DDFYM – Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Taking action

“Big Brother Lie.” Sima Qing called out, when she saw Sima Lie, the greeting she used to call him back when they were children.

Sima Lie heard the greeting which brought him back in time for a moment before he looked at Sima Qing, and asked: “You are Qing’er?”

“Big Brother Lie still remembers Qing’er.” Sima Qing smiled lightly, with unparalleled grace.

Sima Lie smiled lightly at her before turning his gaze onto Sima Lin, saying, “This should be Sima Lin.”

Ever since they were young, the only one who was able to tell Sima Qing what to do was only Sima Lin.

Sima Lin looked at Sima Lie. He never thought that Sima Lie would actually be able to develop his cultivation to such a degree in this dilapidated place. If he was back in the Clan, his current powers would not be lower than his own.

“Sima Lie, what about the others?” Sima Lin glanced down and saw that it was only Sima You Ming and the other three young men who were from one generation after him, as well as the guard. He didn’t see any other people.

“The others?” Sima Lie laughed coldly, “Could it be that those who had returned to report did not tell you all that, aside from me, the others had all died?”

“All dead?! Then Third Elder Sister and the others…” Sima Qing looked at Sima Lie, wanting to see if he was lying or not. It was a pity that she could not see any lack of confidence, only a gaze filled with unrestrained hatred.

“They’re already been dead for almost a hundred years.” Sima Lie said coldly.

Sima Lin was extremely surprised when she heard this piece of news, however, the shock flashed for a moment before dissipating completely, as if it never surfaced at all.

“Sima Lie, you were actually able to live alone up until now, even bearing so many sons and daughters, even adding on to the next generation. It’s really a marvel.” Sima Ke said in a peculiar manner.

“Sima Ke? That you, this scoundrel, actually managed to live up until now, really is a marvel.” Sima Lie retorted sarcastically.

“You…” Sima Ke never expected that Sima Lie would actually know how to retort. He said, “You criminals who had escaped the law, if you do not return with us quietly right now, don’t blame us for attacking without holding back.”

“Return with you all? Do you feel it is possible? Sima Lie looked at the few of them. His face held no traces of panic; only resolution.

“The things that happened that year were by no means settled before you all left. As a result, you all have to return with us.” Sima Lin opened her mouth, and it was an unquestionable order.

“Ha ha, if we had not escaped that year, it seems that even I would have lost my life. Now that the clan is in some unknown state, if we return, we will undoubtedly die. You tell me, why should I return with you?”

“Big Brother Lie, Father also said later on, when he returned, that the Raging Inferno Blow was something that either your father had killed Third Grandfather for, or it was that Third Grandfather had passed this onto him, before being killed by others. At that point, things were not made clear. It was possible that you all were unjustly accused. If this is indeed what happened, wouldn’t you want to cleanse yourself of this injustice?”

Sima Lie’s eyes flashed with some hesitation and Sima Kai looked at Sima Ke. Sima Ke immediately shouted, “Since you are not willing to with us quietly, we can only use force to capture you! Take this…”

Sima Ke threw at attack at Sima Lie as he said, with a speed that did not give Sima Qing and the others a chance to stop him.

Sima Lie saw Sima Ke’s attack coming, as the hesitation in his heart turned to rage. He used both hands to condense his Qi before throwing it towards Sima Ke.

The Spiritual power coming from the both of them exploded in an arc, meeting in the centre. They actually collided with each other as both of them were forced to retreat because of the rebound.




Sima You Ming and the others shouted in surprise when they saw Sima Lie fighting with the other person.

“Men, come! We will go and protect the General together!” The steward saw that both sides had began to fight as he called all those who were ranked Spirit King and above to fly into the air, stopping in front of Sima Lie.

“Fifth Bro!”

Sima Kai went up to catch Sima Ke, bringing him back to where Sima Lin and the others were.

“Fifth Great Uncle, are you okay?” Sima You Lan flew over and asked, while looking at Sima Ke worriedly.

All those flying in the air, those who were of the same generation as Sima You Yue and the others, were actually all Spirit Kings!

“You Lan, you take of Fifth Great Uncle.” Sima Kai handed Sima Ke over to Sima You Lan, before flying in front to look at Sima Lie. He released his imposing aura from head to toe, saying, “Pigheaded fool, you actually tried to take Ke’s life. You Malicious and violent person, I will definitely take you down today!”

He released his Spirit Saint-ranked power, causing all the people below to escape one by one. This was a battle of a Spirit Saint, and would affect a large range. Its power was strong, so it was better for all those small fries to escape.

Although this was a nice spectacle to watch, their little lives were infinitely more important!

Sima Lie looked at Sima Kai and took out his own weapon, “The last time you snuck up on me, so today I will make use of this opportunity to take revenge. Steward, you all go back down!”


“You all go down to protect the young masters. This is an order!”

Once Sima Lie gave the order, the steward unwillingly brought the men and headed down.

They also knew that they were able to block even a single blow from Sima Kai. However, they still wanted to protect Sima Lie with their lives. Despite that, the young masters were even more in need of protection.

“Grandfather, he’s the one who hurt you the previous time? You all be careful of his… ah-” Sima You Le thought of how Sima Lie had been injured by that person before and knew that he had a Devil Creature hidden somewhere on him and subconsciously called out to remind him. However, he had yet to finish his sentence when he had been knocked to a dead faint by the aura released by Sima Kai.

“Noisy!” Sima Kai worriedly threw out the words at the back and directly knocked him unconscious. While he was at it, he also knocked Sima You Ming and the others unconscious when he saw them.

“Young Master!” The steward never expected that one’s power would be so strong after reaching the level of a Spirit Saint; able to knock others unconscious just like that. He quickly ran over to check on their condition. It was only after he knew that they were merely unconscious that he let loose a breath, bringing the guards along with him to protect them.


Sima Lie saw that Sima Kai had knocked his grandsons unconscious and flew towards him to attack…

Within the Spirit Pearl, Sima You Yue was able to rest and reorganise herself for over a day. Her Spiritual Qi had already fully recovered. She didn’t know why, but she was felt very unsettled. In order to avoid making a mistake, she gave up the idea of continuing to cultivate. She flashed out of the Spirit Pearl and planned to go and give the Hundred Revolutions Pill to Fatty Qu and the others.

When she came to the room, she took out a few jade bottles and placed two pills within each one. At that time, she would be able to give each person one bottle, making it more convenient.

Just as she had finished dividing up the pills, an urgent knock sounded.

“You Yue, You Yue, something big is happening! Are you out of your seclusion yet!”

Hearing the anxiousness in Fatty Qu’s voice, she waved a hand and kept the pills before rushing over to open the door.

“Fatty, what important thing has happened?”

“You Yue, something has happened at the General’s residence. Your Grandfather is fighting with others.” Fatty Qu said urgently.


As if to authenticate his claims, a loud sound came from the distance. It seemed like that power would be capable of wiping out half the capital.

“What’s going on? Could it be that he is fighting with the elder of the Nalan Clan that refuses to die?” Sima You Yue asked.

“It’s not. I don’t recognise those people, but I watched them from afar just now and I heard the people around there saying that there were three Spirit Saints and even a Spirit Overlord and Spirit King. I don’t know where they came from… Hey, You Yue, wait for me!”

Fatty Qu had yet to finish what he was saying before Sima You Yue had immediately run out of the main door.


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