DDFYM – Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Heading out to sea

Thus, it was decided that they would head out to sea with the eldest senior leading the group, followed by a Spirit Paragon, ten Spirit Saints, five Spirit Overlords as well as two others- Sima You Yue and Sima You Lan.

Their date of departure was set to be three days later as they had to wait for Sima You Lan to come out of closed door cultivation.

Sima You Yue understood that Sima You Lan was able to feel for the Golden Snake Fruit’s presence the last time and figured that someone with her talent was necessary to go with them and bringing her would definitely help.

“No wonder I hadn’t seen her the entire time. I think that she began her closed door cultivation after Bei Gong and the others met her.” Sima You Yue pondered.

After that, Sima You yue went to a different house and told Wei Zi Qi and the others that she was going to leave for a period of time. She also told them to look for Sima You Yang if anything happened and that he would come to their aid.

Three days later, Sima You Lan came out of seclusion and the entire Sima Clan was now ready and waiting.

Within the team that was ready to leave, Sima You Yue realised that there was an additional person.

“Why is he going as well?” She asked in a small voice when she saw Sima You Lin, who just entered.

Unexpectedly, Sima You Lin just happened to be walking over and heard what she said and actually stopped and said, “the meeting is about to begin so I am coming along to practice.”

After he spoke, he continued to walk forward and came beside the eldest senior and said something to him.

“This guy is actually really good at concealing his aura!” She got angry when she thought about how the other party actually got so close before she realised it.

Sima You Lan walked over and said, “Big Brother You Lin began learning how to conceal his aura since he was young. That’s why he it already able to penetrate into his ribs.”

Sima You Yue turned around and nodded at Sima You Lan.

She remained pretty much the same as she was three years ago. She didn’t even grow that much bigger and her growth was apparently slower than the others.

“Thank you for the medicine you gave me three years ago.” Sima You Yue said.

“At that time, I was merely stunned when I saw that you were so determined despite having such severe wounds.” Sima You Lan’s smile was pure and it seemed as if the slight arrogance that she possessed three years ago was polished away.

“No matter what, I still want to thank you.” Sima You Yue said.

“Honestly speaking, although I was moved by you back then, I never thought that you would succeed. That’s why I went into seclusion when I felt like it was time to break through.” Sima You Lan said, “I never thought that the family would have gone through such a huge change when I came out. However, I’m glad that you all have managed to return.”

These two did not engage in any huge conflict three years ago, so now that they were a family, they were able to disregard whatever was said back then.

“Fifth Bro, I heard that guy You Yang say that the sea area is fraught with peril. You have to take care of yourself. If anything happens, don’t rush to the front, understand?”

Sima You Le and the others came to send her off and were afraid that she would charge to the front excitedly, so they nagged and nagged at her.

Sima You Yue just nodded at everything and promised that she wouldn’t charge to the front. It was only when the eldest senior said that they were moving off that she and Sima You Lan went up the flying Spirit Beast together.

Anyang City was Northeast of the Central Qu Kingdom. The coastline was not far and most of the flying beasts reached there with just a few days of flying.

An City was just a few letters off from Anyang City but the difference was like night and day.

This An City was not even half the size of Anyang City and there were also a lot less people. Most of the people here made a living off of fishing.

At the dock of Anyang City, the Sima Clan’s boat was already prepared. It was a hundred Metres long and ten metres tall. It was said to be the Sima Clan’s largest boat.

Once the group went up, the boat began to leave the coast and head towards the direction of the deepsea.

This was not the first time that Sima You Yue had sat on a boat. In her previous life, he had secretly possessed a little vessel that she bought using a different identity, with the money she made by being an assassin.

“The fish here are really big.” Sima You Yue sighed as she lay on the banister and saw a one metre long fish that was just lying there.

“The ones here are relatively small.” Sima You Lan stood on the deck with her and said as she looked at the fish in the sea, “The fishes here are normal. The ones in the deep sea have much longer bodies. When you see the fish who look like mountains, don’t be surprised.”

Sima You Yue’s eyes shone as she asked, “They’re as big as mountains? How is the quality of their meat? Is it tasty?”

Three black lines appeared on Sima You Lan’s forehead as she said rather speechlessly, “Sea creatures that are that big will naturally be really strong. Not many people have been able to eat their meat.”

Sima You Yue touched her chin as she thought to herself that she definitely had to find an opportunity to try it.

“The Sea Spirit Beasts use Spiritual Qi to cleanse their bodies, so there’s no need to mention the quality of their meat.” Sima You Lin walked over and said lightly.

Sima You Yue and Sima You Lan were a bit surprised that Sima You Lin had come over to chat with them. Wasn’t he someone who hated this kind of things? What was he doing here now?

“Is it raining red rain now?” Sima You Yue looked up and said, “No it isn’t, how strange!”

Sima You Lin glared at Sima You Yue. This guy really deserved a beating.

He was already standing at the deck when Sima You Yue was showing an interest in the fish. He had not initially planned to participate in the conversation to begin with. However, when he saw the way Sima You Yue’s eyes lit up, he unknowingly walked over to comment about what she said.

“Those sea creatures are quite powerful. Even if it’s us, we can’t randomly disturb them.” He warned, “It is best not to act blindly without thinking although you are interested in them.”

“Mm Mm, I’ll do my best.” Sima You Yue nodded.

This was her first time coming to the sea area, so she naturally would not act rashly. A place like this, where even those Spirit Paragons were wary of, was definitely fraught with peril.

“You Lin, every time I hear this name, I will think of You Ling.” Sima You Yue said in a small voice. However, her voice was apparently not soft enough as the two people beside her heard it.

Seeing that the calm on Sima you Lin’s face was gone and his mouth was pursed, Sima You Lan could not help but snicker secretly.

Seeing his unstable appearance, Sima You Yue was satisfied, “Right, I came to recognise the herb, You Lin came to lend us his powers, so You Lan, why did you come as well? Didn’t they say that this place is dangerous?”

“It’s because You Lan’s talent allows her to be sensitive towards treasures.” Sima You Lin said.

“A talent that allows her to feel for treasures?” Sima You Yue’s eyes grew large as she stared at Sima You Lan, appraising her.

“It is said that our deceased grandfather had a spirit beast’s bloodline. However, nobody took notice of it before because nobody showed this before.”

“Has the spirit beast bloodline awakened in You Lan’s body?” Sima You Yue asked.

Sima You Lan nodded.

Sima You yue was thinking of saying something more when she felt a sense of danger and turned around to face the sea.

“A sea creature is approaching!” The eldest senior’s voice carried over from the room on the highest floor. Those Spirit Overlords appeared on deck very quickly.

Sima You Yue looked towards the sea and saw that the waves appeared calm, however, a dangerous aura was approaching from beneath the waters.
A high pitched cry was heard as a few tens of fish appeared on the surface of the water.

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