DDFYM – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: The entertaining show comes to an end

Mo Sha could feel the violent strength that came from the area where the strong wind was and brought Sima You Yue to retreat backwards in the air a few tens of metres in order to avoid the explosive punch from the Full Ape.

“Hey, I say, didn’t you say that you were very powerful? How come you can’t even defeat this monkey now?” Sima You Yue asked as she watched Mo Sha bring her into hiding.

“My soul is currently unsteady and I can’t display my power.” Mo Sha said, “Furthermore, I was not ready to receive its punch just now. Meeting it head on injured me a bit.”

“Alright then, since we can’t defeat it, we should escape. We’d be in trouble if other people wanted to snatch it from me as well.”

After she finished speaking, Sima You Yue called Little Roc out from the Spirit Pearl. He directly appeared and she flipped her body and landed on his back.

“Little monkey, I won’t play with you today!” Sima You Yue towered above the Full Ape and looked down on it. She saw that it was violent, angry and filled with resentment, she suddenly felt some kind of reluctance. The treasure that it had protected a few thousand years ago was uprooted just like this; wasn’t this going too far.

Her mind speed up a few seconds as she took a Golden Snake Fruit and threw it to the Full Ape, saying, “Little Monkey, you guarded it for such a long time, I’ll give you a bit of the share.”

The Full Ape caught the Golden Snake Fruit that Sima You Yue had thrown over and confirmed it. It raised its head and saw that she had already left while sitting on Little Roc. It was a bit confused in its heart.

It initially thought that it would never be able to retrieve the Golden Snake Fruit today. It never expected that this person would actually give it one and it was extremely unexpected.

However, it just needed a single Golden Snake Fruit because it never thought of relying on this to increase its strength. It only wanted to stimulate and awaken its bloodline in its body. It was a good thing that this human did not snatch away the entirety of the Golden Snake Fruit, leaving it with some hope. Otherwise, even if it had to self-destruct, it would drag her down with it!

Thinking up to this point, the pure heart of the Full Ape was filled with gratitude towards Sima You Yue. If she found out about it, she would definitely scold it for being foolish!

The Full Ape ate the Golden Snake Fruit and flew towards another direction, leaving behind a mountain full of people and Spirit Beasts.

Everyone had yet to react when both thieving parties of the Golden Snake Fruit left. The Mountain Valley no longer had the aura of the Golden Snake Fruit and those Spirit Beasts also slowly came back to their senses. A few of the higher rank ones took the initiative to leave first.

“Family leader, is the Golden Snake Fruit just gone like this?” Nalan Family’s guard came beside Nalan He. The both of them felt like they were in a dream. They were just battling others for the sake of the Golden Snake Fruit, but their eyes merely left it for a moment before it was gone.

“If not? Even if that person wasn’t a spirit paraon, it would at least be the rank of a Spirit Emperor. How else would she be able to use a secret method to increase her strength to the level of a Spirit Paragon. This kind of person also has a flying Spirit Beast by her side; do you want to go and snatch it from her?” Nalan He thought that his trip here was completely wasted and had a raging inferno in his heart and vented it all on the Imperial Bodyguard.

“Your subordinate doesn’t dare.” The guard immediately cupped his hands and said.

“Go back and pack up, let’s leave this mountain valley first.” Nalan He commanded.

“Yes, Family Leader.”

Nalan Clan’s people moved out quickly while the others also left the mountain peak successively. Although it wasn’t safe to travel along at night, if they remained here, it was unknown whether or not the beasts below would go crazy. If they attacked them, it would spell trouble.

There were only two people who didn’t move. One of them was Sima Lie while the other was Qing Wu Ya.

Sima Lie stood on the mountain peak, watching the direction in which Sima You Yue had left. He had the feeling that that person’s silhouette was somewhat familiar, however, he could not remember where he had seen it. He thought for a long time but he never thought that person would be his granddaughter that he had brought up since she was young.

However, Qing Wu Ya recognised that it was Sima You Yue. When he first saw the Four Winged Roc, he thought that it was just a coincidence; this guy who stole the Golden Snake Fruit just happened to possess a Four Winged Roc. However, when he recognised that the little white dot sitting on the head on the Four Winged Roc was Little Roar, he was certain that person was Sima You Yue.

However, he had no intentions on revealing this piece of news; it counted as his repayment to Sima You Yue for saving his life. When he heard his father shout for her, he turned around and left with them.

On the other hand, Sima Lie initially saw Little Roar as well. However, he had never seen the Four Winged Roc before and thought that it was some white feathers on the Four Winged Roc’s forehead. As a result, he had missed the chance to recognise Sima You Yue.

“General, that person… we are unable to defeat her right now…” After the Imperial Bodyguard came beside Sima Lie and saw that he was gazing towards the direction that Sima You Yue had left, he thought that Sima Lie was still unresigned.

“I know.” Sima Lie said, “Get everyone to pack their things and leave.”

“Yes, General.”

Very quickly, the noisy mountain valley quieted down, leaving behind only the carcasses of the Spirit Beasts who had died in the battle.

It was not that the people who had left did not entertain thoughts of taking away the dead bodies, however, these Spirit Beasts had always hated it when humans snatched away the dead bodies. Although it wasn’t their own species, they would not permit it under these circumstances.

There were so many Spirit Beasts right now that although these people wanted to bring them back with them, they still left.

Sima You yue sat on Little Roc as they flew towards the outer region. Sitting on his back and looking down, the view as the moon shone down on the Pu Luo Mountain Range was really not bad.

After leaving the Mountain Valley by quite a distance, Mo Sha took back his power, saying, “I’m going back. My soul has been unstable this entire time and I’ve even sustained injuries. I won’t be able to lend you my power again in the near future.”

Hearing that Mo Sha’s voice was a bit weak, Sima You Yue asked worriedly, “How are you feeling? Is it serious?”

“It’s nothing, I just need to absorb the gas from the Golden Snake Fruit Tree for awhile and I’ll be fine.” Mo Sha said, “the next time I come out, there won’t be this kind of circumstance anymore.”

“In that case do you want to eat a Golden Snake Fruit?” Sima You Yue asked.

“No need, I can’t eat it, anyway. My current soul can’t handle the explosive energy from the Golden Snake Fruit at all.” Mo Sha said, “If you really want me to recover quicker, it’s not like there’s no method.”

“What method?”

“Alchemy.” Mo Sha said, “As long as you are able to refine some pills that can benefit the soul, I will be able to recover faster.”

“How am I supposed to refine Dark Pills.” Sima You Yue was initially excited when she heard that there was a way, but was discouraged when she heard him talk about Dark Pills.

“Have you forgotten about your physique?” Mo Sha said.

“Light Devil’s body?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand, what did this have to do with refining Dark Pills?

“People who have the Devil’s physique are able to absorb dark spiritual qi. As long as you possess dark spiritual Qi, when you are alchemising pills, just it in and you will be able to concoct Dark Pills.” Mo Sha explained.

“Huh, I can absorb dark spiritual qi?” Sima You Yue said with surprise, “then what rank of pills will be of use to you?”

“At the very least it must be sixth rank.” Mo Sha said, “right now, you are only able to refine pills at rank one. It’s still too early for you to refine pills that will be of use to me.”

Sima You Yue touched her nose, saying, “This is the hidden reason why you were willing to come out and teach me how to refine pills, right?”

She’d said it earlier, at that time, when she had felt that she was of a Light Devil’s body, she was wondering why he was so willing to reveal the fact that they had a contract with each other. He was even passionately teaching her alchemy. It turns out that he was just thinking that she would be able to refine some Dark Pills that would be useful to him in the future.

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