DDFYM – Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: What really happened that year

The rays of light that signified an increase in rank continued to flash in the house from the first day. It even occurred a few times a day. The Sima Clan had never seen this kind of thing happen before.

Although Sima Lie and his grandsons were unable to use their Spiritual Qi due to their binding, they never gave up absorbing spiritual QI. It was just that they could only store that Spiritual Qi in their bodies after absorbing it and were not able to increase in rank.

That was the reason why Sima You Ming and his other three brothers increased by quite a few ranks when their bindings were released this day. Even Sima Lie increased a rank, attaining the rank of Third Ranked Spirit Saint.

After that, they ended up eating Sima You Yue’s Hundred Revolutions PIll, cleansing their marrows, increasing in another 2 ranks. Sima You Mind and Sima You Qi even entered the ranks of Spirit King.

Sima Lie increased in rank to a Fourth Ranked Spirit Saint.

SIma You Yue was not aware of the things that happened outside. She let Little Roar create a barrier and sealed everything inside the house and separated the inside of the house from the outside in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening while she was treating him.

She first chose a few needles for Sima Jun, then asked Sima Lin to send over a few pill ingredients that were useful in healing the soul and kept them, choosing only two to three times. She extracted the essences and refined them into medicine and got Sima Jun to eat it.

After that, she took out the Golden Snake Fruit and cut out a small piece, letting him drink it after she refined its essence.

Sima Jun was truly not a Spirit Paragon Expert for nothing. He managed to digest the medication in just two days. Most people would take ten days to half a month just to regain consciousness.

On the third day, Sima You Yue took out two drops of soul fluid and dripped it into Sima Jun’s mouth. After that, she retrieved the needles in his body.

Sima Jun opened his eyes and glanced silently at Sima You Yue before closing them once again to absorb the vast power.

Sima You Yue saw that his gaze was somewhat different and knew that he would be able to recover once he regained consciousness again, so she stood up and left.

“You Yue, are you done?” Wei Zi Qi and the others were outside and asked when they saw her come out.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “He should be fine once he wakes up again. Where’s Grandfather and the others?”

“They’ve been increasing in rank so quickly that they’re going to go crazy. They only stopped today and are consolidating all they’ve cultivated.” Fatty Qu said.

“That’s great.”

They waited for a day in the house while conversing about what they would do from now on.

“You Yue, what will you do if your Grandfather and the others want to go back to the clan?”

“I will follow them. If they stay, I will be able to stay as well. If they want to leave, so will I.” Sima You Yue said, “We haven’t had a safe place to cultivate this entire year. If it is possible, you all should stay as well. It’s better to cultivate in a stable environment.”

“I still wish to stay with you.” Fatty Qu said.

He had long since placed Sima You Yue as his cornerstone. He had not prepared his heart for a situation where she did not exist.

“If you stay, we can buy a house nearby as well. If you all want to go, we will be able to follow you.” Wei Zi Qi said.

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “We’ll wait for the outcome of this situation.”

The day passed in the blink of an eye and at the dawn of the second day, Sima Jun walked out from the house.

The features on his face were no longer childish and his gaze was regular, like everybody else. He looked to be perfectly well.

Sima Lin and the others who were waiting for him since long ago walked forward and bowed, saying, “Greetings to Youngest Uncle.”

Sima Jun’s face was solemn as he swept his gaze over everyone onsite, asking, “Where’s the bastard, Sima Chang?”

“Youngest Uncle, Fifth Uncle has already passed away many years ago.” Sima Lin said.

“Died?”” Sima Jun stared at Sima Lin to ascertain that he wasn’t lying, before asking again, “What about his offspring?”

“Sima Kai and Sima Yi have already died. Sima Ke is inside his own house and I have already sent men to call for him.” Sima Lin replied.

At this moment, a guard entered. Sima Ke and Sima You Yi and the others were no longer in the Sima house.

“You’re sure?” Sima Lin asked.

“Affirmative, the guard said that they did not return after he saw them leaving. They also brought their things with them.” The guard replied.

“Hmph, they must have guessed that they could hide it no longer after I awakened.” Sima Jun snorted coldly.

“Youngest Uncle, are you saying that the one who hurt you that year…”

“It’s that bastard Sima Chang!” Sima Jun grit his teeth as he said, “At that time, I went to look for my father and happened to see him poisoning him. He killed him and even beat me till I was grievously wounded. If it wasn’t for the fact that some people came on time, I think that I would have already been beaten to death.”

“That was truly done by others, it was not Fourth Uncle and the others.” Sima Lin said.

“Who did you say did it?” Sima Jun stared at Sima Lin.

Sima Lin recounted the entire situation once over as Sima Jun closed his eyes as if he was in pain, saying, “I never thought that Sima Chang and the others would actually make sure false accusation. This has nothing to do with Sima Lie and the others. The book, ‘Raging Inferno’, is something that my father gave their father.”

“No wonder Sima Ke and the others have always wanted to punish Big Brother Lie and the others immediately. It was because they were afraid that the situation would be uncovered.” Sima Qing said, “Now that Youngest Uncle has recovered, they’ve run away to escape punishment.”

“Give my orders that they are to catch Sima Ke and the others immediately.” Sima Lin ordered.

“Then, my Grandfather and the others are not traitors anymore?” Sima You Yue’s voice sounded from the back of the group. It was only now that everyone recalled the people who had been unjustly accused for over a hundred years.

Sima Qing smiled as he looked at Sima Lie, saying, “Naturally not. It was because the truth was not yet uncovered, furthermore, your then paternal grandparents had suddenly obtained the ‘Raging Inferno’, and their name plate was even left behind that everyone thought they were the ones who did it.”

“Lie, in the future, you all can return to our clan.” Sima Lin said, “In the past, the clan has wronged you. Now, only the few of you are what remain of your line. The clan will definitely compensate you all.”

“You all can settle things from here. I want to meet the other oldies from our clan.” Sima Jun looked behind him.

Aside from the elder, there were still many other old people.

“Wu wu wu-” A bird ran out from inside the basket and stopped inside the house. When it saw so many people, it was so scared that it ran out.

Sima Jun saw that the house was full of animals and furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “Find someone to clean up the animals. Lie, follow me and we’ll go meet them. As for the younger generation, they can stay in my house for the time being. Everyone can do their own thing.”

After he finished speaking, he brought Sima Lie out with him. All those of the same line as the Family Ancestor left as well, leaving only Sima You Yue and the others behind.

“Big brother, Second brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother.” Sima You Yue came in front of Sima You Ming and the others because Sima Jun had come out not long after they had, so the brothers did not have time to talk for long.

“You Yue, we really have to give all credit to you this time!” Sima You Le patted her head as he rejoiced.

“As long as Big Brothers are well, it’s good.” Sima You Yue was happy as well.

Her initial worry dissipated when she saw that the wounds on their bodies had pretty much healed and that their strength had grown by much since their cleansing of their muscles and marrows.

During this period of time, Halcyon flew down and looked at her.

Sima You Yue took out a Golden Snake Fruit, saying, “I shouldn’t ask but… is the reason you want this because of the wound you got the previous time?”

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