DDFYM – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: He is an Array Master

Sima You Yue dashed out of the academy and saw that a single guard from the General’s residence had pulled her to a stop.

“Fifth Young master, the General has asked for you to leave the Imperial Capital. This item is for you…”

Sima You Yue saw that there was an interspatial ring in the guard’s hand and immediately grabbed it from him, turning around to sprint madly to the General’s residence.

“Young Master… sigh!” That guard saw that Sima You Yue was dashing towards the General’s residence and quickly chased after her.

When Wei Zi Qi, Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei heard the commotion outside, they came out to see that Sima You Yue and Fatty Qu were running over and quickly caught up to them.

Fatty Qu chased her outside, but the moment they reached outside the academy, they could not even see the silhouette of Sima You Yue.

“Fatty, what happened?” Wei Zi Qi and the others pulled Fatty Qu back to ask.

“Something big has happened at the General’s Residence!” Fatty Qu slapped his thigh as he cried out.

“What happened?” Bei Gong Tang asked.


The violent strike caused the entire ground to shake.

“This… This it the fighting strength of a Spirit Saint!” Ouyang Fei looked towards the direction of the battle in shock.

Fatty Qu said worriedly, “I don’t know where three Spirit Saints came from, but there is even an Spirit Overlord and Spirit King who came to the General’s residence to find trouble. Right now, one of them is fighting with the General!”

“What?! That You Yue just ran over there like that, isn’t it really dangerous?” Wei Zi Qi said worriedly.

“That’s right. I chased her out here, but she disappeared the moment I took my eyes off her!” Fatty Qu said.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Bei Gong Tang said as she ran towards the Academy gate.

The academy entrance was already filled with many students who were inside, and the entrance was so packed that there was no space for even water to pass.

The main gate was closed at new teaching director stood on a higher ground, saying to the students below, “It’s dangerous outside now, the Academy has decided to lock the Academy gate and erect an array that will protect the academy. No other students will be allowed outside! Activate the array-”

Just as he was speaking, a blue ray of light slowly illuminated the entire school. Not a single person inside could leave and not a single person outside could enter.

“What do we do now? You Yue is still outside!” Fatty Qu said anxiously.

“Once the great Array activates, we will definitely be unable to leave unless we turn it off. All those on the outside have no choice but to wait as well.” Wei Zi Qi said.

Bei Gong Tang looked towards the people who were fighting in the air, muttering, “You better not let anything happen to you…”

In mid-air, Sima Lie looked at Sima Kai as both his hands were placed in front of his chest. His hands quickly formed a seal, and the Spiritual Qi of the fire attribute followed his actions, quickly condensing together slowly forming a flame sword.

“Raging Inferno Slash-”

The Flame Sword’s range was three metres as it slashed towards Sima Kai.

“I never thought that Big Brother Lie’s Raging Inferno Slash would actually reach such a high level!” Sima Qing looked at the Flame Sword then looked at Sima Kai. However, she didn’t make a single move.

Sima Kai watched the large blade swing down and increased his speed, and it was actually evenly matched to Sima Lie’s speed.

The previous time, he was precisely injured by this move. This time, he was unable to use the six-toed Devil Mouse, and it seemed like he was going to be injured again.

However, if Sima Lie dared to hurt him, Sima Lie better not think that he would live past today.

Sima You Yue ran to the General’s residence, and it was currently a giant field of chaos. The door had already been broken into two, and the house was completely trashed. It was fortunate that all the people inside had already evacuated and nobody was trapped inside.

“Big brothers!” Sima You Yue saw Sima You Ming and the others, who were fainted on these ruins and quickly ran over.

“Fifth Young Master, what are you doing here!” The steward saw Sima You Yue and said worriedly, “You have to quickly escape while they still haven’t noticed you!”

“There’s no way I could escape on my own!” Sima You Yue stopped in front of Sima You Ming and the others. She took a look at their bodies and ascertained that they were fine before heaving a sigh of relief. She turned and faced Sima Lie in the sky, asking, “Who is that man in the air?”

“The General said just now that he was the one who had injured him the previous time. However, he didn’t say who it was.” The steward replied, “Young Master, you better escape!”

“They have already noticed me.” Sima You Yue stood up and looked coldly at Sima Kai.

It was precisely this guy that had the six-toed Devil Mice, that he used to secretly attack Grandfather and wound him.

Just as Sima Lie’s Flame Sword was about to slash down, Sima Kai’s Raging Inferno Slash slowly emerged, as he quickly used it to block Sima Lie’s blade.

“You weren’t my match a few months, and there’s no difference now! The last time, I was injured by your sneak attack, but this time, I will not make the same mistake. I will definitely take your life!” SIma Lie said as he saw how Sima Kai’s blade had been slightly scattered by his own blade.

SIma Kai looked at how his own blade was slowly scattering. In a few more moments, Sima Lie’s blade would slash at him.

It was precisely at this moment that Sima Lin, who had remained unmoving the entire time, took action. With a single thought, Sima Lie and Sima Kai’s blades were completely frozen. No matter how those two tried to move, their Flame Blades would no longer listen to the commands of these two people.

“Space seal!” Sima You Yue saw Sima Lin’s actions and cried out with shock.

S1ma Lin never thought that someone would be able to recognise his move, and glanced downwards. He saw a lone figure standing upright amongst the ruins.

“Disperse.” His voice was languid, but it was like thunder, penetrating straight into Sima You Yue’s heart.

The Flame Sword that had been sealed actually no longer had the support of the Fire-based Spiritual Qi, slowly scattering according to what he said.



As his own Spiritual Skill had been forcefully dispersed, Sima Kai and Sima Lie each both suffered a backlash and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. They both grasped their chests and retreated back a few metres.

“Big Brother Lie, are you okay!” SIma Qing saw that Sima Lie was injured and dashed downwards immediately. She came beside him and looked at him with concern.

Sima Lie saw that Sima Qing had dashed over without caring for her own safety. He patted her hair just as he did when she was younger, saying, “Still okay, still okay. I still have Qing’er, who’s still the same as before.”

The rims of Sima Qing’s eyes reddened as she said, “Brother Lie, don’t fight back anymore. Big Brother is already fast approaching the rank of Spirit Paragon; you won’t be able to defeat him! Just return with us, we’ll go back to clarify what happened that year.”

“Qing’er, do you think I still am able to clarify what happened that year?” Sima Lie gave a bitter smile, “If that were really possible, we would not have had any need to flee that time, either!”

“Brother Lie-” Sima Qing saw that Sima Lie’s eyes held traces of pain and bit on her lower lip. She wanted to persuade him, but was unable to speak a word.

“Lie, the things done that year have not yet been clarified and made clear. You brought that Raging Inferno Blow with you and left, so you have to come with us today.” Sima Lin looked at Sima LIe, “If the Clan truly feels that you have committed a crime, if they wanted to banish you, they would just make you come back again.”

“Sima Lie, although you are a Spirit Saint, you are wounded. If you still don’t come with us, don’t blame us for punishing you here right now!” Sima Ke even cast a glance downwards to Sima You Yue and the others as he said this.

“Grandfather, no!” Sima You Yue saw the murderous intent in Sima Kai and Sima Ke’s eyes and shouted, “Even if you go with them, you still will die. Why don’t you fight a battle to the death right here. Even if we really die, we will take these two down with us! Little Roar-”

Little Roar came out and enlarged himself as Sima You Yue sat on his back. They came beside Sima Lie, facing off Sima Lin and the others.


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