DDFYM – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Seven Layered Pagoda

She took a box out from her interspatial ring and that box contained a box that looked like a little pagoda. She recognised it at a glance.

She opened the box and and inside it was a tiny metal sheet. When she saw that metal sheet, she immediately thought of the little groove at the base of the little pagoda.

She picked up the little pagoda and poured it out, placing the metal plate on top, appraising it. She realised that every single part of it was exactly the same.

Because she did not know what the metal plate was useful for, she did not hastily return the metal plate but picked up the little pagoda to examine.

“This is a Seven Layered Pagoda.” Mo Sha’s voice was heard and his silhouette slowly emerged from the long chain bracelet.

“Seven Layered Pagoda? What’s that?” Sima You Yue asked.

“A Seven Layered Pagoda used to be an extremely useful weapon. Later on, when the almighty died, it would be completely useless. They say that the Seven Layered Pagoda has seven levels. Each layer has its own uses. However, very few people even know about its existence, and even less of them know that each layer has its own use.” Mo Sha swept a glance over the Book Pavilion, saying, “ I think the first layer should be for storage.”

“Oh.” Sima You Yue replied coldly, looking at Mo Sha, asking, “Why didn’t you come out that day?”

Mo Sha knew that she was talking about the day that Sima Lie had been taken away, and knew that she was blaming him somewhat. However, he had no plans to explain himself. He only replied in a straightforward manner, “You want to let others know that you have a connection with people from the Devil Clan? Or are you saying that the Sima Clan has dealings with those from the Devil Clan?”

It was just a quick retort, but it made Sima You Yue swallow every single word she wanted to say.

He was right. If he had come out at that time, the Sima Clan would never be able to establish itself in the Dong Chen Kingdom.

“I understand. Sorry, I shouldn’t have blamed you.” Sima You Yue said.

“You actually know it yourself, that making them leave this place is not a method that solves the problem.” It could be that he felt the pain in her heart that he actually comforted her.

He thought of how he had never consoled a single person before in his life; it was already considered great if he didn’t kill anyone. It was all because of this contract that he was feeling a weird kind of moodiness towards her.

Sima You Yue thought it over. It was just as he said; she knew as well that letting them stay behind was only a temporary solution. Once Sima Lin and the others returned, they would naturally send even more men to take them back. At that time, the outcome would still be the same. Furthermore, the battle would implicate even more people.

The best solution was to clearly explain the situation that happened that year. At that time, Sima Lie and the others would be able to live their lives openly without hiding.

“Didn’t you already properly decide to rescue them in three years? Since that is the case, if you have time to spend moping around here, why not make full use of the time to increase your own strength.” Mo Sha said.

“I understand.” Sima You Yue said. She knew that this was not the time for her to wallow in sadness and spat out a mouthful of negative Qi. She focused her attention once again to the little pagoda in front of her. “Grandfather said that he didn’t know what this pagoda was good for. Do you know?”

“I know!” Mo Sha had yet to speak before Little Spirit’s voice was heard.

Sima You Yue brought Mo Sha with her as she entered the Spirit Pearl. Seeing Little Spirit and Ling Long together, she asked, “Do you know how this is used?”

“Heard about it.” Little Spirit said, “This pagoda was a Spirit Artifact a long time ago. Although it’s not as great as I am, but its rank is not low either.”

Little Spirit didn’t forget to praise himself even as he spoke about others.

“So what use does this have?” Sima You Yue asked.

“No matter what method we use, this no longer has any use.” Little Spirit said.


“Because spirit of the artifact is already dead and gone.” Little Spirit said, “See how that little pagoda no longer has any light. It’s a sign that the artifact spirit is no longer around.”

“The artifact spirit can actually die?” Sima You Yue stared at Little Spirit, “Then how come you’ve lived for hundreds and thousands of years, but you haven’t died yet?!”

“Most artifact spirits won’t die, but the artifact spirit of this Seven Layered Pagoda is very special!” Little Spirit said, I heard them say before that this Seven layered Pagoda is something that the owner personally refined. When he was refining it, he poured his own soul into it. After that, when he died, that portion of the soul had gotten too old and slowly disappeared. That Seven Layered Pagoda is not like me either, I can nurture souls.”

“Then doesn’t that mean it’s useless now?” Sima You Yue asked.

“That’s pretty much what I mean.” Little Spirit said, “Anyway, the storage function of the first layer is still usable, it’s just that the top few levels can’t be opened.”

“There’s no other way?” Sima You Yue was a bit disappointed. This was something left behind from the ancient times, this was definitely awesome.

“No way.” Little Spirit shook his head straightforwardly, “Just take it as some storage space.”

Sima You Yue knocked Little Spirit’s head, saying, “With a limitless storage space like you, what would I need any storage weapon for?!”

“That’s true too, then just throw it away.” Little Spirit said.

Sima You Yue knocked his head again. Even if this item was not usable, it was still useful as a Book Pavilion.

“Sigh, such a pity. Who knows, the few levels above could be holding some treasures!” Sima You Yue said.

“Actually, it’s not that there’s no way.” Mo Sha said.

“You know?!” Sima You Yue’s initially downcast eyes immediately shone with light, as the gaze she used to look at Mo Sha changed instantly.

“I’m not sure, myself, whether or not it’s possible.” Mo Sha said, “Since this is something from the ancient times, I’m guessing that it should be able to fuse with the Spirit Pearl.”

“Fuse?!” Sima You Yue and Little Spirit cried out at the same time.

Mo sha nodded, saying, “The artifact spirit of this Seven Layered Pagoda disappeared, that’s why it can’t be used. If it fused with the Spirit Pearl, it would gain a new spirit and we should then be able to open the few levels on top.”

“However, don’t we need a Armament Master in order to refine it?” Sima You Yue said, “Where am I going to find an Armament Master? Furthermore, it has to be under circumstances where the secret is kept. That makes it even more impossible.”

“Have you forgotten who it was that refined your bracelet?” Mo Sha asked.

Sima You Yue thought of the bracelet on her wrist, saying, “You’re saying that you are an Armament Master?”

“I know how to refine.” Mo Sha said.

“How many ranks?”

“It’s irrelevant to this. In any case, I can fuse the Seven Layered Pagoda with the Spirit Pearl.” Mo Sha said.

“This again!” Sima You Yue glanced at him. In the past, he acted the same way when she asked him about his rank at Alchemy. He was acting like this again; he really would die if he didn’t act cool!

“The what should we do now?” Sima You Yue asked.

“You wouldn’t understand even if I explained.”

“…” Sima You Yue glared at Mo Sha wordlessly. Was there anyone who would look down on her like this?!

This guy; he knew Beast Taming and Alchemy, and was even a highly ranked Armament Master. Others felt that she was a perverse genius, but why did she feel as if this guy was the real deal?

“Fine, if you don’t’ want to say it then forget it.” Sima You Yue spoke before looking at Mo Sha extremely seriously, asking, “If the Seven Layered Pagoda were to fuse with the Spirit Pearl, will Little Spirit disappear?”

“What if he will?”

“If he will, then I’m definitely going to give it up.”

When Little Spirit, who was standing just beside Sima You Yue, heard what she said, it was as if his entire body was struck by lightning.


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