DDFYM – Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Leaving Sofia Mountain Range

“It must be the recent fight that attracted those people, if its people from the Domineering Army or anyone like that, this could prove to be trouble.” Bai Yun Qi said with a frown as he heard the footsteps as well.

If it is people from the domineering army, a fight will definitely be inevitable when they see that their own people had been killed. If it was others, it was hard to say that they would not reveal it, but they couldn’t just kill everyone who witnessed it.

They were not that kind of ruthless people.

“Creak——” Zi Hu heard some movement as Bai Yun Qi hands struggled weakly.

Quickly, a group of people came from around the corner. After seeing who it was, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Young Master?!”

‘Uncle Li?!”

Bai Yun Qi and Li Kui called out simultaneously.

“Young Master, what are you doing here?” Li Kui looked at Bai Yun Qi and the bodies behind him as he rushed over.

“We were chasing the the purple fox while running here, then we encountered men from the Domineering Army.” Bai Yun Qi said, “Uncle Li, how did you guys get here?”

Li Kui saw Qin Wu’s corpse as his eyes flashed with astonishment. He stole a glance at Sima You Yue and the other five as he answered, “We heard that there was a fight nearby, and was worried that it was our own men, so we came here to take a look. Young Master, are you all ok? This… Qin Wu?”

“Uncle Li, we are fine, Qin Wu was killed by You Yue and the rest….”

Bai Yun Qi explained the situation simply. After learning that Sima You Yue was a Spirit Overlord at such a young age, and had even beaten the fourth ranked Qin Wu, his heart was endlessly surprised.

However they also believed that they were not people that was sent by the Domineering Army because Qin Wu played a very important role in the Domineering army. Even if he wanted to gain the trust of Bai Yun Qi and the rest, he would not sacrifice Qin Wu.

Thinking up to this point, Li Kui grabbed the hands of Sima You Yue and the rest, saying gratefully, “Thank you all so much for saving our Young Master.”

“Don’t mention it Uncle Li, we are Yun Qi’s friends, and the other party was trying to kill us, so we were just protecting ourselves.” Wei Zi Qi said while waving his hands.

‘Uncle Li, you don’t have to be so courteous with them.” Bai Yun Qi said, ‘Instead of saying these words, why not just go back together and have a good drink, right, Zi Qi?”

Wei Zi Qi smiled and nodded his head, said: “That’s right!”

“Uncle Li, this purple fox has been caught, our mission has also been completed, when will we head back? I would like very much to have a drink with them now.” Bai Yun Qi said while placing the purple fox in Uncle Li’s hands.

“The sky still looks bright today, after we head back to assemble the people, we would be ready to move out.” Li Kui said with a smile, “But before we leave, there is something we need to do.”

“What do we have to do?” Bai Yun Qi thought to himself, since they’ve already completed their mission, what else was there?

Li Kui waved his hands and two mercenaries appeared. They tied both their hands and lit up their torches, burning the corpses of Qin Wu and the rest into ashes.

“This Qin Wu is akin to the backbone of the Domineering Army. If people found out we killed him, it’s hard to say that we wouldn’t have troubled times ahead. It is fine now, let us head back.” Li Kui said.

Bai Yun Qi gave a look of understanding. Sima You Yue and the rest had wanted to destroy the corpse from the start before leaving anyway. They were not surprised at all when they saw what Li Kui did.

“Young Master, let us head back.” Li Kui said after seeing that the burning was pretty much completed.

“Alright, let us head back. We have been wandering around this mountain for about two months, our body is quickly growing a layer of mold.” Bai Yun Qi said while stretching his waist.

Thinking of Sima You Yue and the rest stayed in the mountains for around two years, he looked at them with admiration. If it was him, he would definitely not be able to do it.

They returned to camp as Li Kui counted the men. They kept their tent away and prepared to leave while waiting for everyone else to return.

There was still quite a few days worth of distance from here to the exit of the mountain. They had a larger number of people, and their strength was not weak. Some Spirit Beasts hid far away when they saw them, making this journey a relatively smooth one.

A few days later, they got out of Sofia Mountain Range. There was a mountain in front of them, a city in front of them and saw a wall standing in the empty plains far far away.

Bai Yun Qi pointed towards the city in front, said: “You Yue, there lies the closest city to us, Three Springs City. Don’t you underestimate the distance from here, it is not as near as you think.

Sima You Yue naturally knew that in the empty plains, the empty space would make things look closer than they actually were. Things would look near, but in fact were really far.

“This Lord of Three Springs City is my Uncle. Once we arrive, I’ll get him to provide to you all with an identification card. After that you can follow us to Peace City. Once you have your identification, our army will not give you any trouble even after you leave in the future .” Bai Yun Qi said.

Fatty Qu punched his shoulder, saying, “You didn’t mention this before in the past?”

Bai Yun Qi laughed and said, “I wasn’t planning to find my Uncle in the first place. If my aunt found out that I had returned without greet them, she would definitely start nagging again. It’s just that I was thinking of getting you all some identification cards, that I thought of looking for them.”

Everyone understood his point. Initially he only decided to bring them on a one way trip to Peace City. However, after a few days of getting along, he decided to get them a personal identification, because he has acknowledged them in his heart.

“In that case, sorry to trouble you.” Wei Zi Qi politely said.

“Haha, wait till we reach the city’s main house. We will have a good drink, then.” Bai Yun Qi saw that they didn’t blame him and said with a laugh.

“Let’s go, we will try to rush to Three Springs City before sunset. If the city gate closes, we will need to wait till the next day to enter the city.” Li Kui said.

Sima You Yue thought of Little Roar who was still at the back, turned towards Sofia Mountain and whistled.

“This Little Roar, he didn’t appear for such a long time. Don’t tell me he went to flirt with spirit beasts again?” Bai Yun Qi could not help but tease when he recalled the last time he saw Little Roar flirting with the Spirit Beasts the last time.

Sima You Yue also thought this way. This Little Roar did not change his ways, even after getting beaten up by Thousand Resonance. She was endlessly embarrassed because he would flirt no matter where he went, but she was completely helpless.

After a long while, Little Roar’s small figure appeared from the mountain and nestled in Sima You Yue’s arms.
Sima You Yue grabbed him by its neck. Before she started to rebuke him, he hurried to say, “Yue Yue, I didn’t flirt with any Spirit Beasts this time!”

Sima You Yue stared at him: “No? Then what have you been up to this time you were gone for a whole day? You took so long to come out.”

“Yue Yue, I discovered there is something not right with the spirit beast in the mountains, so I went to scout around the mountain.” Little Roar said.

“What’s not right?” Fatty Qu moved closely and asked.

“I found out those spirit beast became really crazy, but I don’t know why. Also, the spirit beasts inside keep migrating and their numbers are not few, either.” Little Roar said.

After listening to what he said, Sima You Yue and the rest had their uncertainty, Li Kui and Bai Yun Qi faces became undignified.

“Uncle Li, don’t tell me it’s a beast tide?” Bai Yun Qi said with worry.

“To my knowledge, Three Springs City’s last beast tide was only half a year ago, how can it happen again so quickly?” Li Kui said, “Not matter what, there is movement in Sofia Mountain Range, so we better inform your Uncle as soon as we can.”


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