DDFYM – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Title Below

The person who had been following behind Sima You Yue had initially been wondering what Sima You Yue came to this side alley to do. It was only through listening to his words that the person realised he had brought him here intentionally.

“I never expected that though you are trash, you were able to discover our presence.” A man clad in black came out from behind a kind of shelter and looked coldly at Sima You Yue.

Another person came out from another alley, trapping Sima You Yue inside this alley.

Sima You Yue looked at the person who had just spoken and said, “Nalan Qi, you’re so weak but you still want to play at shadowing another person? Don’t make me laugh!”

“You trash, you’re about to die but your mouth is still so sharp!” Nalan Qi looked at Sima You Yue with eyes that flashed with bloodthirst. “You’re the reason why my sister has been locked in solitude for a month. I definitely will have my revenge today!”

“Want to kill me?” Sima You Yue was extremely familiar with things like bloodthirst. She laughed coldly, “You think you can kill me?”

“Haha, even without talking about the bodyguard behind you that is a First Ranked Spirit Master,  I am a magnificent Eighth Ranked Spirit Warrior. How could we be unable to defeat you, a mere waste who can’t even sense Spirit Power?” Nalan Qi looked at Sima You Yue as if he was an idiot, “We were unable to beat you to death the last time, but today we will definitely let you meet the King of hell and let you have the true taste of fear right in front of my eyes.”

“Mm, you’ve spoken well. I’d also like to let you have a true taste of fear right in front of my eyes. Since we have the same goal, why don’t we stop wasting words and just get right into it!” Sima You Yue turned and ran right after she said this.

“You want to run? Grab him!” Nalan Qi watched Sima You Yue run and thought that he was going to escape. He wanted the person who was blocking the other alley to grab on to him.

When that bodyguard saw Sima You Yue run to him with such speed, he was thunderstruck. He never thought that this waste would actually run from the middle of the alley to the place right in front of him in but a few breaths.

When he heard Nalan Qi’s order, he began to condense his spirit power. Even while he was surprised, he did not forget to throw a Spirit Ball right at Sima You Yue.

When Sima You Yue saw the Spirit Ball approaching her, she moved her body and ran a few large strides along the wall, dodging the trajectory of the Spirit Ball completely.


The Spirit Ball detonated on the ground, creating an explosion of dust.

When the bodyguard thought he had succeeded, Sima You Yue’s silhouette appeared from the wall. A dagger appeared in her hand as she sped in front of him, smiling maliciously. While he was surprised, she slashed at his neck before jumping away.

The bodyguard felt a chill emanate from his heart when he saw Sima You Yue’s smile. He never expected that even before he could react, he felt his neck go numb and watched as his own blood spurted from his neck.


His body fell backwards. Right to the point of his death, he still did not understand how this person, who was rumored to be a waste, could managed to dodge his attack and how did he move so quickly? Furthermore, how could that inexplicably dense murderous aura manage to appear on the body of a pampered little waste?

Nalan Qi arrived at the edge of the dust cloud and waited for the dust to settle to see Sima You Yue’s corpse. He never expected that he would see Sima You Yue’s completely unharmed body standing in front of him instead. Further, behind Sima You Yue was his own bodyguard lying dead on the group.

“You didn’t die?!” He called out with shock.

If he had taken the attack that was thrown by his bodyguard just now, he would have been seriously injured even if he had managed to survive. However, Sima You Yue didn’t even receive a single injury, how was this possible?!

Sima You Yue smiled sinisterly, “You’re not dead yet, so how could I be?”

“Hmph, even if you lucked out and managed to avoid it, you won’t be so lucky this time!” Nalan Qi began to gather his own Spirit Energy the moment he finished speaking.

“Actually I didn’t plan on taking your life so early. However, since you’re presented yourself to me, how could I not accept your good will?” Sima You Yue also began to condense her Spirit Energy as she spoke.

Nalan Qi looked at Sima You Yue and shouted in astonishment, “You’re a Spirit Master?!”

Sima You Yue smiled in reply. Towards someone who had tried to kill her so many times, she would definitely not show any kindness.

Nalan Clan.

Nalan Lan sat in her own house and her heart felt a bit restless, as if something was bad was going to happen.

“Don’t tell me that Younger Brother has really gone to look for Sima You Yue to make trouble?” Nalan Lan mumbled to herself.

In the morning, Nalan QI had come over to tell her that Sima You Yue had returned home yesterday and would head to school today. He had planned to bring a few people with him to kill him on his way back.

She had not agreed in the beginning. However, Nalan Qi had persisted and brought his bodyguard with him in the end and left.

Ever since Nalan Qi had left, she felt her heart grow restless, worried that something would happen to him. However, thinking about how Sima You Yue was just a waste, given the strength of Nalan Qi and the bodyguard, getting rid of him would only be a minor inconvenience. Thinking about things in this way, she managed to calm her heart.

“Sima You Yue, I have a bit of regret that I am unable to take your life with my own hands. However, to die in the hands of my brother is the same thing!” Thinking about how she had been expelled from the academy, Nalan Lan’s hands balled into fists.

At the alley, Sima You Yue came beside Nalan Qi. Seeing how he had been charred by Sima You Yue’s Spirit Flame to such a sorry state, his eyes were full of fear and shock. She gave a kick, saying, “What are you so surprised for? Because I can cultivate? Or because you never thought that you would lose so quickly?”

Nalan Qi blinked his eyes, unable to say a single word.

He never thought that not only would Sima You Yue be able to cultivate, but that he would also be so much stronger than himself. He did not know why but when Sima You Yue was using his Spirit energy, moon and stars did not appear to show his rank. However, he could feel that he was at least the rank of a Spirit Lord.

Looking at the murderous intent in his eyes, his heart started to fill with regret. If he had not brought people along to kill Sima You Yue today, or if he had not overestimated himself and brought a few more people, he would not have met this end.

“I am someone who means what they say. Since I’ve said that I would take your life today, I can’t let my words be empty.” Sima You Yue took out the dagger than Ling Long had transformed into, saying, “You were cruel in this life, but it was a pity that your strength was insufficient. I pray that you will not meet me in your next life.”

After saying this, she stabbed the dagger right into Nalan Qi’s heart, thoroughly ending his life.

In order to avoid the trouble that would come when others found Nalan Qi’s corpse, she placed the bodies of Nalan Qi and his bodyguard into the Spirit Pearl and let Little Spirit take care of it.

When Little Spirit saw the corpses that Sima You Yue threw in, he clapped his little hands. The two bodies turned into dust and dispersed into the air.

After this matter was settled, she walked out slowly from the alley and headed to school.

Two people appeared in the alley later on. Looking at the bloodstains left on the ground, they looked at each other as their eyes flashed with unconcealed traces of shock.

“Fifth Young Master has actually killed off the opponent in such a short period of time. Looks like his strength isn’t low at all! I will continue tailing Fifth Young Master, you should return to the General’s residence first to report what happened.”


After their conversation, the two of them split up and left.

Sima You Yue arrived at school. Even before she reached the dorm, she saw a person waiting at a quiet roadside.

Chapter 69: Exterminating Nalan Qi

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