DDFYM – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: The Nalan Clan’s decisions

“You said that the Four Winged Roc has the blood of the ancient Big Roc, so what kind of Spirit Beast is that ancient Big Roc?”

Little Roar rolled his eyes at her, as if he was a city person looking at a bumpkin.

“What Spirit Beast, that’s a Saint Beast!” Little Roar said, “in the ancient days, it was stronger than us Divine Roars! Don’t you all have a saying that goes, a Big Roc spreads its wings over 90000 miles? Although this might sound exaggerated, however this speed is not something that ordinary Roc-type Saint Birds birds can match up to. Furthermore, its battle strength is steady! If Little Roc was able to awaken his bloodline, he would be considered a decent helper!”

Sima You Yue looked at the little bird in her hand and found it hard to imagine that that guy would actually be a Spirit Beast that had the bloodline of the ancient Saint Beast.

“Let me also tell you that although Little Roc might not look like much, but together with my Discerning Eyes, even if his bloodline does not awaken, once he grows up, he will be the King of the Four Winged Rocs. To the best of my knowledge, it has been a long time since the King of the Four Wing Rocs appeared.” Little Roar said mysteriously.

Hearing that this little bird, that had slept for n entire day and night, actually had this kind of identity, Sima You Yue’s heart was even more confused, how did Little Roar actually manage to con this Spirit Beast over?

“Why is he still asleep?”

“I think that it’s the effects of the knockout medicine from the previous time.”
Sima You Yue thought about Four Winged Roc’s scarlet eyes that she had seen the last time. Perhaps it really had something to do with it.

“Then if he continues sleeping like this, when the Golden Snake Fruit ripens, it won’t be able to help with anything.” Sima You Yue said helplessly.

“This… Ha, he’s woken up!” Little Roar said happily.

Four Winged Roc was a helping hand that he had specially brought over. If it continued to sleep wouldn’t he have looked for it for nothing? As a result, he was ecstatic when he felt the Four Winged Roc wake up.

Four Winged Roc’s tightly shut eyes began to openly slowly. When he saw everyone, his hazy eyes immediately sharpened as the feathers on his back all stood on edge. It was only when he recognised Sima You Yue that his body began to relax.

“You’ve woken up?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Thank you for saving us.” Four Winged Roc said as he flapped his wings.

“I just happened to, in passing.” Sima You Yue said, “How are you now?”

“I’m fine.” Four Winged Roc said, “Do you want to form a contract with me now?”

“Huh?” Sima You Yue was stunned as she did not think that Four Winged Roc would be so direct. She shook her head, saying, “I’m unable to form a contract with you now. I’m already reached my limit on the number of  Spirit Beasts I can contract, and am unable to contract more Spirit Beasts right now.”

“Oh.” Four Winged Roc nodded his head calmly, saying, “Little Roar said that you have an area in which you can cultivate in. He said that if you can’t form a contract with me, I can go in there to cultivate and once you are able to form a contract, then form a contract with me.”

“Eh-” Sima You Yue looked at Four Winged Roc, “You really are willing to follow me?”

“Yes.” Four Winged Roc nodded.

“Why?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand.

“Little Roar’s bloodline is superior to mine and he says that there is a future to follow you. I believe his words.” Four Winged Roc said seriously.

Sima You Yue was inexplicably shocked by his reply. It turns out that this guy didn’t follow her because of her, but because of Little Roar.

With a single thought, Little Roar and Four Winged Roc were thrown into the Spirit Pearl.

Looking at this kind of partner caused her eyes to hurt. What the eyes didn’t see, the heart wouldn’t agonise over.

The scene in front of Four Winged Roc changed in a moment and it shocked him.

“This is Yue Yue’s territory, you can randomly choose an area to go and cultivate.” Little roar said smugly.

Little Spirit emerged from thin air as he looked at Four Winged Roc and said, “This is my world, and it is also Master’s area. Since you have entered, in the future you will be Master’s contracted Spirit Beast. Yes, even though you haven’t entered a contract. Little Roar, Master said to ask you to bring Little Roc for a stroll around here and to take care of him.

After he finished speaking, he disappeared, leaving behind Four Winged Roc who was still stunned.

Little Roar flew over, saying, “How is it? I didn’t lie to you, right?”

Little Roc nodded his head fervently, saying, “This is really too magical! There actually exists a place like this that has Spiritual Qi so many times denser than outside!”

“Alright, I’ll bring you for a tour now. There are some areas that you can’t enter without permission, or else Yue Yue will get upset.” When Little Roar finished speaking, he brought Little Roc for a tour around the Spirit Pearl.

Sima You Yue slowly walked over to where Wei Zi Qi and the others were. Because the area was too small, they had no way of setting up their tents. The four of them directly sat on top of a large boulder to chat.

“You Yue you were actually gone for so long, could it be that you’ve taken a nice dump such that your stomach is all empty now?” Fatty Qu laughed as he teased.

Sima You Yue smiled and didn’t answer him.

Everyone realised that the Little Bird that was initially in his embrace was gone and thought that he had left after he had woken up.

Sima You Yue walked over and sat beside them. This boulder was really decent. It was just big enough to accommodate the five of them.

Furthermore, they just had to stick their necks out a bit to be able to see the situation that was happening below.

“There’s still a day left before the Golden Snake Fruit ripens. Right now, there’s even more Spirit Beasts below. Today, more than a few higher ranked Spirit Beasts have come as well.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“I have never ever seen this kind of display of forces. My heart is beating, going ba-thump ba-thump, you know!” Fatty Qu said as he patted his chest with exaggeration.

“If your heart didn’t beat then you’d be dead!” Ouyang Fei said.


They never expected that Ouyang Fei would say this kind of things and everyone’s spirits were lifted.

“Someone’s coming!” Bei Gong alerted them.

Everyone quieted down. With a large shrub blocking them, the people who were walking outside didn’t see them.

“Dad, I suspect that younger brother has really been killed by the people from the Sima Clan!”

Sima heard the person who was talking and didn’t expect that it would be someone she recognised.

Nalan He and Nalan Lan walked past the forest but they didn’t realise the people behind the large shrub.


“Lan’er, Qi’er has only been gone for a short while. Why are you so sure that he’s been killed by the people from the Sima Clan?” Nalan He asked, “Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

Nalan Lan bit her lip as her eyes flashed with hints of a struggle. In the end, her feelings of worry took priority and she said, “Dad, during the morning of the day he disappeared, he came to find me and told me that the trash of the Sima Family had returned home. He said that he would return to the academy in the morning and so he actually brought a few imperial bodyguards to settle the score with him and to get rid of him quietly. However, I never expected that he never returned and completely disappeared, not even leaving a corpse behind. You tell me, aside from getting killed by Sima You Yue, what other explanation could there be?”

“Nonsense!” Nalan He chastised “You just got expelled from the academy, why did you go and pick another fight?!”

“Dad, it wasn’t me who asked younger brother to go. At that time, I also advised him but he wouldn’t listen to me.” Nalan lan said aggrievedly, “Dad, this isn’t important right now. Younger  Brother has already been missing for more than a month, should we go and ask the Sima Clan.”

“Humph. If the Sima Clan really dared to kill my son, the Nalan Clan would never be able to coexist with them!” Nalan He ground his teeth as he said, “Wait until we settle the issue with the Golden Snake Fruit then we’ll go to the Sima Clan when we go back!”

When the two of them finished speaking, Sima You Yue’s five man team all let out a long breath. Sima You Yue thought of how they had said they would go look for trouble at the Sima Clan and raised her head to find that everyone was looking at her.

“Tell us, was it you?”

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