before she took a few steps, the door closed behind her.

She walked a few rounds around the library, exploring the different levels. She didn’t find anything unusual about it, it’s just that there was a single box on the top of the highest level.

She took the box and opened it. She saw a small and delicate little matrix of the Book Pavilion.

“I didn’t see this the last time I came here. Could it be that Grandfather placed this here much later?” She took the Book Pavilion and studied it intently for awhile. She noticed that there was a small groove under it, but she had no idea what it was for.

She placed the little pagoda back and sat on the chair, staring blankly.

“Grandfather, Brothers…”

In the past, she always had her family to accompany her when she went home. Now that she was the only one supporting the family, she realised how blessed she really was.

Thinking of the ring that the old Principal had given her, she took it out from her interspatial ring. In the past, because she was feeling too much inner turmoil, she did not realise that this was the ring that he had always worn!

The initial imprint of mental strength had already been erased and this ring was currently without an owner.


She inserted her mental strength into it. Seeing the store that Sima Lie had always used, she realised that although he was a Spirit Saint as well as the General of Dong Cheng Kingdom, he did not possess many valuable things.

Actually, Sima Lie’s things were considered quite luxurious in the Dong Cheng Kingdom. It was just that she had seen too many good things in her Spirit Pearl that she felt that Sima Lie was pitiful.

She swept her eyes over the interspatial ring once, and in some lone corner, she saw a book as well as a sound stone.

She took out the Sound Stone and inserted a bit of her Spirit power in. The veins on it began to move as Sima Lie’s voice transmitted out.

“You Yue, if you are listening to this, then I must no longer be inside the Dong Cheng Kingdom.” Sima Lie’s voice sounded aged as solemnity could be heard from his tone.

“There’s something that I never told you. You are actually not directly related to the Sima Clan. Do you remember that I told you before, at that time we were, as a family, escaping from Sofia Mountain Range when everyone else at died. At the end, we were saved by someone and brought of the the Sofia Mountain Range. That person was your father. I initially thought that we would never see him again, but I never thought that ten years later, he would reappear in front of us, holding you in his embrace. When he entrusted you to me, just as he was about to leave, he told me that if a day came where you had achieved success, rely on the jade name plate in the ring and go to the Primordial Lands to look for him…”

Sima You Yue swept through the inside of the interspatial ring again and realised that there was Jade nameplate all on its own. She took it out and realised that its makeup was exactly as the same one that Feng Zhi Xing had given her.

“Grandfather has been having a kind of premonition in his heart. I initially wanted to let you all leave tomorrow morning, but I don’t know if I will make it in time or not. If anything happens, I hand the Sima Clan over to you. The Steward will likely help you settle things. If you cannot sustain it, then let it go…”

“This Book Pavilion is a Spirit Artifact that I unwittingly received once, but I never knew what use it had. I only know that it functions as a Book Pavilion. I now hand it over to you. Perhaps you could unravel the mystery behind it. There is a key inside the ring. Once you see it, you should understand…”

“You Yue, no matter what, you have to live life happily. This is the greatest wish of your brothers and I. I believe that it is also the wish of your birth father…”

When the recording reached its end, Sima You Yue looked at the sound stone as her eyes filled with tears.

She could feel the warmth of Sima Lie’s love towards her. She could feel his worry and his hope for a peaceful future.

She kept the sound tone away and declared, “Grandfather, rest assured. We will definitely be reunited, I will definitely go and save you!”

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