DDFYM – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Something happened again!

Mo Shan didn’t deny it because his primary objective for teaching her alchemy really was because he had this goal in mind.

“I’m going back. News about the person who stole the Golden Snake Fruit possessing a Four Winged Roc will spread very quickly. It’s best for you to keep him and go back on your own. In any case, with your current level of strength, nobody will suspect you.

Mo Sha entered the Spirit Peal after speaking and came beside the Golden Snake Fruit Tree.

Little Spirit already planted the Golden Snake Fruit Tree into a large flower pot. Although there was the situation where it just changed its soil, the Golden Snake Fruit did not suffer much damage.

“I specially planted it in this flower pot.” Little Spirit appeared beside Mo Sha and said, “This needs to absorb moonlight at night in order to change it into strength, so this will be more convenient when she wants to take it out in the future.”

“Mm, your idea is not bad.” Mo Sha nodded in approval as his soul floated beside the Golden Snake Fruit Tree and sat down as he closed his eyes and began his meditation.

When Little Spirit saw this, he disappeared as wordlessly as when he came.

When Mo Sha left, Sima You Yue let Little Roc choose a place to land before keeping him into the Spirit Pearl.

Mo Sha was right, news of her leaving on the Four Winged Roc probably already reached Salt City. If she returned while sitting on him, she might end up attracting unnecessary trouble.

However, if she pretended to get rid of him on her return, a Spirit Master with no special rank would definitely not attract any attention at all. In any case, she had already arrived in the central region and it was no longer too dangerous for her.

Hugging Little Roar in her embrace, she chose a large and tall tree and crawled up to the lush foliage in a moment. She chose a relatively thick branch before lying on it and sleeping through the night.

When early morning came and the first light of dawn shone on her face, she woke up and hopped onto the ground with a twist of her body. She clapped her hands, letting Little Roar choose a direction to head towards the outer regions and begin travelling.

After walking for half a day, she encountered a group of people who were leaving as well. Although, when they first saw her, they didn’t manage to link her up with the person yesterday, they were still surprised when they saw that she was wandering around the central regions alone.

Sima You Yue directly disregarded their appraising looks and was neither interested in those people nor talking to them.

She communicated with Ya Guang while she was rushing down and realised that they did not really leave that far and planned on going back together with them.

Little Roar was lying down on Sima You Yue’s shoulder the entire time and didn’t use his use his own effort to walk at all. However, because he was chatting the entire way, Sima You Yue also felt like the journey was not that far.

“Master, help!”

Sima You Yue was just joking with Little Roar when she suddenly heard Ya Guang’s cry for help.

“Ya Guang, what’s wrong?” When she heard his shout, she asked anxiously.

“Master, come quickly, we can’t hold on anymore, you must come now!”

Ya Guang went silent after he finished speaking, causing Sima You Yue to jump up in front. She only calmed down when she felt his connection with her.

“Little Roar!” Sima You Yue immediately shouted.

“Yue Yue, come up.”

Little Roar enlarged his body big enough for Sima You Yue to sit on top before bringing her to fly through the air.

It really seemed as if the distance that separated them was not large as a strong smell of blood came around half an hour later. There was also a dull fragrance coming from the air.

“Oh no, Yue Yue, I don’t have anymore strength.” Little Roar suddenly shouted.

“Little Roar, what’s wrong with you?” Sima You Yue could feel like Little Roar was not normal and asked.

“Yue Yue, this air is strange. It’s like it’s sucking out all the energy in my body.” Little Roar stopped and his eyes started to lose focus.

Sima You Yue felt for a bit and knew that they were not far from where Ya Guang was. So much so that she could barely hear sounds of them fighting. The battle must be taking place somewhere not too far in front of her.

“Little Roar, go back first and leave the rest to me.”

Sima You Yue got down and kept Little Roar into the Spirit Peal to let Little Spirit take care of him before rushing towards the front. Suddenly, she realised that a few silhouettes were hiding in the area in front of her. It looked like those people were peeping over at what was happening over there.

“Boss, never thought that those people would be able to hold up against that Acacia Silk Snake for such a long time.”

“Right now, they’re relying on that Bei Gong Tang to hold up against it. If she falls, the other three won’t be able to hold on.”

“No matter what, this time, they’re doomed for sure!”

“Haha, Boss is truly wise. You’re actually able to lead them to the territory of the Acacia Silk Snake.”

The man who was referred to as Boss gave a cold snort, saying, “Didn’t expect that the wolf pack the last time didn’t manage to kill them and we actually ran into them here. It’s just a pity that Sima You Yue is not here, otherwise, we’d be able to eliminate them all in one fell swoop!”

“Since they’re all here, I think that Sima You Yue should be nearby. As long as we settle the four of them, that waste will fall within your grasp.”

Sima You Yue quietly snuck towards them and heard their conversation clearly. She laughed coldly in her heart. She just knew that there was something off about the Fire Wolf pack the last time, it turns out that these people were the perpetrators!

With a single though, a jade bottle appeared in her hand. She opened the cap and threw the bottle towards the middle of those people.

Those who were watching Bei Gong Tang bear the brunt of the force relentlessly heard a sound and turned their head in order to see what happened and realised that Sima You Yue was standing not too far from them, watching them with a cold air.

“Sima You Yue, when did you manage to come behind us?” That man shouted with surprise.

When they heard that man’s voice, the others turned around as well. One of them was the one who was chased by that pack of wolves.

“So it was you who caused the situation to happen that time!” Sima You Yue glared at them as her eyes flashed with unconcealed bloodlust.

The few of them were intimidated by her imposing manner. Was this really the aura of a waste?

“Sima You Yue, what do you want?”

Hearing sounds of the battle in front of her, Sima You Yue glanced over at the front and happened to see that Bei Gong Tang was sent flying by a hit from the tail of the Acacia Silk Snake. Her heart filled with anxiousness, saying, “You all will find out what I want to do in a moment!”

“Are you still thinking of saving them?” The Boss looked at Sima You Yue, “We initially planned to kill you all secretly, however, since you’ve discovered us, we’ll directly send you to the gates of hell!”

“That will depend on whether or not you have the ability!” Sima You Yue directly went past them when she finished speaking and charged towards the empty space in front.

The few of them wanted to attack her, but they realised that at an unknown time, they could no longer move a muscle.

Bei Gong Tang was whipped by the Acacia Silk Snake’s tail and was sent flying heavily, sending a cloud of dust flying as she landed.


A sweet taste rose up in her throat as a mouthful of blood spurted out. There were even some particles mixed into to the blood that was sprayed on the ground.

“Bei Gong, quickly run away! Don’t care about us anymore!” Wei Zi Qi lay on the ground shouting at Bei Gong Tang.

Bei Gong Tang thought about how, ever since she had crawled up from the ground, she had failed in both times she had tried. With one hand clasped on the ground and another grasping her chest, her face was a sheet of white as she looked towards the Acacia Silk Snake in front of her. She said weakly, “ Since you’ve said that time that we were a team, there’s no way I can throw you aside and not care about you!”

“You silly show off girlie, it’s a pity that I don’t like these kind of people!” That Acacia Silk Snake flung its tail towards Bei Gong Tang, “Never thought that a person would be able to hold up against me for so long, I’ll send you to hell right now. Relax, with a single hit from my tail, you won’t feel the pain of death.”

After speaking, its tail rose high in the sky as it looked at the body of Bei Gong Tang, its target.


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