DDFYM – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Secret Imperial Beast Art

Qing Wu Ya nodded his head, saying, “I can. This Pu Luo Mountain Range has some areas that are relatively more dangerous than others. I’ll tell you what they are so you can avoid having to enter those places.”

“You all can continue talking, I’ll go and prepare food.” SIma You Yue stood up and said.

Qing Wu Ya was right, the day did get darker relatively earlier, so they had to eat their dinner earlier.

Everyone knew that his taste was more refined. As long as he had time, he wouldn’t eat rations. As a result, everyone felt blessed that they followed Sima You Yue.

She came to a large open space and took out everything she needed to cook. She had all kinds of pots, pans and ladles, causing the mercenaries from the Green Ridge Mercenary Group to stare blankly.

“Tsktsk, looks like you’re someone from one of the large clans. You even brought these kind of things with you.” A mercenary looked at Sima You Yue’s cooking equipment and lamented.

“Of course. You just have to take a look at what these guys are wearing to know that they’re definitely not average people.”

“This interspatial ring is really huge!”

“Enough, don’t be jealous, let’s drink.”

Sima You Yue did not care about the admiration that she had received, taking a few ingredients from her Spirit Pearl, focusing on her own task of cooking dinner.

Qing Wu Ya had also been shocked at what Sima You Yue did. This was the first time that he seen someone actually bring cooking utensils with him.

“Big Brother Qing, don’t be surprised. His palette is a bit more refined and doesn’t like to eat rations.” Wei Zi Qi explained, “Just now you mentioned something about how there have been more people coming to Pu Luo Mountain range?”

Qing Wu Ya moved his gaze away from watching Sima You Yue’s cooking equipment and nodded his head, saying, “That’s right, this is something I have noticed. We, from the Green Ridge Mercenaries can be seen as being deployed often in Yancheng. We often go in and out of Pu Luo Mountain Range, so we’ll be able to detect even the smallest difference. Although there has always been quite a large number of people coming to this Pu Luo Mountain Range, within this half a month, the number of people inside has increased by quite a lot. Further, most of them are from the large clans.”

“Oh? Why would there suddenly be such an increase in the number of people?” Fatty Qu was curious and asked.

“In the beginning, we didn’t know. But after awhile, we accidentally overheard a bunch of people say that it appeared that some treasured object had appeared or whatever strange pill ingredient matured. We’re not too clear on what that that item actually is.” Qing Wu Ya shrugged and said, “Because it doesn’t really have much to do with us so we didn’t pay too much attention to it.”

“Does Big Brother Qing not have any interest towards this thing?” Fatty Qu asked.

“It has nothing to do with whether or not I am interested in it, but the fact that the item would either be found in the inner area or at least near the inner area. How would we dare to enter that place! So we just listen to hearsay.” Qing Wu Ya explained. “Brother Wei, you all better not be captivated by that treasured object. Although treasures are great, one’s life is the most important that you can’t do without.”

“Hehe, we understand that logic.” Wei Zi Qi smiled.

The inner area, this was a place that Saint Ranked beasts lived in. Although the strength of the few of them could compare to others who were the same age, when compared to other, they weren’t any kind of experts. They had no guts to go and pick a fight with those Saint Ranked beasts.

Sima You Yue was listening to the information that Qing Wu Ya was giving them while she fried her vegetables. Hearing them talk about treasured items, her movements hesitated for a while.

Treasures? Those were her favorite. If she had the chance, she would go alone to check it out.

She quickly made a table full of food and the smell wafted through the forest, attracting the attention of quite a few people.

“Brother Sima’s food smells really  great.” Qing Wu Ya smelled the fragrance and could not help but praise it.

“Haha, in order to thank Big Brother Qing to telling us all about the Pu Luo Mountain Range, since everyone has been chatting so happily, why don’t we drink together?” Wei Zi Qi said.

“This… wouldn’t be too good, right?” Qing Wu Ya was a bit embarrassed.

“I’ve cooked a bit too much food, Big Brother Qing, you should eat with us.” Sima You Yue smiled and invited.

This Qing Wu Ya’s character was not bad, the things that he had told them earlier were very useful to them. Inviting him to eat and drink with them was nothing much.

“Let’s go, Big Brother Qing, You Yue’s dishes are really delicious. If you wanted to eat these anywhere else, you wouldn’t be able to. Come, let’s drink a few rounds!” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Since you’ve all said it that way, then I won’t hold back and will impose.” Qing Wu Ya smiled as he cupped his hands in thanks.

He had quite a good impression of Wei Zi Qi and the others so although he could tell that their identities were not ordinary, they didn’t have the usual arrogance that accompanied those of large family clans.

The dishes that Sima You Yue had made were naturally eaten well by the others and they drank well too. After eating, Qing Wu Ya even praised that this was the best meal he had ever eaten in his life.

After eating dinner, the sky was more or less pitch dark. Qing Wu Ya also returned to his own area with his military team mates. Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang cleaned up together, bringing it to a brook nearby to wash it clean.

“We’re going to enter the mountain range tomorrow so everyone should rest early, I’ll keep watch tonight.” Ouyang Fei waited for them to come back before saying.

“No need, you can go to sleep. Just let Little Roar take care of the night watch.” Sima You Yue looked over at Little Roar, who was hugging a chicken drumstick, eating it right down to the bone.

Ouyang Fei glanced at Little Roar and could tell that it was powerful. He also had no desire to fight over keeping watch so he nodded his head to everyone and returned to his tent.

“Goodnight everyone.” Wei Zi Qi returned after saying.


Sima You Yue returned to her own tent and crossed both legs on the bed. Little Roar hugged the chicken drumstick and flew in.

“Little Roar, keep watch tonight.”

“No problem! You can rest assured!” Little Roar bit a mouthful of drumstick while saying.

Sima You Yue nodded. However, she did not fall asleep and she only closed her eyes. She injected all of her spiritual qi into her sea of consciousness. There, the Imperial Beast Art and the Secrets of Soul Refinement quietly floated in the the air.

Her mental energy became reduced to a little person and flew in front of the Imperial Beast Art, stretching out a hand to pick it up.

The Imperial Beast Art was not long winded, the important parts talked about how to tame Spirit beasts and even had a few different methods of forming contracts. Looking at what it wrote, Sima You Yue just realised that there were different methods of forming contracts and each had different results.

Contracts were generally divided into Life Contract, Spirit Contract and Master-Servant contract.

Life Contract, as the name implied, was interdependent on the life and death of both parties. If one side died, the other party would also follow him in death. This was the most common method of contracts. The contract between Sima You Yue and that nameless egg was a Life Contract.

Spirit Contract was a kind of contract that formed a link between the spirits of two parties. With this contract, if one side died, as long as the Spirit was still around, the Spirit Beast would also not die. This was the contract she had with Little Roar.

Master-Servant contract was that the Person was the master while the Spirit beast was the Servant. For this kind of contract, even if the Spirit Beast died, the Master would not die. At most, he would lose a bit of strength. This kind of contract was the kind of contract that the Spirit Beasts hated the most.

Some Life contracts and Spirit Contracts could only contract one beast, so at that time, when that egg had felt the Spirit contract between Sima You Yue and Little roar much earlier, it settled for the next best thing, which was the Life Contract.

People of this age only knew about Life contracts and Master-Servant contracts. It was rare for people to know about Spirit Contracts.

Apart from that, contracts were also very much related to a person’s mental power. The stronger one’s mental power, the more contracts they would be able to form with Spirit Beasts. Most Spirit Masters could only contract one Spirit Beast and only those who were stronger were able to contract a second.

People like Sima You Yue, who were able to contract three of them, if we were talking about her strength, she was the most powerful of the most powerful.

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