DDFYM – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: “This Body has a Problem”

Sima You Yue looked at the two brothers as she straightened her back and replied with an air of calm: “My enemies are my own to take care of, my brothers, don’t worry about me. Sima You Yue has grown up. I will not be so willful in the future.”

“Good! Very good! Yue er has grown up!” Sima Lie chortled excitedly.

“Grandfather, I wasn’t very sensible before. I’ve made you and all my brothers worry about me constantly. It was all my fault, I’m sorry.” Sima You Yue said.

From the previous Sima You Yue’s memory, she could see that she was really a troublemaker and because of those handsome men outside, she had hurt her family many times. However in her heart, she still loved her family deeply, or else she wouldn’t have asked a wandering soul to let her replace her in this life, as she did now want to cause them grief lest they know that she had died.

“Let the past be the past, as long as Fifth Brother can acknowledge his past undoings, it is good enough. Moreover, we’ve never once blamed you before in the past.” Third Bother Sima You Yan said.

The others nodded in agreement.

“Well, I know my errors and will not continue on. I’m going to live a good life from now.”

“Haha, that’s for the best. Since you’ve said that you’ll exact your own revenge, we brothers will not interfere! Whatever you need, just tell us! No need to stand on ceremony, just give us the word and we’ll be there!”

Sima You Yue felt her eyes moisten before she knew it, and she did not know if it was because of her own feelings of being moved or the feelings left deeply imprinted in this body of hers. These overprotective brothers of hers had unknowingly left a deep impression in her heart.

“Ok, we’ll let Fifth Brother rest, no matter how good the effects the medicinal pill is, he will still feel some fatigue.” Big Brother said thoughtfully.

“Well, it is getting late, we’ll head back first Fifth Brother, if you need anything remember to call us! Don’t head out in secret again!”

“Yeah! What if you go out by yourself and get hurt again? So be good and don’t wander out alone again!”


Only after many, many, many reminders did her grandfather and four brothers finally leave.

When she was finally alone, she let out a soft sigh filled with envy. “You are really very lucky to have such a good family that love you so deeply. I never thought that I could feel what it’s like to have a family, experiencing such care and concern…so..thank you, I will live my life well in place of you.” Sima You Yue swore in her heart.

After sorting out her emotions, Sima You Yue called out for her maids.

“Young Master.” They gently pushed the door open and bowed before her.

“I want to take a bath.” She said simply, too tired to say anything more as she looked at the two beautiful maids.

“Yes, Young Master. Please wait for a moment while we prepare it.”

They quickly went out to prepare and soon came back with a large barrel and jostled in and out of the room with buckets of hot water.

“Young Master, your bath is ready.”

“Alright, you may leave.” She waved them away and only after ensuring that they had closed the door behind them did she come down from the bed.

As she walked towards the wooden barrel, she peeled off her robes, layer after layer and by the time she stood before her bath, she was completely naked. She looked down at her flat chest and continued gazing further down, muttering grudgingly: “Really look like a man..”

She carefully climbed into the bath and immersed her body completely into the water as she started to relax. In her previous life, she really enjoyed soaking in baths as she felt as though all the fatigue and all the pain would be washed away and she felt that she could go on doing what she did. It refreshed her mind and rejuvenated her will.

As the hot water in the bath started to cool down, she stretched out her left hand and looked carefully. On her left finger was a ring, and this ring was the same ring from memory that Sima Lie had reminded her time and time again to never remove it. From the memories, she had it from the beginning, since she was a young child. Sima Lie had told Sima You Yue that it was a ring which was imbued with magic and would make her look like a boy. He had told her to never ever take it off especially in front of anyone else.

But nevertheless, the Sima You Yue then would still take the ring off from time to time when she was alone in the room. To prevent her secret from leaking out, she had gravely warned the maids to never enter the room unless she had called for them.

Now she had to examine what was wrong with her her own body so she removed the ring to remove the effects of the ring. She reached out and deftly touched the edge of the ring where there was a small button. She turned it gently and heard a small click as her body instantly transformed into that of a young maiden.

She placed her fingers on her left wrist, carefully feeling her pulse.

In the past, although she was an assassin, on the surface, her identity was of a Medical College Associate Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, moreover she was the youngest Associate Professor of the school. They usually lived their day to day lives normally for their cover unless they had to take on their missions.

After taking her pulse, she had on a solemn expression as she let go of her wrist and raised her hands and found one red and black dot like a mole on her armpits.

She had this feeling that something was wrong with the body and suspected that it could be the reason why she was unable to cultivate. She used her right index finger to touch the dot under her left armpit and in a daze, she murmured: “This body really has a problem…”

She quickly dressed herself up and reverted her appearance to that of a male and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at the reflection, although it was not a devastatingly handsome face, it was still above average however it had on delicate features, no wonder coupled with her erratic behaviour, people had thought that she was bent.

She called for the maids to come in to clear the bath. One was called Yun Yue, another was Chun Jian, both were rather poetic in her opinion. The two were waiting outside awaiting further instructions, not daring to enter on their own unless they heard their Young Master call for them. They had been serving by their Young Master’s side for some time and had seen how their Young Master would punish those disobedient ones who did not heed his instructions. Hence after seeing so many other maids and servants come and go, they were the two obedient ones who had been by his side for the longest time, although they still harboured some fear of him.

“Yun Yue, Chun Jian, I’m hungry.” She glanced over at them.

Those who cultivated could absorb spiritual energy from the environment to support the body and wouldn’t go hungry so easily. The higher their level, the longer they could go on without food, for those who were in the top ranks, they did not even need to eat. However to satisfy their taste buds, most people still ate three meals a day.

What more for Sima You Yue who was labelled a trash, she had no choice in that matter and eating was a necessity.

“Your humble one has already prepared your meal, would you like me to serve it now?” Yun Yue said carefully.

“Yes! You’re the best!” One she heard that there was food, her whole mood improved and she felt spirited.

Past life, although she was busy living the double life of murder and medical research, food was an indispensable part of her life. She had even taken the extra effort and time to learn and mastered the art of cooking. From Sichuan cuisine to Hunan cuisine, she was well versed in them. This was another aspect in life she would not compromise in.


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