DDFYM – Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Annihilation of the Divine Beasts

By the time Sima You Yue recovered, everyone had more or less finished the contracting process and were waiting for her.

“You Yue, have you recovered?” Sima You Yang was sitting beside her and, seeing that she had woken up, beamed at her and asked.

He gave Sima You Yue a scare, and she replied, “What’s up with that evil smile, what evil are you scheming?”

“What evil scheme, I just wanted to ask you about those few foxes…”

Sima You Yang had yet to finish speaking when Sima You Yue immediately stretched forth a hand to squeeze his mouth shut, saying, “Those are Thousand Resonance’s clansmen. Don’t you dare have any ideas about them!”

Sima You Yang took her hand away, saying, “I don’t have any ideas about them, I merely wanted to ask… That time, when you made those fox dishes, did you make it out of them?”

“How is that possible! Those were the ones I fought after the mountain.” Sima You Yue retrieved her hand, stood up and said, “Since everything has been done, let’s leave this place. I’ll keep the array first.”

She kept away all the raw materials. Those were raw materials that were extremely hard to come by. She couldn’t waste them.

“Let’s go, we’ll continue to look for the legacies.” She looked at Vulture and Goshawk, letting them cool down Why did she have a feeling that they were the legacy?

Although everyone already had a flying beast, they still sat on Little Roc’s back. He still had his glorious title of ‘The Fastest’.

Little Roc brought them across the field and flew past the mountains, all the way until they saw a few of their own clansmen. Then, he landed on the foot of a mountain.

“Grandfather mentioned before that there are many legacies here.” Sima You Yang said.

“Then let’s enter the mountain and look for it.”

Everyone hopped off Little Roc’s back, and a few of them first went over to the other members.

“What are you all still doing outside, are you not entering the mountain?” Sima You Lin frowned as he asked.

“There are many Divine Beasts in the mountain. We don’t dare to go in.” A member said.

“There are Divine Beasts!” Sima You Yue’s eyes started to shine as she stroked her chin, “Why don’t we clean them out? Do you know how many Divine Beasts there are?”

“Quite a few.”

“Oh, why don’t we first keep those Divine Beasts before going to look for the legacies?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima You Lin as she asked.

In any case, she didn’t have any blood relations for the Sima Clan, so she wouldn’t be able to obtain those legacies. She might as well help the Sima Clansmen grow stronger so that old fox would have nothing to say.

Sima You Lin was the number one person who represented his generation. It was natural that he would make decisions for everyone. It was also important for them to increase in strength, so he agreed with Sima You Yue’s idea.

He let those who had come here already lead the way, and the group of them gradiosely went to look for those Divine Beasts.

When those people heard it, they were really terrified. However, they relaxed when Sima You Yang and the others called out their own Divine Beasts, and took them into the mountain to look for those Divine Beasts.

Five to six Divine Beasts were currently cultivating by the river side. When they saw that people had come, they wanted to scold them when they realised they had been surrounded by a group of Divine Beasts themselves.

“Are you going to surrender on your own, or wait for us to beat you until you surrender?” The youth who led the way was extremely brazen.

“What are you that you dare to speak to us this way?!” The Spirit Beast leading them replied coldly.

“Boss, those birds look like they were from the yellow fields.” A Divine Beast who was standing behind said.”

“It really is those guys, how did they end up together with the humans?”

“You ask me, but how would I know?”

“It looks like they have been contracted.”

“It really seems so! Then they all want to help those humans defeat us?”

“I’ll give you all an incense’s worth of time to think about it. Do you want to surrender or be beaten into surrender?” That youth spoke again.

Surrender and serve humans? That was impossible.

As such, an incense’s worth of time later, the leading youth waved his hand and the group of Divine Beasts attacked them, beating those Divine Beasts until they were kneeling.

Sima You Yue walked over and squatted beside the Divine Beast saying “We asked you to surrender but you insisted on getting beaten up. Isn’t it the same in the end! Just obediently let me tame you!”

After she spoke, she placed a hand on his forehead and began to tame him.

When the Sima clansmen saw that Sima You Yue was able to tame Divine Beasts, they all stared with eyes and mouths wide open in shock. When Sima You Yang saw their reaction, he nodded his head satisfactorily. It looks like he wasn’t the only one who had been stunned!

“Let’s go, we can use this time to catch a few more Divine Beasts. When those clansmen come, they can contract them.” Sima You Lin said.

“Master, I know which areas have Divine Beasts.” Vulture shamelessly sold out the entire Divine Beasts in the ancestral ground.

After he finished speaking, everyone was rendered speechless. There were actually that many Divine Beasts here. It was no wonder so many perished when they came here.

There were almost a hundred Divine Beasts! This kind of might would be a definite source of power even if it were the Sofia Mountain Ranges.

“At least many of the Divine Beasts don’t come out. Otherwise, everyone who entered might even be annihilated.” Sima You Qing added on.

Sima You Yang pursed his lips in a smile, saying, “This is good then, we can take all of them back with us and contract them then bring them out. In any case, they can’t go out unless we contract them. They will only be able to waste their entire lives in this tiny little ancestral ground. Let’s go, we’ll take them all.”

“That’s great!” The members of the Sima Clan were all full of energy as they followed Sima You Yang to clean out the place.

After almost a month, the Sima Clansmen swept up all the Divine Beasts, watched Sima You Yue tame then, contracted them and advanced in rank.

For them, this month was like a dream. This kind of life was something inconceivable to them in the past.

At the end, Sima You Yue tamed a total of ninety Divine Beasts. Adding on to that the eight large birds from earlier, the total number was ninety eight.

Those youths who came in with them started to stream in. She was only responsible for taming them while the allocation of them was given to Sima You Lin and the clansmen who were his next of kin to decide.

When the last Divine Beast had been tamed, Sima You Yue felt as if she was ready to advance in rank. Thinking about how she had only increased in one rank since she came, all her spirit power was suppressed inside her and she didn’t break through.

“Those of you who haven’t received a Divine Beast do not need to be anxious. We have all obtained so many Divine Beasts inside here, and if we are pulled out when the time comes, we’ll catch a Divine Beast for you outside and let You Yue tame them for you to contract. Otherwise, you can contract a Saint Beast instead.” Sima You Yang said to the remaining people.

“Young Master, we are not anxious! We will wait until we’re outside to catch Divine Beasts!” Those who did not contract a Divine Beast expressed.

“Alright, we still have a month’s time left. Everyone, go look for your legacies.” Sima You Yang waved his hand and they all dispersed. With everyone together, they wouldn’t be able to distribute it even if they found something good.

Sima You Yue looked at Sima You Ming and the others, saying, “Brothers, you all should go as well.”

“Alright, let’s meet outside.” Sima You Ming and the others left as well.

Sima You Yue stood alone on the river side. She looked at the three large mountains at the riverside. Sima You Lin had said that this was the Clan’s legacy. One needed blood ties in order to enter. Just now, many had entered the third mountain.

“My gut tells me that there are good things in there. It’s such a pity I can’t enter.”

Suddenly, she felt as if something in the centre of the mountain was beckoning out to her and she could not resist walking over.

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