DDFYM – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: The Nalan Clan has an unforeseen event

Sima You Yue’s subtle change in expression didn’t escape Sima Lie’s old eyes as he stared at her and frowned, saying, “still not going to confess?”

Sima You Yue forced out two dry laughs, saying, “Grandfather, didn’t you say that you were battling with the Full Ape? How would you have seen us?”

She thought that as long as Sima Lie didn’t expose her, she would not directly admit to it.

“hmph, I didn’t see you but I saw that brat from the Qu Clan. The three people beside him should also be the few people from your dorm. They were all there so how could you, this guy, possibly not be there?” Sima Lie said, “Although I was battling, I still saw them during the brief intervals.”

When she heard what Sima Lie said, Sima You Yue secretly let out a breath. Right now, he was merely guessing that she was at the mountain slope as an observer. If he knew that she was the person who had stolen the Golden Snake Fruit, the incident involving Mo Sha could no longer be concealed. Furthermore, she would definitely be harshly taught a lesson.

In any case, that Golden Snake Fruit could not be used directly, so when that time came, she would just refine pills and directly feed it to them and that would be settled.

“Hey hey, Grandfather, you weren’t afraid of being injured by the Full Ape either.” releasing the worry in her heart allowed Sima You Yue to relax her body.

“The situation the Nalan Clan faced was caused by the few of you?”

Although it was a question, Sima Lie’s tone was as if he was just taking it as a confirmation.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “I heard them saying that they would come over to our house to cause trouble for us the moment they returned from the Pu Luo Mountain Range, so I might as well just let them remain in the mountain. However, Grandfather, how are those guys now?”

“How else could they be, almost half of the guards that they brought with them died and those that didn’t die had lost half their lives. Nalan Lan’s life is currently hanging on by a thread and Nalan He has lost an arm.” The joy on Sima Lie’s face was unconcealed as he spoke about the tragedy that had befallen the Nalan Clan.

“The two of them actually didn’t die!” Sima You Yue said with some disappointment.

Sima Lie stared at Sima You Yue, saying, “This is really a heavy blow to the Nalan Clan! At the very least, they wouldn’t dare to directly fight with our clan for now.”

“Then what about that crappy Great Elder; why is he still coming to make trouble.” Sima You Yue pouted.

If Nalan He had really been killed on the Pu Luo Mountain Range like she wished, the head of the clan would have passed away and the Nalan Clan would be thrown into a period of disarray. However, she never thought that he would only have lost an arm.

“What you’re currently thinking isn’t wrong. It’s just that they have been weakened on this front by quite a bit, but the other areas have been strengthened as well.” Sima Lie sighed.

“what’s wrong?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lie with confusion.

“During the time that you left the capital, the Nalan Clan had, at some unknown time, invited a Alchemist into their residence. Rumours have been going around saying that he is a Alchemist of second rank. Furthermore, at their shop, they have been increasingly selling their goods and greedily eating up all our business. Your eldest brother and second brother have been going crazy over this recently.” Sima Lie said, “It’s also because Grandfather has been in a bad mood lately and my relationship with Alchemists are not good. As a result, during this period of time, nobody is willing to step forward and help us.”

“No wonder their clan head would act this way. They actually dare to come over to our place to raise a fuss.” Sima You Yue got a good grasp of the situation and said, “ However, Grandfather, you don’t have to worry. They just have a second ranked Alchemist? We will have one too.”

She understood that Alchemists was very attractive to cultivators and there were some Mercenaries that yearned for alchemy. If the Nalan Clan had an Alchemist enter their Clan, the would be able to arrogantly occupy that position of advantage.

However, this was under the prerequisite that the Sima Clan would be unable to find an alchemist. They had confidence in the fact that Sima Lie had bad relations with the Alchemists, so none of them would be willing to enter their clan. However, they would never expect that an Alchemist would appear from within the Sima Clan.

Sima You Yue thought back to the time where she had just entered this world and Sima Lie had given her medicine to eat. The two of them had ridiculed the fact that those Alchemists always walked with their noses high in the air and she even said that she would become an Alchemist. It had not even been half a year since she said that, but she had already fulfilled what she said she would do.

“So what if it’s a second ranked alchemist.” she mumbled, “ I want to see for myself how powerful that second ranked alchemist is!”

“What did you say?” Sima Lie saw that Sima You Yue was talking to herself and asked.

“Nothing. Grandfather, if there’s nothing else then I will head back first.” Sima You Yue said .

“What do you mean nothing else!” Sima Lie thought about how he still had something he had not talked about yet, and asked, “Where have you been these last ten days? Your third brother only said that you left because of some situation but didn’t tell me where you went or what you went to do. You caused me to be worried to death!”

It was only now that Sima You Yue recalled the situation regarding the Spirit Beasts and said “I didn’t really go anywhere, I just went to look for a friend to tame some Spirit Beasts before I returned. Didn’t you say that those people could come at any time? I was just thinking that we didn’t really have any way to increase our strength. It just so happened that the Nalan Clan attracted a few Spirit Masters, right? Then we will use Spirit Beasts to catch up.”

After she finished speaking, she called out a few Spirit Beasts from within her Spirit Pearl and the Study Room was suddenly filled with transformed Spirit Beasts.

Sima Lie was shocked by the sudden change that happened right in front of his eyes and looked at Sima You Yue, saying, “Where did all these come from?”

“I told you that I asked my friend to get it done, remember?” Sima You Yue said, “half of this group are Saint Beasts, and only a few of those are third ranked Saint Beasts, so we’ll leave those few for my brothers. Their current strength should allow them to tame their second Spirit Beast right? As for those lower ranked ones, we can just sell them away at the shop. We’ll take it as offsetting some of the setbacks that occurred because of the pills. The higher ranked ones can be given to a few trustworthy guards to form a contract with. How does that sound, Grandfather?”

Sima Lie looked at all those Spirit Beasts with excitement. He had initially been wanting to find a Beast Tamer Master to help the people in his residence contract some Spirit Beasts, but highly ranked Spirit Beasts weren’t cheap. If they were to go to the Beast Tamer Master Guild, they would only be able to contract those one rank below Saint Beast since those above and of the Saint Beast rank were only found once or twice a month. Aside from having to be provided with a Saint Beast, one still had to spend a large amount of money on the taming fees.

He never expected that Sima You Yue would have settled this problem during the period of time that she was away. He was incomparably excited about this and was, at the same time, praising Sima You Yue’s accurate and detailed planning. He had just told her about their current dangers but she had already thought of using Spirit Beasts to increase their strength.

“Oh right, I have something to add. That person told me that the Spirit Beasts she tamed were more special. If they were to be contracted by someone, they would both experience an increase in strength. When they were strong enough, they would be able to directly increase in rank. Furthermore, when the Master increases in rank, the Spirit Beast will also increase in rank.” Sima You Yue added.

“What?” Sima Lie suspected that he had heard wrongly and asked again, “You said that it would be able to increase in rank even after forming a contract? And anytime the Master increases in rank, the Spirit Beast will as well?”

“Mm. that’s what that person told me. It seems like the way in which she contracted the Spirit Beasts was pretty special. However, I don’t know whether it’s really true.” Sima You Yue said, “Grandfather, first look for men to come and settle these Spirit Beasts. With regards to the Nalan Clan and their pills, it will be settled in awhile.”

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