DDFYM – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Being confessed to

“I am ignoring you, what about it?” Sima You Yue looked at how prissy he was acting and wanted to tease him.

“What else can I do. Even if I beat you, I won’t be able to defeat you. Even if I quarrel with you, I wouldn’t be able to out-talk you. I can’t possibly bite you can I?!” Fatty Qu cried.

Sima You Yue laughed happily when she saw the way he was acting.

“I never thought that the Hundred Revolutions Pill would be this effective. I feel like my body has gotten so much lighter. It’s not as heavy as before.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Of course, so much black stuff oozed out from you last night, along with who knows what. It would be weird if you didn’t feel lighter.” Fatty Qu said, “Oh right, how many ranks did you rise?”

“Three ranks.”

“Three ranks.”

“Three ranks.”

The three of them replied at the same time.

“What, you all rose by three ranks?!” Fatty Qu called out in surprise, “Why am I the only one who rose only by two ranks? Sob sob, I initially thought that rising two ranks was not too bad, but it seems like I’m left on the tail end.”

Ouyang Fei came over and patted him on the back, saying extremely solemnly, “My condolences-”

After that, he walked past him…


Sima You Yue and Wei Zi Qi all burst into laughter. They never knew that Ouyang Fei would have this side to him.

“Fatty, I feel like you have been eating too much lately. There’s too much rubbish in your body, so it hindered your increase in rank.” Sima You Yue said so extremely earnestly, “See, you ran to the toilet the most number of times yesterday and were the smelliest of all. That’s why I’m saying, you should diet and eat less, understand?”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left as well.

“I feel like Sima You Yue is right.” Wei Zi Qi patted Fatty Qu on the shoulder as he passed him.

Bei Gong Tang walked over with mirth in her eyes and said faintly, “Diet.”

After that, she walked off as well.

“Are there those who even bully others like you guys do…” Fatty Qu had been collectively put down by everyone else as he chased after them filled with heartache.

On the road back to the classroom, those who saw Sima You Yue immediately ran over. However, seeing her ice cold look, they stopped in their tracks and nobody was willing to step forward to strike a conversation with her.

Just as they were quickly reaching the classroom, there was finally a girl who was brave enough to step forward and confess to her.

“Schoolmate You Yue, this is a present that I prepared for you. Please accept it.”

Sima You Yue took the box and said cooly, “Thank you.”

That female student saw that Sima You Yue did not reject her gift and was extremely excited, saying, “Schoolmate You Yue, I like you. Can I be your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” Sima You Yue did not think that the girl would be so open and she immediately pulled Bei Gong Tang and gave her a kiss, saying, “But I already have a girlfriend. If you want to take her place, you have to beat her.”

That female student took one glance at Bei Gong Tang and saw her glare at her and began to shudder.

There was nobody in school who didn’t know that Bei Gong Tang was a war machine. She was strong and liked to battle; there were very few who would look to be her opponent. The girl who confessed was a weak girl, and was even her rival in love. She was afraid that she would be trashed so badly that she would be completely obliterated.

“Cough cough, since you already have a girlfriend… I won’t bother you anymore.” That girl turned around to run away after she finished speaking.

Sima You Yue glanced over at the people surrounding her and entered the classroom with her hand over Bei Gong Tang’s shoulder.

When they returned to the classroom, the gazes with which they used to look at Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang changed. It was no wonder that Bei Gong Tang would always look at them coldly and was the only one who could match Sima You Yue. Turns out that they were already a pair.

Sitting down on their seat, Bei Gong Tang slapped Sima You Yue’s hand away, saying, “Next time, you’ll have to pay a fee if you want my help.”

“Hey hey, what do you mean pay a fee. Why don’t you just play along and become my girlfriend.” Sima You Yue beamed as she said.

Bei Gong Tang glared at Sima You Yue. Had this fellow pretended so much to be a guy that her heart had turned perverted?

As a result, everyone knew that Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang were a pair. Whoever wanted to be her girlfriend needed to first battle Bei Gong Tang.

Although this broke countless hearts, nobody else came to disturb her nor Wei Zi Qi and the others.

When night came, Sima You Yue acted as their guardian once again as the four of them ate the second Hundred Revolutions Pill. Because they pretty much finished purging the impurities from their bodies yesterday, they did not run to the toilet as much as the previous night.

Of course, there was one exception.

Sima You Yue sat in the house. Seeing Fatty Qu come out once again to take a shit, she smiled as she teased, “Fatty, I told you that you always eat too much. Look, you keep running to the toilet. It proves that you still have too much rubbish in your body!”

Fatty Qu glared wordlessly at Sima You Yue before rushing to the toilet.

However, there was an upside to him shitting so many times. This night, nobody else increased in rank, but he did.

On the second day, when he said that he was the only one who increased a rank, he was incomparably happy. Although it took till the next day, at the very least, the amount of talent he had was not too different from theirs.

After eating the Hundred Revolutions Pill, all the waste from their bodies had been cleared. Their meridians flowed more smoothly and had broadened significantly. Their cultivating speed was quicker than in the past.

Seeing their changes, her eyes felt watery as she thought about the Hundred Revolutions Pill that she had prepared for Sima You Ming and the others.

The future days slowly crept up on her as she decided to focus on studying while she was at the academy, cutivate, and return home whenever something cropped up with the Clan.

She also had to fulfill the promise that she made about the giving those people Spirit Beasts. In the morning, she would study in the academy and return home to tame beasts at night. Then she would cultivate and settle the different issues that would arise at the clan.

As a result, after around two more months, Sima You Yue concluded her studying and requested for the academy to let her graduate.

When she received her graduating certificate, she thought of what Sima Lie had originally intended for her when he first sent her to school. He did not particularly need her to have any accomplishments in the academy and merely wanted her to try her best in whatever others did.

As she was packing up the things in her dorm to leave, Fatty Qu and the others came to send her off. Something felt off when they thought about how the dorm would no longer contain her presence.

Sima You Yue settled everything when she went back to the Sima Clan; even refining pills for a few days. She cultivated for the rest of the time and finished taming the Spirit Beasts. She let the Steward prepare to recruit alchemists and Beast Tamer Masters so that things would continue to flow even if she was not around.

The Steward knew that it was unknown when Sima You Yue would be back once she left, and committed everything she said to memory.

A few days later, she handed an interspatial ring to the Steward before packing up a few things and walking towards the direction of the Sofia Mountain Range.

Because the imperial capital had no Teleportation Array that led directly to Sofia Mountain Range, she decided to ride Ya Guang towards the nearest city.

When she arrived at the main gain, she was stunned.

Under the great tree sat Fatty Qu, while Wei Zi Qi leaned against the trunk. Bei Gong Tang was standing in front of it while Ouyang Fei was sitting in the branches of the tree.

“What are you guys doing here?” Sima You yue looked at the four of them in shock.

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