DDFYM – Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: A ruckus in the Sima Clan

In the three years that they hadn’t met, Sima Ke had actually advanced to a Spirit Saint!


The Sima Clansmen were all seated quite far from Sima You Yue and were not in time to stop it. Furthermore, Ma Li’s strength was not comparable to Sima Yi and could not block his move.

“Fifth Bro!” Sima You Ming and the others watched him attack and were so afraid that their hearts were about to leap out of their chests.

Sima Lie stood beside Sima You Yue. When he saw the attack, his first reaction was to pull Sima You Yue into his embrace, turning around to put his back to the attack.

A white ray flashed in from the outside and stopped in front of them. With a swipe of his claw, the crisis was easily averted.

“Fifth Ranked Divine Beast!”

Everyone shouted in surprise as they could see Thousand Resonance’s rank.

Sima Ke saw Thousand Resonance who appeared and he, who had just advanced to the rank of Spirit Saint, was far from being able to compare with him.

“No wonder you dare act so unbridled, you had something to rely on!” Sima Yi’s eyes were malicious as he looked at Sima Lin and Sima You Yue, “But even if this is the case, you will still be unable to keep your life today! You dare kill my Sima Clansmen so you better forget about taking one step out of the Sima Residence!”

Sima You Yue came out from Sima Lie’s embrace and placed him behind herself, saying fearlessly to Sima Yi, “I already said just now for you to punish them yourselves, but you were the ones who didn’t want to. Since that’s the case, I could only do it myself.”

“What right do you have to determine their life or death?!” Someone accused.

Sima You Yue snorted coldly, “The wounds on the bodies of Grandfather and the others were not inflicted just today, right? Since they dare to harm my family, they must have a death wish!”

“Second Brother, don’t talk too much with her. He killed You Ze, you have to take revenge on my behalf!” Sima Ke’s eyes were bloodshot as he glared daggers at Sima You Yue.

“You can relax, no outsider can just wantonly kill our fourth direct line!” Sima Yi said, “You just have one Spirit Beast, but we don’t have just one Spirit Paragon here!”

In order to accompany his words, those who had accused Sima You Yue just now, released their Spirit Paragon pressures.

When they saw this, Sima You Ming and the others were all anxious for Sima You Yue and wanted her to leave quickly.

“You Yue, let Thousand Resonance take you and escape.”

“That’s right, their Spirit Beasts would be at Spirit Saint or Spirit Paragon’s level of power. You can talk after you leave.”

“So what if you have many Spirit Paragons?” Sima You Yue was not anxious at all, saying, “I have a friend who can take care of everything by himself.”

“Shameless boasting!” Sima Yi chastised.

“Did I speak untrue?” Sima You Yue looked at them, saying, “I initially wanted to just take my people with me and go to avoid wasting time. However, I wanted to test and see whether your characters were worth my Grandfather and the others acknowledging their roots. However, you really disappointed us.”

Hearing her speak this way, even Sima Lin and Sima Qing’s expessions turned ugly.

“RIght now, I’m going to take my Grandfather and the others with me. I want to see who can stop me!” Sima You Yue glanced at Fatty Qu and the others and they all came to Sima You Ran and the others, each supporting one and headed outside.

“Men, capture them!” Sima Yi shouted.

Sima You Yue and the others supported Sima Lie and the other four to the house as many Spirit Overlords and Spirit Saints came down from the sky, surrounding the house.

Sima Yi and the others flew out from the large hall.

Sima Ke looked poisonously at Sima Lie and immediately rushed up, wanting to kill him.

Ma Li finally regained his senses from the sudden change and ran out. He looked at the battle array and shouted at Sima Yi, “Sima Yi, I already said that I would ensure this little kid would be able to exit the Sima residence safely, do you mean to have a falling out with me here?”

Sima You Yue looked at Ma Li. She never thought that this old guy would actually really think of protecting her.

“If he didn’t kill my lackey nor try to take the traitor away, I would naturally let him leave. But he killed You Ze and even want to take these people away. I have no choice but to take his life today!”

Sima You Yue looked at Sima Yi and said coldly when she heard what he said, “Halcyon, I want his life.”

Those words were said lightly, but they shocked everyone.

“Ha ha ha-” Sima Yi bellowed with laughed, “Someone like you wants my life? This is the funniest joke I have ever heard.”

Sima You Yue ignored him and pointed at Sima Ke, saying, “As well as this one.”

She had wanted to kill him three years ago. She never thought that, during this three years, he was unable to kill Grandfather but had let his own grandson continuously bring people to beat them mercilessly.

“No more?” Halcyon asked.

Sima You Yue turned around to study Sima You Ming and the others, saying, “Brothers, who do you want to kill?”

SIma You Ran looked at Sima You Ming and saw that her eyes held unconcealable rage, replying with a smile, “Just these two. We will take our own revenge on the rest.”

“Okay.” Sima You Yue nodded.

She loved to take revenge with her own hands, so she understood how Sima You Ran felt.

“Halcyon, I want to take Grandfather and the others back to recover. After you kill them, I’ll give you a Golden Snake Fruit.”

Halcyon’s eyebrows were raised, how did she know he wanted a Golden Snake Fruit?

“You still have Golden Snake Fruits?” After hearing what she said, Ma Li’s eyes started to shine, saying, “Why don’t I help you kill them too, then you give me a Golden Snake Fruit, okay?”


The Sima Clansmen were rendered speechless by Ma Li’s words. Did he really plan to fall out with the Sima Clan?

“Ma Li, the Alchemist Guild is moved by more than just you alone. Can you think properly about whether or not you want to make the Sima Clan your enemy?” Sima Ke shouted.

At this time, Halcyon acted. He merely stood where he was and stretched forth his hand and lightly pointed but Sima Ke felt that he had been restricted.

“Scatter.” Halcyon’s voice was light, but his deep voice was intoxicating. Despite that, the words he said were bone-chilling.

When he finished speaking, Sima Ke did not even have time to call out before he exploded into a mist of blood, with nothing remaining.


Everyone was so terrified by Halcyon that they took two steps back. He has just pointed lightly at a Spirit Saint and killed him just like that. This was too terrifying!

“Even if you’ve advanced from a Spirit Overlord to a Spirit Saint, the outcome is still the same!” Sima You Yue said.

Sima Yi looked at Halcyon and a wave of fear rose from the bottom of his heart as he asked, “Who are you?”

He released a wave of his Sacred Beast pressure and all the people and beasts in the air fell down.

“Sacred- Sacred Beast!”

“It really is…”

Aside from Sima You Yue and the others, everyone on site was suppressed by the Sacred Beast Pressure. Each and every single one of them felt like their were suffocating.

Halcyon stretched forth a hand and sucked in Sima Yi, who flew into his hand.

“Don’t, don’t kill me!” Sima Yi was terrified. Even though he had already reached the level of Spirit Paragon, he was no match for a Sacred Beast.

“Please be lenient!” The voice of an old man was heard.

“This aura… it’s Seventh Grandfather.” Sima Lie raised his head and looked behind the mountain. His voice carried with it a trace of emotion.

“Lie’er, you’re back.” That voice said.

“Seventh Grandfather , you’re still alive…” Sima Lie started to tremble because he was too excited.

“Still have half a breath left.” The Sima Ancestor said, “If it was not for the aura of the Sacred Beast waking me up, I would still be in seclusion. Please senior, please be lenient.”

Everyone looked to Sima You Yue. Even Halcyon looked at her.

“Kill.” Sima You Yue did not hesitate and ordered coldly.

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