DDFYM – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Holding on to a frying pan

“Bei Gong, escape quickly!”

Wei Zi Qi’s group of three shouted anxiously as they watched the scene in front of them with eyes turning red.

Bei Gong Tang helplessly looked at the tail that was coming down on her. It had already proven its prowess just now; if she got hit by it again, she really would end up paying a visit to Yama, the King of Hell.

However, she was unable to move as her leg was already broken. It was hard to move any part of her body. She had no choice but to close her eyes and wait for his final strike.

“Meng Ji, I’m sorry. I can no longer wait for you to awaken. Mum, younger brother, sorry, I can’t fulfill our promise, I’m coming back to you all…”

However, the pain that she imagined did not come. Instead, she heard a clang and the sound of the snake tail hitting the ground beside her.

“You Yue?!”

Bei gong Tang heard the shouts of surprise as she opened her eyes to see Sima You Yue’s steady back. His hand was holding onto a weapon and it was actually…a frying pan!

Sima You Yue turned around and looked at her,saying, “Bei Gong, I’ve arrived.”

If not for the fact that the weapon in her hand was too amusing, Bei Gong would definitely have felt that the current Sima You Yue was extremely eye catching. It was a pity that silly weapon really ruined her image too much.

Sima You Yue noticed that Bei Gong Tang’s gaze was on the frying pan in her hands and she smirked, saying, “ The situation was too urgent so I had to make do.”

She was also rendered completely speechless by the frying pan in her hands. As she was charging over, that Acacia Silk Snake was already going to strike Bei Gong Tang. She had no time to think it through and directly shouted for Ling Long. However, she didn’t know that Ling Long just happened to be transforming and happened to have just changed into a frying pan as she was taken out.

Using a frying pan to save a person… she had never heard about anyone like this since the beginning of time.

Ling Long was also filled with limitless resentment when faced with Sima You Yue’s disdain. Her image… Sima You Yue had completely destroyed it.

Everyone awoke from their initial shock before remembering what situation they were currently in.

“You Yue, leave quickly, this territory belongs to the Acacia Silk Snake. Once you smell the fragrance it shoots out, men will lose all strength!” Bei Gong Tang shouted anxiously.

Sima You Yue glanced over at the Acacia silk Snake’s 7 inch area that was thrashing about on the ground after being beaten by her. There was the badly wounded Bei Gong Tang as well as Wei Zi Qi’s limp and weak but unharmed group of three, together with Ya Guang. She understood why they would actually fall to this Acacia Silk Snake that had just increased its rank to Saint Ranked.
Sima You Yue bent over and carried Bei Gong Tang and carried her over beside Wei Zi Qi and the others. She took out a Jade pill bottle and said, “Are you still able to feed yourself some medicine?”

Bei Gong Tang nodded and grabbed on to Sima You Yue’s hand, saying, “You Yue, you’re not a girl and will get poisoned right away. Quickly run away while the Acacia Silk Snake hasn’t come over yet!”

“Yeah, You Yue, escape quickly!” Fatty Qu said to Sima You Yue as he lay paralysed on top on Ya Guang’s body.
Although Wei Zi Qi and Ouyang Fei didn’t say anything, the meaning behind the gaze in their eyes was clear enough to tell her what they thought.

“Ah! Damned human, I’m going to kill you!” The Acacia Silk Snake was refreshed after its momentary rest as it spat at her.
The seventh inch was the snake species’ most vulnerable place. After being maliciously attacked, it took a long while before the snake could move again.

“You Yue…” Bei Gong Tang pushed Sima You Yue, wanting him to run away quickly.

Sima You Yue patted her hand, saying, “Don’t worry. It’s useless against me.”

After speaking, she picked up the frying pan that she had tossed aside and stood up. Standing in front of the few of them, she stared directly at the Acacia Silk Snake.

“ I never knew that a snake like you existed. All male are unable to stand against you, allowing you to live on disgracefully until now. This young master feels like drinking some snake soup, why don’t you contribute?”

The Acacia Silk Snake laughed coldly upon Sima You Yue’s provocation, saying, “Presumptuous kid, how long has it already been since you arrived here. In a moment, you will be like all the other males and lose your strength. You’re actually acting so rashly even now!”
Sima You Yue tightened her grasp on the frying pan in her hand, saying, “ I’ve already told you that it’s useless on me. Otherwise, how would I be able to retain my strength until now?”

“Impossible” The Acacia Silk Snake trusted fully in its own abilities and was quite puzzled towards the fact that Sima You Yue had yet to lie paralysed on the ground.

“What’s so impossible about it?” Sima You Yue smiled as she said, “When did I ever say I was a man?”

After she finished speaking, she took advantage of that momentary period where it was stunned and charged up.

A Saint Beast was currently not at the level where she could defeat it alone. She had to take advantage of the time where it was caught off guard in order to attack its 7th inch. Only this way would she attain victory.

The Acacia Silk Snake quickly returned to its senses. With a wave of its tail, it directly attacked Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue flashed towards the left, narrowly avoiding the attack. She even used the chance to move closer by a few steps, decreasing her distance from the Acacia Silk Snake.
Fatty Qu and the others were also stunned by what Sima You Yue had said. They stared blankly at her who was fighting with the Acacia Silk Snake with minds still reeling from that sentence.
“When did I ever say I was a man?”
If he wasn’t a man, that meant she was a woman?
The four of them didn’t believe it. However, she was not affected by the Acacia Silk Snake’s fragrance and was still battling it with full strength. Fighting up, down, left and right… it looked like her energy supply was completely fine.
As a result, everyone quickly accepted this piece of shocking news-
Sima You Yue was actually female!

“Fifth Ranked Spirit Master!”

Even before that surprising piece of news had settled, because Sima You Yue was using Spirit Power, it revealed to them her real level of strength. They were given another huge shock.

“I’m not seeing things wrongly right?” Fatty Qu wanted to stretch out his hand to rub his eyes, but because he couldn’t move, he could only try his best to blink his eyes in order to ascertain that his eyes weren’t blurred.

“Really never expected that Sima You Yue’s strength actually reached Fifth Ranked Spirit Master already.” Wei Zi Qi sighed with admiration.
“Fifth Ranked Spirit Master battling a Saint Beast…” Ouyang Fei didn’t complete his sentence but everyone understood what he meant.

Spirit Warriors, Spirit Masters and Great Spirit Masters were able to battle with lowly ranked Spirit Beasts. Highly Ranked Great Spirit Masters, Spirit Kings and Spirit Overlords were able to battle Saint Beasts. This Acacia Silk Snake was already a first ranked Saint Beast and, at the very least, would need a Great Spirit Master in order to be its match.

However, Sima You Yue was currently only a Fifth Ranked Spirit Master. The outcome of her wanting to defeat a Saint Beast was obvious.
“I believe that Sima You Yue is not a rash person. Since she was able to step forward, it should be no problem.” Fatty Qu watched Sima You Yue’s back profile with an unwavering gaze. He did not know when he began to trust in her so fully.
“I believe in her as well.” Bei Gong Tang said.

After eating the pill that Sima You Yue had given her, the pain from her wounds had gradually subsided and her voice did not sound as weak.

“The thrills that Sima You Yue has given us today is really not little. Being a mere Spirit Master that wants to battle a Saint Beast is something that not everyone can accomplish.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Who knows, she may be able to pull off a miracle!” Bei Gong Tang looked directly at Sima you Yue.

She believed that Sima You Yue did not speak irresponsibly. When Sima You Yue was talking to her, she saw the confidence in Sima You Yue’s eyes. That look made her believe that she would definitely perform a miracle today!

Ouyang Fei watched Sima You Yue. He also wanted to believe that she would be able to defeat the Acacia Silk Snake, however, the difference in rank was really too great. Would she really be able to perform a miracle?


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