DDFYM – Chapter 42

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Translated by Socksrocker

Chapter 42: “A Badly Injured Soul”

Wu Lingyu was meditating inside the cave, as he slowly gathered his soul together.

His Master had mentioned it before- his soul was not complete and half of his soul was missing. As such, as the years went by and as he grew older, his body also became increasingly weak because that half of a soul was unable to support his increasingly strong body.

Aside from his body growing increasingly weak, there was also a another problem, which would be the fact that he would faint periodically. Furthermore, he would be unable to use any spirit power for a period of time after waking from his unconsciousness. He had to rely on the medicinal pill that his Master prepared for him in order to slowly restore his soul.

He practiced for a whole day yet Sima You Yue never came back. He stood up and went outside the cave only to realise that it was already dusk.

“Master, she wouldn’t have left after you gave her the pill, right?” Another contractual beast that Wu Lingyu had, cautiously said as was floating in the contractual space.

A similar thought momentarily flashed by, as Wu Lingyu pondered on it for a while. However, thinking about her pair of clear eyes, he shook his head, saying, “She wouldn’t.”

He had just spoken these words when Sima You Yue’s silhouette appeared at the other end of the canyon. Because she didn’t expect that Wu Lingyu would be at the cave entrance, she stared blankly when she saw him.

Wu Lingyu noticed that there was something off about the way Sima You Yue was walking and asked indifferently, “You’re hurt?”

“A shallow wound.” Sima You Yue’s right hand covered her left arm, “Why are you outside?”

“Came outside to check the time and see why you hadn’t returned.” Wu Lingyu replied.

“Relax, I’m a man of character and my words carry weight. Since I’ve taken your reward, I won’t leave by myself.” Sima You Yue said this and walked past him to enter the cave.

“This brat, still so sensitive.” Wu Lingyu smiled.

Sima You Yue returned to the cave and lay on the bed. Although she had eaten the medicinal pill, the wound of her arm still ached dully, reminding her of all that she had experienced today.

This morning, when she had fought with the Fire Lizard, she had fully depended on the senses of her body and experiences of her previous life an assassin in order to win.

When the Fire Lizard had died, Ya Guang told her that people tended to bring the carcass back with them after killing any spirit beast because their bodies were relatively tougher and could be sold. Furthermore, there was a crystal core in their head. These crystal cores were a crucial item in pill concoction and could be sold for a good price.

So she called out for Ling Long and got her to change into a dagger. She split the Fire Lizard open right there to look for the crystal core in its head. She also conveniently split the meat on its body.

Although she had gained some spoils of war, her body also suffered a series of injuries.

By the time she had finished doing all these, it was already afternoon. She made herself a simple lunch but before she had finished eating, a Golden Leopard had found her by following the scent of her blood.

This Golden Leopard was of a similar ranking to the Fire Lizard. However, it had lived much longer than the Fire Lizard and so its battle ability was higher by quite a lot. It’s agility was it’s best attribute and it used it to it’s advantage. Because Sima You Yue had already expanded quite a bit of spirit energy in the morning, she had yet to fully recover. It was only with much difficulty that she managed to win the Golden Leopard and even received a wound from it on her arm, and it even slammed her whole body to the ground. However, that beast still died in the end.

She had battled two Spirit Beasts in one day and even received injuries. This allowed her to experience the strength of their combat abilities for the first time.

Despite all that, she had still come out victorious. It was just that her body was tired beyond belief and her arm was still bleeding. She took out the medicine from her interspatial ring. However, because it had been eaten by that guy Wu Lingyu, she could not find a high quality pill and could only randomly take a bottle out, so the effect was not that fast.

She stood up and stored the carcass away in the Spirit Pearl and rested for quite a long time. She waited for her wound to close before calling out Ya Guang.

“Master, it was too dangerous just now. You should have called us out.” Ya Guang said the moment it came out.

“This kind of danger doesn’t count for much, it’s not like a matter of life and death.” Sima You Yue said.

“But Master, you’re injured.”Ya Guang said with heartache.

Sima You Yue patted Ya Guang’s head and said, “If a person wants to grow, one needs to learn independence. If one thinks of relying on others from the onset, it will be hard for a person to grow.”

Ya Guang pondered over this for a moment and said, “Master, I understand.”

“Alright, I don’t have anymore strength left today to fight. Let’s go back.” After saying this, she sat on Ya Guang’s back and let him take her back to the canyon.

Thinking back on the morning fight, Sima You Yue felt a bit of excitement. She realised that she was much better at utilising her body’s spirit power today than she was yesterday. It had been such a long time since she had fought a good battle that her entire body was cheering.

However, she also knew that her body was currently insufficient and so had suffered injuries during battle.

“It looks like I not only need to engage in battles, I also need to train this body.” Sima You Yue said this and then closed her eyes and slept.

Wu Lingyu took a stroll around the canyon and saw Sima You Yue sleeping when he came back.

“Gone out for an entire day, and even sustaining injuries when you came back. What exactly did you do today?” Wu Lingyu muttered softly.

When he arrived at the bedside, the originally sleeping Sima You Yue opened her eyes for awhile. She saw that it was him and continued to sleep.

“This brat is so alert.” Wu Lingyu gave a sigh and removed his shoes. He came to the bed and lay down.

It was unknown whether it was because he had not yet eaten today or because he was thinking about where she had gone today, but he was unable to sleep. However, he was already accustomed to having this brat beside him. Even if they were sleeping on the same bed, he no longer reject it like he did before.

However, this was the first time that he had removed his halo and had interacted with someone else like an ordinary person.

Since the beginning, he had always been revered, like the stars surrounding the moon. He was like the moon and he was constantly surrounded by admirers. Later on, when he had ascended to the position of the Holy Son of the Sage Pavilion, his identity became even more untouchable. No matter where he went, he received more than a little respect and attention.

Being saved by someone, eating and sleeping like a regular person, especially having to wait for someone to come back, it could be said that these days had experiences he never had before.

It could be because of the change in environment. This was how he explained it to himself.

On the second day, Sima You Yue woke up very early once again. The medicine had healed yesterday’s wounds by quite a bit so she went out to make some breakfast. She carried it back in, preparing to place it down to Wu Ling Wu but she saw that he had already woken up.

“You’ve woken up so early.” Sima You Yue said with a bit of astonishment.

“Couldn’t sleep so I woke up.” Wu Lingyu said, “You’ve already made breakfast?”

“Yup. Sima You Yue put the food on the table and said, “Since you’re already woken up, let’s eat together.”

Wu Lingyu came to the side of the table and sat down, while Sima You Yue placed his share of breakfast in front of him.

It was in line with his expectations that today’s breakfast was different from the one he had before.

Sima You Yue sat opposite him and didn’t say a word, only immersing herself in eating.

Wu Lingyu saw Sima You Yue’s appearance and, although she had male garb on, he strangely felt that he was sitting across a picturesque wife.

Wife? Thinking of how he had actually thought of this term, his heart started to pound indescribably.

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