DDFYM – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: Little Roar gets into trouble

Sima You Yue sat on Little Roar as they returned to Sofia Mountain Range. When she returned, Fatty Qu just happened to be battling Wei Zi Qi.

The five of them truly pulled no punches whenever they fought with each other. They really wanted to battle to see who was stronger. It was only true real battles that they would be able to grow stronger.

They truly did not want the situation to occur where they would only know how to cultivate, but were useless when it came to real battles.

Sima You Yue drifted beside Bei Gong Tang. Little Roar left on his own to go and play.

She was not concerned about Little Roars safety because he was an ancient beast. As a result, no matter how high the rank, he would always be able to play easily with others and other Spirit beasts would not hurt him.

Bei Gong Tang nodded towards Sima You Yue, asking, “Done?”

“Mm, I’ve already handed it over to Uncle Fu and the others.” Sima You Yue said, “seeing that Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi were going to conclude their battle soon, she sighed, “Fatty Qu’s speed is so much quicker than before!”

“Mm, he’s lost quite a bit of weight. Looks like it is of benefit to him.” Ouyang Fei said.

“Fatty Qu’s lost a few tens of kilograms these few months, right? In the future, when he’s not fat anymore, do we still call him Fatty?” Sima You Yue touched her chin as she pondered.

“I’m a bit unaccustomed to seeing him when he’s not fat.” Bei Gong Tang said.

When Fatty Qu heard them discussing about his figure, he wordlessly rolled his eyes. However, his movements did not slow.

He was no longer the same guy who would care and pay attention to what others said, like he did when he first entered the mountain. He was now thick skinned. The hardship he went through these few months really caused him to mature.

After Wei Zi Qi and fatty Qu battled for half an hour, it was finally Wei Zi Qi who was slightly stronger.

Although Fatty Qu lost, his heart did not feel bitter at all. He lay on the ground with a big grin, “Ha ha, this time, I persevered for a long time. Zi Qi, I will surpass you soon!”

“I’ll wait.” Wei Zi said without backing down.

After the two of them rested, Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei began to battle. Not long after they started, they heard Little Roar howl and come dashing towards them.

“Yu Yue, run quickly. Bandits are coming!”

Sima You Yue cast a glance towards the direction that Little Roar came running towards and was stunned. Damn, what the hell was that group of Divine Beasts!!

Little Roar flew in front as the group of divine beasts chased them from behind. Their malicious appearances revealed that Little Roar had infuriated them and were currently chasing him down to kill him.

“Yue Yue, save me!” Little Roar looked at Sima You Yue from afar and quickly flew towards her.

Sima You Yue finally reacted and shouted loudly towards Bei Gong Tang and the others, “Ouyag, Bei Gong, stop fighting, RUN! Fatty Qu, don’t lie there, get up quickly!”

“What is it, You Yue, we’re already so tired that we have no more energy to run.” Fatty Qu lay on the ground and was unaware of the impending danger.

“Me neither. No energy.” Wei Zi Qi said.

They had pretty much kept away the spirit beasts nearby, so there were very few spirit beasts that were willing to appear. These two days, they were considering changing their location. As a result they did not preserve any energy during their battles.

Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei heard what Sima You Yue said and immediately stopped. They looked towards the direction of the activity and saw the herd of Divine Beasts. The two of them were stunned, and it was Sima You Yue’s yell that allowed them to react. Running over, Sima You Yue pulled the two of them off the ground into a run.

It was only now that Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi realised that a group of Divine Beasts were oncoming. This time, they did not have to wait for Sima You Yue’s instruction as they pulled themselves to a run.

“You have to be kidding me. Aren’t all the Divine Beasts in the inner regions, what are so many of them doing here?!” Fatty Qu called out when he saw the quickly encroaching herd of divine beasts.

“It definitely has something to do with Little Roar.” Sima You Yue did not even need to think about it before she knew that he definitely went to flirt with some person, no, spirit beast, that he wasn’t supposed to.

“No way, I can’t run anymore!” Fatty Qu just ran an entire wave and was too tired now. He didn’t have a single ounce of strength left.

Sima You Yue saw that the Divine beasts had already set them as their targets. It wasn’t an option even if they were able to continue running. There were so many Divine beasts, as well as a few saint beasts. They would catch up and kill them in a matter of time.

No choice!

Sima You Yue stopped running. When Ouyang Fei and the others saw that she stopped running, they stopped as well and urged anxiously, “You Yue, run quickly!”

“We won’t be able to outrun them even if we try.” Sima You Yue said, “Little Roar, you brat, fly faster!”

Fatty Qu could run no more and ran beside Sima You Yue, panting heavily.

Little Roar raised his head and saw the Divine Beasts that were going to catch up to him soon. He pulled at his little legs and increased his speed, charging towards Sima You Yue’s embrace.

Bei Gong Tang and the others knew that it was pointless to keep running. Seeing that Sima You Yue and the others had stopped, they stopped as well, prepared to give it one last push.

“Yue Yue, quickly hold onto me!” Little Roar soon charged into Sima You Yue’s embrace as those Spirit Beasts came charging as well.

They were already able to see the teeth of those Divine Beasts. They actually thought in their hearts that they would spend most of their day here. However, the Divine Beasts were only a few metres away from them. Just as the beasts charged at them, they saw the scenery in front of their eyes suddenly change, and the Divine Beasts were all gone.

Fatty Qu closed his eyes in preparation for the oncoming pain, however, it never came. He opened his eyes a tiny fraction in order to take a peek at what was happening. He never expected to see a completely strange place.

“Ah? Where are the Divine Beasts?” Fatty Qu opened his eyes and asked when he saw that the others were around as well.

Bei Gong Tang and the others looked at their surroundings with surprise, asking, “You Yue, where is this place?”

“This is the Spirit Pagoda.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s my own space.”

“Spirit Pagoda?” Your own space?”

“Isn’t it that a space has no oxygen, and is unable to sustain living things?”

“The Spirit Pagoda is pretty special. It’s like my own world and is similar to the world outside. It’s just inside a pagoda.” Sima You Yue said, “The Spirit Fruits that you ate are also taken from this place.”

“Wow, really awesome Spirit Fruits!” Fatty Qu looked at the entire plane of Spirit Fruit Trees that were full of every single variety of Spirit Fruits. Each one of them was so captivating.

He was unable to resist the temptation and ran to a tree to pluck one and chomp on it.

“So many pill ingredients!” Bei Gong Tang looked at the different varieties of pill ingredients that were growing in the ground and walked over quickly, “Star Grass, ceramic leaves, black fungus, so many different types!”

Sima You yue never thought that Bei Gong Tang would be that familiar with pill ingredients and said, “Bei Gong, are you very familiar with pill ingredients?”

“Mm, my clan used to be a clan of alchemists. Although I never had the qualifications to learn, I understand quite a bit of pill ingredients.” Bei Gong Tang said.

“Did you place all the spirit beasts that you contracted inside here?” Wei Zi Qi thought of those spirit beasts and knew that she could place living creatures in here, but never expected that it would be a space like this.

“You Yue, this place is really too strange!” Fatty Qu looked at the things in the Spirit Pagoda until his eyes were going to pop out.

“In a moment I will bring you all to take a look.” Sima You Yue said, while thinking of grabbing Little Roar who was thinking of sneaking off. She gave a solemn face and said, “Say it. What did you do this time?”

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