DDFYM – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: “Covering up”

“Fourth Brother, do not be anxious, I believe that the Academy will judge this fairly.” Sima You Yue patted Sima You Le on the back. After that, she turned towards He Qiu Zhi, who was already so scared that her whole body was trembling, then turned again towards Nalan, who looked confident that nothing would happen to her. She said, “Nalan Lan, why did you hurt me?”

Sima You Yue’s words caused the initially quiet Plaza to explode with conversation. Everyone stared at Nalan Lan with disbelief. The one who had harmed Sima You Yue was actually her?!

“Sima You Yue, don’t talk nonsense. When did I harm you?!” Nalan Lan quickly refuted, “You went missing during the time where new students were choosing their Spirit Beast Eggs, but I am a senior student. How could I have harmed you? I wasn’t with you when you went to the cave.”

The Teaching Director nodded his head, saying, “Nalan Lan has spoken the truth. She’s not a new student, how could she have harmed you?”

Sima You Yue looked at the way the Teaching Director was acting and realised that he was already going to be biased towards Nalan Lan.

“She might have had no way, but she made someone else do it. Right, He Qiu Zhi? You wouldn’t have pushed me into the Fourth Teleportation Array for no reason right?”

When He Qiu Zhi was pointed out by name, her entire bottle involuntarily trembled. She raised her head and saw that everyone was looking at her and could not form her sentences properly.

“I, I…”

Nalan Lan looked at the way He Qiu Zhi was behaving then she looked at the Teaching Director with grief, saying, “Director, I really have no intention to harm Sima You Yue at all. If he lets He Qiu Zhi accuse me as the mastermind, I would really be hard pressed to defend myself.”

He Qiu Zhi never expected that Nalan Lan would say this, so she stared at her in shock, her eyes flashed with anger and helplessness, saying, “Miss Nalan Lan, it was clearly you who told me that entering the Fourth Teleportation Array would definitely end in death. You asked me to push Sima You Yue in during the time where they were choosing Spirit Beast Eggs! But now you’re pushing all the responsibility onto me!”

Nalan Lan acted as if she knew this was going to happen all along and said, “Everyone look, I told you all that she was going to to say this. I think that this is something that Sima You Yue asked you to say, right?”

“Isn’t it just that you are very clear on what happened?” Sima You Yue smirked. She felt that the way Nalan Lan was acting really resembled a clown that was jumping up and down.

“Clear on what? Sima You Yue, I know that the relationship between our families is not that great, but you can’t frame me like this!”

“Sima You Yue, just what are you planning to do?” Murong An hatefully glared at Sima You Yue, feeling that Sima You Yue was doing this just to get his attention but he was increasing disgusted by him.

“Why do you care about what I want to do?” Sima You yue looked at Murong An with disdain. Looking at the way he was acting, she knew he was being narcissistic again.

Feng Zhi Xing had finally regained his calm and said, “You Yue, you’re saying that He Qiu Zhi is the one who pushed you into the Teleportation Array but it was under Nalan Lan’s orders?”

Sima You Yue nodded.

Feng Zhi Xing looked at He Qiu Zhi and with a face covered with frost, he asked, “He Qiu Zhi, do you admit to your crime?”

He Qiu Zhi took a look at the way Feng Zhi Xing was behaving and immediately knelt down, “Master Feng, I never wanted to harm Sima You Yue, it was Nalan Lan who made me do it. If it was not for her ordering me to do it, as a new student, how would I know that there would be something wrong with the Fourth Teleportation Array?”

“The entire school knows that there’s something wrong with the Fourth Teleportation Array, it’s not just Nalan Lan. On what basis do you claim that it was her who told you to do it? Do you have any evidence?” The Teaching Director said, “If not, I could say that it was someone else who asked you to do it and you just want to cover up for the one backing you.”

“My words are the very evidence! It was really Nalan Lan who asked me to do it!” He Qiu Zhi never expected that the Teaching Director would not believe what she said and was momentarily stunned.

Sima You Yue did not think that the current situation was anything out of her expectations. After all, this Teaching Director’s surname was Nalan. He was part of the Nalan Clan, of course he would say things to the benefit of Nalan Lan.

“It is a given that your words do not count as evidence.” The Teaching Director said, “If you have no other evidence, I have to cast the verdict for this issue.”

“I…” He Qiu Zhi started at Nalan Lan unresignatedly. At the point of time, she never expected that Sima You Yue would be able to survive to return. Furthermore, whenever the two of them met in private, they only had verbal agreements. Of course she would not have any other types of evidences.

“Right now, I, the Teaching Director, will announce the verdict. He Qiu Zhi has caused harm to Sima You Yue, which has violated the law of our Academy that states you may not harm another student. As a result, He Qiu Zhi must leave the Academy. She will be expelled and will no longer be under the Academy’s protection. After leaving, she is also not allowed to declare herself as a student of our Academy.” The Teaching Director proclaimed.

“Don’t, don’t expel me!” He Qiu Zhi cried as she heard that the Teaching Director has expelled her just like this, “It was really Nalan Lan who asked me to do it, she’s the real mastermind!”

“Nonsense, as of this moment you are no longer our student. If you continue to slander a student of our Academy, our Academy will not let you off lightly!” The Teaching Director hollered before turning around to face Sima You Yue, asking, “What do you think about this way of settling it?”

Sima You Yue was just waiting for the punishment that the Teaching Director would meter out against He Qiu Zhi before saying, “The punishment for the accomplice is very satisfactory, but the Teaching Director can also justly settle the main culprit.”

When the Teaching Director heard what Sima You Yue had said, his eyebrows raised involuntarily, saying, “What do you mean?”

“I mean what I said!” Sima You Yue said, “Just now, you asked for evidence but you only asked He Qiu Zhi, you didn’t ask me!”

“You’re saying that you have evidence?”

“Yes I do. Zi Qi.” Sima You Yue said as she looked towards Wei Zi Qi.

“Here.” Wei Zi Qi took out the Sound Stone and handed it over to Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue took the Sound Stone and turned to give it to Feng Zhi Xing, saying, “It’s all inside here.”

Feng Zhi Xing didn’t expect that Sima You Yue actually had a Sound Stone. Of course, he knew how to use it and poured in some Spirit Power, causing the veins on the Sound Stone to move once again.

“Director, you should listen to this carefully.” Sima You Yue smiled as she said.

“Save you? Say it, who have you provoked this time?” Nalan Lan’s voice came out from the Sound Stone.

“It’s Sima You Yue, he’s returned.” It was He Qiu Zhi’s voice.

“Sima You Yue? You say that he’s returned?”

“That’s right, I saw him today at the Academy building. He’s alive and well, he didn’t die!”

“How can this be?! Are you sure it’s him?”

The voices that came from the Sound Stone stunned He Qiu Zhi and Nalan Lan. This was the conversation they had when they were at the lakeside yesterday night at the Pavilion.

“It really was him! Miss Nalan, you said that entering the Fourth Teleportation Array would definitely mean death. It was only because I believed you that I pushed him in but now he has returned and even wants to take revenge on me. When I saw his eyes, I had goosebumps all over, he really wants to take my life! Miss Nalan, you have to save me. You’re the one who made me do it!”

“What are you so uptight about! Even if that trash came back, what can he do to us?”

“He saw that I was the one who pushed him into the Fourth Teleportation Array! He will definitely come to look for me for revenge!”

“The Academy prevents students from mutually killing each other. If one had been found with intentions to harm another, once it was found out by the Academy, the person would immediately be expelled from Academy.” Nalan Lan was calm, “As long as Sima You Yue has no evidence, he will have no way of doing anything to us. As long as you don’t accept when he comes to you looking to battle, you will not be in any danger. Anyway, does that waste even dare to come to the Academy courtyard looking for trouble with you? Could it be that you can’t even win over a waste?”

Listening up to this point, the students all started at Nalan Lan with shock. It was really her who had instigated He Qiu Zhi to do it!

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