DDFYM – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Bumping into a plot and breaking it apart

“Hey, how many Spirit Beasts have we caught this time?” A man with a large thick waist and a full beard walked out from the tent and asked as he sat down beside the two people who were sitting in the centre of the camp.

“Boss, we have already caught close to twenty Spirit Beasts, and two of them are even Saint Ranked Beasts that can talk!” The two men stood up and said.

“Oh? We’ve already caught close to twenty?” Full-beard said happily, “This time, we’ll strike it rich! HAHAHA!”

“Boss, this idea of your is really great. Those people are going to seize the treasure but we’re here capturing Spirit Beasts.”

“Those Spirit Beasts have all been attracted by that treasure and those who passed us have lost their battle strength because of the knockout drug that we scattered and were directly captured by us. If we sell those Spirit Beasts to those shopkeepers, we really will strike it rich this time!”

Those two people were happily trying to take the credit in front of their boss. That boss glared at them, saying, “What do you mean sell them to those shopkeepers? Stupid, we will sell these to the Beast Tamer Master Guild!”

“Ah? Beast Tamer Master Guild?”

“Sigh, you two idiots! I have already agreed with Great Master Ge that we will sell these Spirit Beasts to him and the Beast Tamer Master Guild will let us tame five Spirit Beasts free of charge.” Full-beard said.
“Really? Wah, taming five Spirit Beasts!” The two of them cried out happily.

“Both of you, keep your voices down. If anyone finds out, watch out or I’ll break your legs!” Full-beard chastised.

“Hehe, as long as we have those tamed Spirit Beasts, they will be able to form a contract. It’s unavoidable for them to be excited.” A middle aged man dressed in green came out from the tent and said with a smile.

“Master Mu, why did you come out?” Full-beard looked at that green clothed man and asked.

“I came out to see those few Spirit Beasts that were caught just now.” Master Mu said.

“Those two were just caught.” A man carried that basket that Little Roar and that little bird were in.

Full-beard looked at Little Roar and Little Bird, creased his brows and said, “Why would you only catch these kinds of Spirit Beasts this time? Are they even Spirit Beasts?!”

“Boss Hao, don’t be angry. Although we’ve never seen these two Spirit beasts before…” Master Mu was speaking when he suddenly opened his eyes wide and was filled with pleasant surprise when he saw Little Bird and said, “Is this the Four Winged Roc?! It, It’s really the Four Winged Roc!”

Master Mu walked beside the basket and looked excitedly at the listless bird inside. He wanted to stretch out his hand to touch it, but he was apparently filled with worry and eventually encircled the basket, waving and dancing with joy.

“Master Mu, what kind of Spirit Beast is this Four Winged Roc?” Seeing Master Mu acting this way, Boss Hao and the other members of the group were watching him with confusion.

“Hehe.”Master Mu said with false calm, “This Four Winged Roc is something that I have only seen in books. It’s just another type of Spirit Beast. Eh, what is this Spirit Beast that looks like a Rabbit? How come even I can’t recognise it?”

The few of them clearly did not believe what Master Mu had said. He said that it was something that he had only seen in books, so how could it be just another type of Spirit Beast. However, since he had said it, they could not say anything else. However, this Boss Hao secretly thought that when the time came to sell it, this bird would definitely fetch a high price.

“Master Mu, it looks like this is totally not a Spirit Beast, it’s just a rabbit.” A member of the team said.

“I also feel that it looks like a rabbit.” A few others agreed.

“How could this just be a rabbit!” Great Master Su shook its head, “Being with the Four Winged Roc means it’s no ordinary Spirit Beast. However, it’s currently transformed to a different appearance. Wait until I’ve seen it’s body then perhaps I will be able to recognise it.”

At this time, another ten over people came over from the forest, they seemed to be laughing and talking on their way.

“Look Boss, we’ve caught another Spirit Beast!” A male youth walked over while carrying a basket and the inside was a Saint Ranked Black Leopard Beast.

“Boss, the medicine you gave us is really good. This guy was extremely fierce just now. But I didn’t expect that once it smelled that medicine, it changed into this appearance, allowing us to capture it.”

“Haha, Master Mu, it looks like our harvest this time is plentiful!” Boss Hao laughed loudly.

Seeing that they had caught yet another Spirit Beast, Master Mu’s face also broke out into a huge smile, saying again and again, “Not bad, not bad.”

“Boss, we bumped into this little guy on the road.” Those few men pushed a guy from the back. Sima You Yue and them saw that the person who had been kidnapped could be considered an acquaintance.

“Qing Wu Ya, what is he doing here?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Hao You Cai, you actually didn’t care about the agreement that humankind has, using medicine to hunt and kill Spirit Beasts in such great amounts!” Qing Wu Ya glared at Hao You Cai and raged.

“Hey, isn’t this the young commander of the Green Ridge Mercenaries. Aren’t you completing some missions from Salt City? What did you run over to the inner regions for?” Hao You Cai evidently knew who Qing Wu Ya was, furthermore, from the tone of his voice, the relationship between these two was definitely not a friendly one.

“Go and die, they actually dared to treat the Spirit Beasts in this way!” When Wei Zi Qi heard what Qing Wu Ya said, he was so angry that he immediately wanted to lash out, however, he was pulled to a stop by Sima You Yue.

“They have too many men right now and we are also unable to call out our contracted Spirit Beasts right now. With just the few of us, how are we supposed to fight them? Furthermore, their strength definitely overpowers us!”


“Zi Qi, you shouldn’t be anxious. Since You Yue has said it in this way, he definitely has a plan. Little Roar is still in their hands, you know.” Fatty Qu comforted.

“Why are you so angry, Zi Qi?” Ouyang Fei looked as Wei ZI Qi but he could not really understand.

In the past, this guy was always steady and calm but he was actually hopping mad right now.

“That’s right, Wei Zi Qi, why are you so upset?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand either.

“As a Beast Tamer Master, every Spirit Beast is our friend. People like them who are using the knockout medicine to catch Spirit Beasts are the enemy of every single Beast Tamer Master!” Wei Zi Qi said.

He had been imbued with a single teaching by his family ever since he was young. Spirit Beasts were friends; it was only those who could have chemistry with those Spirit Beasts that would be able to tame a high ranking Spirit Beast.

Furthermore, Wei Zi Qi had always been around Spirit Beasts ever since he was young and had already gotten used to having them make up a large part of his life. Hearing now that these people had used these kind of methods to catch close to twenty Spirit Beasts really infuriated him to no end.

“You Yue, what should we do now?” It was rare for Bei Gong Tang to take the initiative to ask a question. This showed that she had already become used to this team.

Sima You Yue looked at Little Roar, who was lying in the basket and said, “They have many people and we are currently no match for them. The most important thing now is to find out what kind of medicine they are using. Since it is a kind of medicine that is released into the air, it is likely that this medicine can directly be carried by the air. As long as we understand this knockout medicine, going according to the temperaments of these Spirit Beasts, these people would definitely not meet a good end.”

“But we’re so far from them and we also don’t know what kind of medicine they’re using, right?” Fatty Qu asked.

“There is!” Wei Zi Qi said, “There’s a kind of grass called bitter-sweet smelling grass. This kind of grass causes Spirit Beasts to become violent and increases their blood circulation. It can be said to be the antidote to all Knockout medicines. As long as we can find that bitter-sweet smelling grass, no matter what kind of Knockout medicine they’re using, we’ll be able to counter it.”

“But where do we go to look for the Bitter-sweet smelling grass now?” Ouyang Fei knitted his eyebrows together.


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