DDFYM – Chapter 41

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Translated by Socksrocker

Chapter 41: “This Lord is a Man and I Have No Interest In You!”

Sima You Yue was a little bit angry and glared maliciously at Wu Lingyu.

Wu Lingyu saw the movement of her eyelashes and suddenly thought of the time where he saw a pair of sharp and focused eyes when he was conscious.

“You’re pressing on my wound.”

Sima You Yue remembered that he had a wound on his stomach and got up from his body, saying, “This Lord is a man, I have no interest in you. Quickly shift inside.”

Wu Lingyu didn’t say anything this time and shifted in a little.

Sima You Yue took out a pillow from her interspatial ring and put it outside. She lay on her side and closed her eyes, choosing to ignore Wu Lingyu.

Although she was a female but she did not care a single bit that they were sleeping on the same bed. On the other side, he was still hesitating and his heart was a complete mess.

Wu Lingyu could feel that Sima You Yue was angry and he touched the wound on his stomach. Who knew that this brat would have such nimble skills. For this kind of close-ranged attack, if he was not so experienced with combat, he would not be her opponent at all.

He thought about the rumours that were spread about her. Did she really use to be a waste?

If the rumours in the past were false, that would mean that she had really concealed herself very deeply.

When she had roared just now, that attitude was really quite powerful.

However, whenever he watched her pretend to be a man, he always felt indescribably amused.

Thinking back on her declaration of zero interest in him, with her eyes that remained clear even as she said it, he subconsciously touched his face.

Even in the upper realm, no matter where he went, he was the centre of attention. There were countless girls who tried to gain his favor and affection by fawning all over him.

Although he had had never liked any of those girls, truth be told, he hated them even more. But never would he have thought that come there would come a day where, in this place, there was actually a brat that roared her disinterest in such a loud voice.

Although Sima You Yue was sleeping, she had let Little Roar, and the others, pay attention to Wu Ling Yu’s condition, just in case.

Every time she slept, she was afraid that she would have dreams of her past, once again. Even so, she still hoped that she would dream of them. However, this was yet another night of dreamless sleep until the sunrise.

Wu Lingyu only managed to fall asleep very late into the night. He wasn’t used to having anyone in such close proximity, moreover it was sharing a bed. Furthermore, it was a female. This made him extremely uncomfortable, and only managed to sleep when it was close to the break of dawn.

On the morning of the second day, Sima You Yue rose from the bed. She looked at Wu Lingyu, who was still asleep, and quietly walked outside to prepare some food. After that, she quietly came back in and put the food on the table before leaving once again.

Wu Lingyu waited for Sima You Yue to leave before opening his eyes. He lay on his side and used his hands to prop up his head. Looking at the food that had been prepared on the table, he started to laugh.

He rose from the bed and went to sit down at the side of the table, saying, “This brat really thinks that everyone is like her and needs to eat three meals a day without missing a single one!”

He sat down and ate two mouthfuls of porridge, saying, “This brat comes up with completely new dishes , where does she get all these ideas from? However, this taste is really good.”

Wu Lingyu thought that this time, Sima You Yue had gone for a stroll and would come back soon. However, he had already waited for half a day and yet there was no sign of her.

When Sima You Yue had left the cave in the morning, Ya Guang shouted: “Master! The inside of the Spirit Pearl is amazing!” Ya Guang said as it looked excitedly at Sima You Yue.

“Yue Yue, this guy has been bouncing around the Spirit Pearl ever since it came in. Its uncontrollably excited.” Little Roar crawled on Ya Guang’s head as it reported to Sima You Yue.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a great place so I got excited for awhile.” Ya Guang said a little embarrassedly.

“Anyway, if you all are fine with it, you will remain in there. It’ll be good for you to get used to it.” Sima You Yue said, “Do you know how to get to the fringe peacefully?”

“Master needs to look for Spirit Beasts in order to increase real combat ability?” Ya Guang asked.

“Yup. My current strength is insufficient. I also don’t know many spirit skills. I want to start practicing from the weakest Spirit Beast.” Sima You Yue said.

“There’s no definite safe path from here to the outer region. However, if Little Roar is here, if we encounter any Divine Ranked Spirit Beast, he just needs to release his aura. They will take it upon themselves to hide in a faraway place. Little Roar can just hide his aura once again once we’ve reached the outer region.” Ya Guang said.

“In this case, let’s move out.” Sima You Yue said.


“Master, this place is still very far from the outer region. You can climb on my back and I can bring you there.” As Ya Guang said this, its body started to shake and it grew quite a lot.

When Spirit Beasts reached the Saint Rank and above, they would gain the ability to camouflage. Before this, Ya Guang would always camouflage itself.

Sima You Yue flipped onto Ya Guang’s body and said, “Let’s go.”

When Ya Guang received the order, it brought Sima You Yue with it as it ran to the outer region. Using Little Roar’s Spirit Pressure on the road, they quickly reached the fringe of the Pu Suo mountain range.

They stopped at a mountain top because Ya Guang was not like Little Roar, who could easily release or retract its own Spirit Pressure. Sima You Yue was afraid that these Spirit Beasts would all go into hiding and stored it away in the Spirit Pearl. She only left Little Roar outside to accompany her.

The number of Spirit Beasts on the Pu Luo mountain range was really a lot. They had just come down from the top of the mountain when they encountered a Fire Lizard.

“Yue Yue, that’s a third ranked Spirit Beast. With your current strength, it’s suitable for you to battle it.” Little Roar looked at the Fire Lizard’s ranking as it said.

“And it’s also of the fire attribute. It’s just in time for me to put my Fire Spirit to the test.” Sima You Yue said.

The Fire Lizard saw Sima You Yue and its eyes immediately shone brightly. It looked like a hungry dog who had seen a bone and wanted to eat her.

This was because Sima You Yue did not have any Spirit Power aura emitted from her body. That Fire Lizard assumed that she was just a normal person. From the beginning, it did not plan to attack her using any Spirit Power and wanted to fling its long tail over instead.

It went without saying that this Spirit Beast had an extremely hard exterior. This Fire Lizard had merely flung its tail, but the stone that Sima You Yue was initially standing on had multiple cracks from that hit.

“What shocking strength!” Sima You Yue stood at a side, looking at the crack on the rock. She said with a little surprise, “It looks like this Spirit Beast has quite a strong body. This point is not bad.”

Upon encountering a strong enemy, she became especially excited. Since its strength was so huge in contrast to a person’s weaker body, she decided to play on her strengths.

“It just so happens that I haven’t used my Spirit Power to fight any other opponents. You will be my first test subject.” After saying this, she began to gather her internal spirit power and it slowly began to coalescence on her palm.

The Fire Lizard saw that Sima You Yue began to gather spirit power and started to cry out. This time, it used its tail and aimed it at her. It appeared to want to disrupt her movements.

Sima You Yue saw what the Fire Lizard was doing and quickly avoided it by dodging to the side. She had dangerously avoided that attack.

If it was any other person, they would definitely be disrupted in the face of such an attack. Just like that time on the battle stage where Meng Ting had, because she had seen herself, prematurely released a ball of spirit power.

However, even though she had only this moment of hesitation, she had not been disrupted and continued to gather spirit power on her hand.

Her ball of spirit power grew bigger with the increase in quantity of her spirit power. She had already begun to feel the power contained in her hand. It was a feeling unlike in her past world where one would point a gun at someone. This kind of power made one feel that they would be able to temporarily split the sky.

A red fireball also began to gather on the mouth of the Fire Lizard. At the moment where it had thrown the fireball towards Sima You Yue, She had also thrown the ball of spirit energy. Both of them collided in the air with a sound that sounded similar to a bomb explosion.

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