DDFYM – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Qing Wu Ya

A group of people left the city gate and headed directly to enter Pu Luo Mountain Range. On the way there, they saw that quite a few people also happened to go in the same direction as them.

“How come there are so many people heading there?” Fatty Qu could not help but ask as he watched the people come and go.

“Some of these people are like us and have come to train, but most of them are mercenaries from various places.” Sima You Yue had seen some mercenaries before and recognised their clothes.

“Mercenaries come to these kind of places?” Fatty Qu observed that these people really looked like fiends who lived their lives on top of blades and weapons.

“Yes, a few mercenaries will accept a few kinds of missions. For example, the collection of pill ingredients or the magic crystal found in Spirit Beasts or other ingredients that can only be found on the mountain.” Wei Zi Qi explained.

“So you’re saying that they have also come to enter the mountain? I initially thought that the Pu Luo Mountain Range would be so dangerous that nobody would dare to enter!” Fatty Qu exclaimed.

“This is really too different from what you imagined right?” Sima You Yue clapped Fatty Qu on the back. Growing up in the capital city together, if she had not remained here for a period of time, she would have been as clueless as Fatty Qu.

The group of them had been walking for almost half a day but when they finally reached Pu Luo Mountain Range, Fatty Qu complained that he could not walk any further. Sima You Yue examined those around her. Aside from herself, she saw that Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi were panting for breath. Ouyang Fei and Bei Gong Tang also appeared exhausted.

She looked around her and said, “It’s getting dark, why don’t we find a place to camp and rest for a night. We’ll enter the mountain tomorrow.”

Fatty Qu planted his butt on the ground the moment he heard what Sima You Yue had said. He saw how relaxed Sima You Yue was and said, “You Yue, we’re all dead tired, but how come you don’t look tired at all?”

“I constantly train my body so this kind of physical exertion doesn’t really affect me.” Sima You Yue shrugged as she said, “You all should rest here, I’ll go check out whether there’s any wide plot of land.”

When she finished talking, she turned to leave and left the four of them behind to rest.

After a period of time, Sima You Yue walked in a circle and returned. Seeing that Fatty Qu and the others had rested sufficiently, she said, “I was just at a place that appeared more suitable for us to set up camp, shall we head there?”


Sima You Yue brought the others with her to the place that she was at earlier but she didn’t expect that others had already set up their camp there first.

Those who had camped there were a group of mercenaries. Seeing that Sima You Yue and the others had come over, a twenty to thirty year old youth smiled at them, “You guys also set your sights on this place? This place is quite big; we’ve gathered in this area. If you all don’t mind, you can set up camp in that other area.”

Sima You Yue looked at the others to ask what they thought about it.

“Let’s just put up with it.” Ouyang Fei said, “In any case, it’s just one night.”

Bei Gong Tang didn’t say anything, she just took out her tent and prepared to pitch it.

“Ouyang Fei is right, it’s just one night. Let’s just put up with it.” Wei Zi Qi said.

Since everyone agreed, Sima You Yue and Fatty Qu also took out their own tents and set it up according to the innkeeper’s instructions. After everything had been set up properly, she took out a large bed from her interspatial ring and put it in the middle of her tent.

“Wow, you even brought such a huge bed out with you?” When Fatty Qu had finished setting up his own things, he saw her large bed and was shocked.

Sima You Yue had been shocked by Fatty Qu’s reaction and glared at him, saying, “What’s there to be surprised about? Didn’t you guys do it too?”

Fatty Qu pursed his lips, saying, “Where would we find the space to put such a huge bed?!”

“Huh?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand, could it be that their interspatial ring was very small?

“Our interspatial ring is about the size of a house. If put a bed that was as huge as your, we wouldn’t need to bring anything else.” Fatty Qu looked begrudgingly at Sima You Yue. How great it was to be a young master of the General’s family, his interspatial ring must definitely be bigger than his own by a few times.

“Aren’t interspatial rings the same size?” Sima You Yue asked.

Fatty Qu rolled his eyes at Sima You Yue, saying, “How can interspatial rings be the same size?! Normal interspatial rings only one to two cubic metres. A ring like mine, that is around the size of a house is already considered to be really good.”

Listening to what Fatty Qu had said, Sima You Yue touched the interspatial ring in her hand. This was something that Sima Lie had given her once she was able to cultivate. He told her that it was something her father had left behind for her so she had always used it. Seeing that it was around the size of a luxurious villa, she did not dare to think about what rank her ring was that her father had left behind.

“Alright, stop complaining like an old woman.” Sima You yeu said, “If there’s an opportunity, I’ll give you a bigger one okay. Let’s go take a look at how Ouyang and the rest are doing.”

When they went out, Wei Zi Qi, Bei Gong Tag and Ouyang Fei were already sitting down in the middle of camp talking to each other.

The place that they had chosen was surrounded by tall trees with leaves that were lush and vast on the tops. The leaves at the bottom were fewer and appeared sparse.

Those few mercenaries had also finished setting up their camp and sat in twos and threes, eating dinner together.

“You Yue, you’re done setting up?” Wei Zi Qi waved at Sima You Yue.

“Yup.” Sima You Yue sized up those mercenaries. The youth that had spoken to Sima You Yue earlier felt her gaze and raised his head to smile at her. After that, he turned around to talk to his own teammate.

Sima You Yue and others were chatting when that youth stood up to come over. He cupped his hands in greeting, saying, “I am Qing Wu Ya from the Green Ridge Mercenaries. Is it your first time coming to Pu Luo Mountain Range?”

“It is. Does Master Qing need anything?” Wei Zi Qi replied.

“Looks like I guessed correctly.” Qing Wu Ya smiled as he said, “I just saw that you all had set up camp for so long but had yet to begin eating dinner and wanted to warn you that because there are many trees here, the sky darkens relatively earlier. You can consider eating your dinner a bit earlier, in order to avoid the pitch black darkness.”

“Many thanks for Master Qing’s reminder.” Wei Zi Qi smiled as he said.

“You’re welcome. As mercenaries, we don’t have much experience with formalities and if you all do not reject it, you can call me Big Brother Qing. ‘Master Qing’ sounds odd, I’m not too used to hearing that.” Qing Wu Ya scratched the back of his head and said.

“Hehe, Big Brother Qing. If Big Brother Qing has time, why don’t you sit with us and chat?” Wei Zi Qi took out a seat from his interspatial ring as he said.

Qing Wu Ya recognised immediately with a glance that Wei Zi Qi’s interspatial ring was not a simple thing. It was definitely not something that just anyone could use. Since he had already taken a chair out, he smiled and replied, “Okay then.”

“Big Brother Qing, do you come to Pu Luo Mountain Range often?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“Yeah, Pu Luo Mountain Range can be said to be a frequent hangout of us mercenaries.” Master Qing replied.

“So you all will definitely have a good grasp of this place? Could you tell us a bit about the circumstances about this place?” Wei Zi Qi smiled as he asked.

Sima You Yue looked at Wei Zi Qi. This guy had a bright countenance, his smile was warm and he really knew how to talk. He gave people a kind of gentle and cultured feeling, causing people to want to get close to him without even knowing it.

This kind of desire for closeness was different from the closeness that came from the Spirit Pearl; this was attributed to his personal charm.

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