DDFYM – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: “I’m NOT a pet!”

Sima You Yue was finishing her last dish when she heard the door open. She turned and saw Fatty Qu standing there in a daze and his mouth wide open.

“What happened?”

“You..you…really know how to cook?” Fatty Qu said.

“Do you wanna try and see if it’s poisoned?” She retorted.

Academy classes start at nine in the morning, and she woke up at the break of dawn and cultivated for awhile before started preparing breakfast.

She was very eminent on one thing, that was, she needed solid food – good food to tide through her days. In the past, unless she was out on field missions would she forsake eating and nibbled on snack bars, ration food or pills. This was deeply etched in her so she continued displaying her culinary skills here.

While cooking, she had also thought about the others living in the same courtyard as her. They would be living together for a few years, hence she decided to include in their portions as well.

Fatty Qu quickly walked over to the table and sat there, looking at the spread before him as he gulped a few times and asked: “Aren’t these all restaurant food?”

This person was simply unbelievable! Was she that untrustworthy? He simply did not have any faith in her!

“If you do not want to eat, I won’t force you.” Her eyes narrowed with a glint while serving up the last dish.

“Hahaha, of course I want to eat.” Fatty Qu quickly replied, sneakily stealing glances at the rabbit who was already nibbling by the table, seeing that it was well and alive and it had on a blissful expression while eating. What’s more, the aroma was so tantalizing, and he concluded – the food must be delicious!

At this time, another person appeared by the door and looking at the table full of appetizing dishes, he cried out in surprise: “Oh! What a spread, looks like there’s no need to go to the Academy’s cafeteria today! It smells amazing!”

Sima You Yue looked at the handsome uninvited guest who happily sat himself down by the table and thought back on how he fled yesterday, she asked in an icy tone: “You’re not afraid I’ll eat you up today?”

Wi Zi Qi’s whole body stiffened when he heard that but then he looked at the spread before him and he shrugged. “I’m afraid, but let me eat first, then I’ll continue being afraid.”


Everyone who heard that was rendered speechless.

“This is your pet?” Wei Zi Qi looked at the small unassuming bunny and asked.

When he heard Wei Zi Qi called him a ‘pet’, Little Roar was furious and glared at him, he was a Spirit Beast, THE Sacred Ancient Beast Hou!

One really could not blame Wei Zi Qi for calling Little Roar a pet, if he wanted to blame anyone, it would be on Sima You Yue’s infamous reputation for being a trash. That label made everyone believe that he was unable to establish a contract with any Spirit Beasts, and with Little Roar’s fluffy and docile appearance, one certainly wouldn’t link them as together in manner. It simply looked like an adorable pet kept for entertainment.

Sima placed the last dish on the table and replied: “Yeah, I’ve spent quite a large sum of money to buy it.”

Little Roar who had already eaten his fill, cast her a glance full of disdain and contempt as he jumped off the table and went to the garden.

Bought him? Obviously it was her who cheated him into establishing a contract! This big liar!

Looking at the expression on Little Roar, Wei Zi Qi started doubting himself, was this really just a pet?

“Alright, let’s dig in!” Fatty Qu quickly said as soon as Sima You Yue sat down.

“Wait, what about the other two?” Sima You Yue asked.

“No idea where they went, every morning it’s just me and Zi Qi who goes to class together.” Fatty Qu said impatiently, completely disregarding the other two.

“Is that so?” What game are they playing at? Acting so mysterious…

“If you go to their rooms now, you won’t find anyone.” Fatty Qu said while stuffing his mouth.

“Alright then, let’s dig in.”

She found that what she just said was completely redundant, as the dishes were being swiped away at tremendous speed while she picked up her chopsticks. She laughed and shook her head as she saw the manner and speed these other two were skillfully gobbling up all the food.

After breakfast, she went back to her room to pack up and also let Little Roar go into the Spirit Pearl.

Originally contract beasts have their own space, however he complained it was too boring hence she brought him into the Spirit Pearl to let him play with Little Spirit.

When she stepped out of her room, Fatty Qu looked at her empty hands and asked: “Where’s your pet? You’re not bringing it along?”

“Not bringing.”

Little Roar was in the Spirit Pearl but when he heard Fatty Qu calling him a ‘pet’, he was waving his claws and screaming back: “You dare call me a PET! Fatty Qu! You’d better watch out, one day this Little Master will enlighten you!”

Little Spirit cast Little Roar a contemptuous glance and mumbled: “Bloodline is good but the temper is too shabby.”

Little Roar who was still waving his claws in the air froze instantly as he turned and stared at Little Spirit for 2 seconds. Crash. He pounced onto Little Spirit.

When Sima You Yue and Fatty Qu went to the class together, it garnered a lot of attention and those who knew who she was started whispering.

“Why is he in our class?”

“Isn’t he a trash? How can he be in our class?”

“That’s so unfair! We went through so much during the selections, how can a repeat student come taint our class?”

“Do you know him?”

“Of course! He’s just a trash who can’t even sense the Spiritual Qi!”

“My god! He’s actually such trash! How is he in our class!”

“Isn’t it because his grandfather is the Great General.”

“Ugh, we are in the elite class, and we study cultivation. Can he understand anything? Even if he can,he’s a trash who can’t even cultivate, what can he do? He’s just taking up extra space!”

“Hahaha, you’re right!”

Sima You Yue glanced at these people, although they were whispering, it was all still heard by her. Seeing that only the last row of seats were available, she walked behind and sat down.

Those who were seated in front of her looked at each other and stood up, wanting to cause some trouble for her but just then, Feng Zhi Qing walked in. They helplessly sat back down in their seats.

Habitually looking at the last row of seats, when he saw Sima You Yue seated, he was surprised.

“Sima You Yue.”

“Here.” Sima You Yue was reading a book that was in the drawer and when she heard her name being called out, she looked up.

“Come out with me for a moment.” He said as he glanced at the others and continued on: “The others, review on what you have learnt yesterday.”

Sima You Yue had some apprehension when she left the classroom with him as she followed him to his office. Thinking back on how she was late for classes for a few days, could it be that he was going to expel her?

“Why did you only attend class today?” He asked, unable to detect any joy or anger in it.

Really was because of this…

She took a deep breath and replied: “There were some family circumstances, so there was a slight delay.”

He looked at her for a moment, as if trying to decipher if she was saying the truth. He seemed to be thinking of something when he suddenly said: “Come here.”

Sima You Yue had no idea what he was up to, but she still obliged and walked over to him.

He stretched out his hands and grabbed her wrist.

Sima You Yue was taken aback as her eyes widened in surprise by this sudden movement. Only when she felt her wrist was grasped by something cold, had she noticed that he had gotten hold of her. She was inwardly shocked, what level was he? She had not even noticed that he had moved and he had already grasped her wrist.

“Master Feng?” She looked at him in a puzzled manner.

What was this? Molest?

Seeing the expression of doubt and wariness in Sima You Yue’s eyes, he let go and simply said: “You can go back.”

She was still confused but since he did not mention anything, it should mean that he was not going to investigate further. Feng Zhi Xing looked at her departing back and his lips curled up as he murmured to himself: “He started cultivation already, seems like this plan will proceed quite smoothly, very soon…”

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