DDFYM – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: “Flash Fight (2)”

If she hadn’t fought Li Cheng previously, she wouldn’t have been so confident. Fighting him had given her the experience of fighting a Spirit Warrior and an insight on how they fought. She had analysed from her past experience, that they first needed to gather and condense their Spirit Energy and that, was her key to attaining victory. This short time frame was her window and she just needed to grasp it well.

A referee was on stage and once he said ‘start’, Meng Ting immediately started to converge her Spirit Energy on her hand.

Sima You Yue simply stood still and everyone thought that she was scared and had frozen there in fear. After all, Sima You Yue was a well known ‘trash’ and when he saw Spirit Energy, he would be scared.

“Ugh! Why isn’t he moving!” Fatty Qu cried out in anguish.

“If he’s not going to make a move, Meng Ting would finish condensing all her Spirit Energy very soon!” Wei Zi Qi was frowning and baffled at why Sima You Yue had not moved an inch.

Moreover, there wasn’t any trace of fear on his face, only a confident smile!

Sima You Le was just standing at the side of the stage, his eyes fixated on You Yue as he watched on nervously. With his two fists clenched tightly, he was in a stance that showed that was ready to rush to the stage to Sima You Yue’s aid anytime.

If Sima You Yue was in a ny real danger, he was ready to rush to her aid!

Everyone was anticipating Sima You Yue to be badly wounded and riddled with injuries. They had on a knowing smile but very soon, that smile became stiff as their eyes bulged out in shock.

When Meng Ting was about to successfully converge the Spirit Energy, Sima You Yue suddenly moved and he dashed towards Meng Ting at an astonishing speed!

In just a mere few seconds, he had closed up the gap of more than ten metres and had appeared behind Meng Ting!

The moment Meng Ting saw Sima You Yue rush towards her, she threw her rationality behind and threw out the incomplete condensed ball of Spirit Energy at Sima You Yue. Looking gleefully at the energy ball that was just about to land on Sima You Yue, she saw him twist strangely and completely dodged the energy ball!


The Spirit Energy Ball landed on the challenge stage with an explosive boom that rocked the stage.

Before Meng Ting could come to her senses and gather her thoughts, she felt something cold on her neck.

“You’ve lost.” Sima You Yue’s faint voice came from behind.

Everyone was stunned silly. Sima You You was standing behind Meng Ting with his hand wrapped around her shoulders and his rusty dagger was pressed against her delicate neck.

“How did you get behind me?!” Meng Ting asked with shock, her eyes wide with surprise.

“By running with my legs!” Sima You Yue replied dismissively. “Hmmm…Although this dagger is rusty and may be somewhat blunt but if I use some strength, I think I can still slit your throat with it, or maybe I can draw a few lines on your face. What do you think?”

She lifted the rusty dagger and lightly followed the contours of Meng Ting’s face.

Meng Ting was scared silly when she felt the cold blade move lightly over her face.

“Ah! Do not touch my face! I…I admit defeat!”

Meng Ting shouted out with teary eyes, leaving the whole stand of spectators completely shocked once again.

“Miss Meng actually lost to a waste!”

“How did that trash appear behind Miss Meng?”

“He was just lucky, if it was a proper battle, I’m sure Miss Meng would have definitely defeated him!”


“That waste won this round, so means he is still our classmate.. oh my god!”

Sima You Yue let go of Meng Ting and sneered. “Since you’ve thrown in the towel, means that you have to comply with our agreement. Next time if you see me, you have to make a detour and take a different path! I don’t want to see you again! And if you still come and look for trouble…”

She did not complete her sentence and trailed off at the end but the meaning behind it was evident.

Meng Ting was full of resentment when she looked at Sima You Yue casually picking up the dagger cover and swaggering off the stage.

There was no other way she could go about it,with so many eyes on their match today, if she didn’t comply with the agreement, then she would digging her own grave if she still went to look for trouble. One thing about the people of this world, was that they all kept to their promises. They absolutely hated and despised people who went back on their words. So honouring the bet was the only thing she could do.

“So fast? Everything’s over?” Fatty Qu saw Sima You Yue stroll down the stage leisurely and was walking over to them.

“What do you think?” She laughed when she saw the dumbfounded expression Fatty Qu had on. That foolish look made her reach out and poked his head in amusement.

Only when Sima You Le saw that You Yue was completely fine, his heart completely relaxed. Once he relaxed, the suppressed rage erupted from within. “How can you easily accept such a challenge?! For goodness sake! This is a life and death challenge!!! What if something happened to you?” He roared at her in a thunderous voice as he held her firmly on her shoulders and shook her in anger.

“Fourth Brother, look at me, I’m fine, aren’t I?” She leaned towards him and held his hand, her voice in a coaxing tone, she cooed: “Alright, everything is over, whatever you want to say, we’ll say it when we get back, kay? There’s too many people here.”

“Hmph! You still know shame!” He snorted.

“Cough cough, come on, let’s head back first.” Wei Zi Qi interjected as he felt a lot of strange glances fixed on their group.

“Let’s go.”

On the way back, Sima You Le was nagging non stop at her. He kept harping on how she should not disregard her own safety, if there was any problems, always look for them and they would help her solve.

After hearing the same thing for the upteenth time, Sima You Yue looked at him seriously and said: “Fourth Brother, I have grown up and I cannot always rely on you guys to protect me. You are my family and you have all given me warmth and love. It is my turn to protect all of you. I want to be stronger, so that I can protect the people I care about. If I shrank away from such a challenge, it means giving up on myself. Tell me, how can the heart of a coward be strong?”

“You…ugh..You’ve really grown up.” Sima You Le patted You Yue’s shoulder helplessly. He couldn’t decipher the mixed emotions he was feeling now after hearing these words.

Was he happy that she’s all grown up? Or sad that she no longer needed their protection?

Sima You Yue sensed his complex emotions and held his hands and leaned her head on his shoulder, as she gently said: “No matter what I’ve become, I’m always be your ‘baby brother’. You are all my brothers and we’re forever a family!”

Sima You Le patted her head as he smiled. “Mmm, we’ll always be together.”

“Eew! Can you guys not be so mushy! This is so nauseating!” Fatty Qu rubbed his arms in a shiver in exaggeration.

Just now he had heard the touching words and had turned to look at them. However when he saw them stuck together so closely, he cried out: “Don’t tell me you are interested even in your own brother?”

Sima You Yue broke away from her brother and kicked Fatty Qu and she rebutted him harshly: “Fatty Qu, go and die!”

Fatty Qu dodged her attack , of course this was possible only because she did not have any intention to really attack him, or else with such skills, he would never be able to escape her clutches.

“Hmph! Count yourself lucky that you’ve managed to dodge in time!” Sime You Yue touched her stomach and gave a goofy grin. “I’m famished! Let’s go back and eat.”

After getting back to their courtyard, Sima You prepared a few simple dishes and everyone dined together. After polishing up everything on the table, they all went back.

Sima You Yue returned to her own room and retrieved a block of whetstone from the Spirit Pearl, preparing to polish the rust off.

Just as she was about to start grinding it, she heard Little Spirit screaming at her in condemnation.

“You fool! What are you doing!”


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