DDFYM – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Let’s go together!

“You all can go back first, I want to remain in the Mountain Range for a few more days.” Bei Gong Tang was the first one to open her mouth.

“What’s wrong, Bei Gong, you don’t want to go back with us?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

Bei Gong cast a glance over at the inner regions saying, “I still have something on, I won’t go with you all.”

“Bei Gong, this mountain is really very dangerous, leaving you alone…” Fatty Qu said with worry.

“I have something I need to do.” Bei Gong Tang cut Fatty Qu off.

Sima You Yue saw that Bei Gong was very resolute and guessed that she must be going to look for the Golden Snake Fruit. Looking at the way she was behaving, she should have some unavoidable reason.

“You’re going to look for that treasure.” Ouyang Fei said.

“Really?” Fatty Qu looked at Beng Gong Tang and asked.

Bei Gong Tang blanked out for a moment, she didn’t expect that Ouyang Fei would immediately be able to guess it. She nodded, saying, “Yes.”

“Bei Bong, we only heard the people passing by say it yesterday. That treasure is in the inner regions. Even without talking about how dangerous the inner region is, during this period of time, there have been so many experts coming in. It’s not like you don’t’ know, but it’s only possible to obtain that treasure if you have to strength.” Wei Zi Qi said solemnly.

“I know.” Bei Gong Tang said, “But I really have to obtain that item.”

“Why?” Ouyang Fei asked.

Bei Gong Tang remained silent for a moment, then said, “I have my reasons. You all go back first, there’s no need to wait for me.”

“No way, if you don’t tell us the reason why, there’s no way we’ll let you go!” Wei Zi Qi said resolutely, “We are comrades who have fought side by side, we won’t leave you alone, neither will we let you take the risk alone!”

“Thats right, Bei Gong, we wouldn’t let you remain here by yourself.” Fatty Qu agreed.

Bei Gong Tang was stunned and opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything.

Sima You Yue walked beside Bei Gong Tang, patted her shoulders and said, “Could it be that your Contracted Spirit Beast is injured?”

“How did you know?” Bei Gong Tang was extremely shocked, how could Sima You Yue manage to guess her true intentions every single time?

“I guessed it.” Sima You Yue said.

“Bei Gong, is this really the case?” Fatty Qu asked.

Bei Gong Tang nodded, saying, “A few years ago, I encountered some danger and my Contracted Spirit Beast saved me. But she sustained grave injuries and has been in a deep slumber to recover her injuries the past few years. She told me a few days ago and if she was able to obtain this treasure, she would be able to awaken. I’m the reason why she had to enter a deep sleep. Now that I know that something can heal her wounds, I can’t give it up.”

After she had finished speaking, everyone went silent. Sima You Yue placed her hand on her shoulder, saying, “Actually, I also wanted to go and take a look at that treasure. Since this is the case, I can go with you.”

“You also want to go?” Wei Zi Qi and Fatty Qu shoulder out simultaneously. Even Ouyang Fei looked at these two disapprovingly.

“That’s right.” Sima You Yue nodded, “I’ll go with Bei Gong, the three of you can…”

“Don’t’ say that you want us to return first!” Fatty Qu said, “If you two insist on going then we will go with you!”

Wei Zi Qi contemplated for a moment and said, “Although I don’t know what that thing is, it’s able to entice you two so much. However, if you really have to go, then count me in. Adding in one more person will also be adding on a strength.”

“I won’t leave alone either.” Ouyang Fei said.

“You guys…” Bei Gong Tang looked over and Wei Zi Qi and the gang. When she saw Sima You Yue’s smile, she felt a tingle on her nose and her heart also started to feel a kind of warmth that she had not experienced for a very, very long time.

She had never considered herself close to them before, but they had actually treated her so kindly.

“Okay then, since everyone wants to go, at that point in time, that treasure won’t be given to you alone.” Sima You Yue saw that Bei Gong Tang was touched, and smiled as she said.

“What? You Yue, what do you mean?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Since everyone has decided to go together, then I will explain the situation to everyone. After I have finished explaining, you all can decided whether or not you want to go.” Sima You Yue said.

“You Yue, how do you know?”

“Don’t ask me how I know, just listen to what I have to say.” Sima You Yue said, “That treasure is something that is rarely ever seen in this world, the Golden Snake Fruit.”

“What kind of treasure is the Golden Snake Fruit?”

Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang’s faces held unconcealed shock while Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi just looked confused.

Although Bei Gong Tang knew that the treasure was definitely not ordinary, she never expected that it would actually be the Golden Snake Fruit. It was no wonder that Meng Ji would wake up just to tell her about it.

“The Golden Snake Fruit flowers for seven hundred years, bears fruit for seven hundred years, takes seven hundred years to mature, and bears seven fruits at once. Using the Golden Snake Fruit will allow one’s cultivation to rise and it’s even better to refine it into a pill. That’s why man and beast will fall over themselves to get to that treasure.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Damn, that’s really powerful!” Fatty Qu said in shock.

“That’s why it would attract so many darlings!” Sima You Yue said, “However, at this point, I’m not talking about the value of the Golden Snake Fruit. You all also know that a priceless treasure will attract very powerful Spirit Beasts. That Golden Snake Fruit even has a Divine Beast guarding it.”

“Divine Beast!”

The other four sucked in their breaths. That Divine Beast an unparalleled Spirit; placing it on the continent made it the top expert. They actually wanted to take those seven Golden Snake Fruits from that Spirit Beast’s mouth? How difficult would that be?

“Not only that.” Sima You Yue continued to explain, “When this Golden Snake Fruit ripens, it will give off a fragrant scent that will attract all nearby Spirit Beasts. We’ve rarely encountered any powerful Spirit Beasts recently, and now that this Golden Snake Fruit is quickly going to mature, those few Spirit Beasts have all headed into the inner regions. That’s why, apart from that Divine Bests, we will possible meet countless of other strong Spirit Beasts.”


Everyone had already been shocked speechless by what she just said.

“There’s also…” When Sima You Yue saw how they reacted, she thought of wanting to tell them whether or not all she said was true.

“There’s also, the experts that have been on this mountain in the recent month, right?” Ouyang Fei said.


Sima You Yue nodded. During the half of a month that they had spent on this mountain, they had met quite a bit of strong people entering the inner regions. This was something she didn’t have to point out, everyone pretty much understood.

“Heavens, this situation is too scary, okay!” Fatty Qu finally found his voice after a long time and lamented.

“That’s why you all have to think this through clearly, do you want to go or not.” Sima You Yue said, “Bei Gong Tang and I have our own reasons why we have to go, but you all don’t have to take the risk. After all, this thing is good but the dangers are just as great.”

After hearing what she said, Wei Zi Qi and the rest thought it over, then said seriously, “Since it’s so dangerous, if you go in by yourselves, wouldn’t it be more dangerous? Let’s go in and take a look together, if it’s really impossible then you all better not force it either!”

“I promised Young Master You Le that I would take good care of you. If you don’t return, how could I?” Fatty Qu said.

“I’m interested in that treasure.” Ouyang Fei said.

Bei Gong Tang sniffed, as if suppressing her emotions. She looked at them and said, “No matter what the outcome is, this show of friendship, Bei Gong will never forget it!”

“I always had the intention to go, you don’t have to count me into that.” Sima You Yue shrugged and said.

Looking at his cheeky expression, Bei Gong Tang laughed for the first time.


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