DDFYM – Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: Onslaught of the arrogance of the Zi Huo clan

Since Fatty Qu had already replied, Sima You Yue could not say anything and followed them upstairs.

The waiter brought them to a private room. It was huge and could seat at least twenty over people.

“Sit.” Sima You Yang told everyone to take a seat before introducing everyone. “This is the Huo family’s Huo Zi Yan, this is his sister Huo Zi Jiao. These two are my sect brothers, Sima You Ze and Sima You Yi. These few are Ximen Yue, Wei Zi Qi, Ouyang Fei, Fatty, Bei Gong Tang and this little child is Tu Tu. Oh, where’s brother Halcyon?”

“He had something on so he had to leave for a few days.” Sima You Yue nodded at the few of them in reply.

Huo Zi Yan faintly replied a bit and the others directly ignored her.

Huo Zi Jiao pouted unsatisfactorily, saying, “Big Brother You Yang, how could you just invite anyone you please? This makes the room feel too crowded.”

After she said this, the atmosphere in the room became a bit stiff. Sima You Yue had not wanted to eat with them from the beginning, so she felt really uncomfortable after hearing these words. She stood up and said, “I think it’s better for us to go outside and eat after all. Thanks very much to Young Master Sima for your good intentions.”

“Hey hey hey, don’t be like this. You’ve already come, why are you leaving!” Sima You Qing pulled on her and said.

Huo Zi Yan glared at Huo Zi Jing and cupped his hands at Sima You Yue and the others, saying, “My little sister is used to being arrogant and willful, I ask for Young Master Ximen not to take offense.”

Seeing that the other party had spoken thusly, Sima You Yue could not say anything else so she sat back down again.

“Huo Zi Yan, why do I feel that this name sounds really familiar?” Fatty Qu said.

“You don’t even know my Brother, you must be a country bumpkin!” Huo Zi Jiao looked disdainfully at Fatty Qu.

“Huo Zi Yan is the talent of the Huo Clan that is as famous as Big Brother You Lin, one of the Four Great Geniuses.” Sima You Qing said.

“Right, I remember now. I’ve heard someone mention it the last time.” Fatty Qu said as if he just realised. He completely disregarded what Huo Zi Jiao said.

Sima You Yi and Sima You Ze both liked Huo Zi Jiao a lot, so they naturally ignored them as well when they saw that she did not like Sima You Yue and the others.

Sima You Yi asked, “I wonder where you all are from that you don’t even know about the talent of the Huo Clan? How did you meet my Older brother and the others?”

Their words were dripping with disdain, as if determining that they came from a small unknown area.

“We came from another kingdom.” Wei Zi Qi said, “We met brother You Yang at the teleportation array in Linchuan City.”

“So this is the case. I was just saying that it was impossible for you to be acquainted with the Sima Clansmen!” Huo Zi Jiao said.

These people followed up with each other to talk down about Sima You Yue and the others, enraging everyone. But they did not retaliate for the sake of Sima You Qing and Sima You Yang.

Little Tu sat in between Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang and stretched forth a hand to pat You Yue’s shoulder, saying, “Big brother, don’t be angry. You’ve said before that even if a dog bites you, you can’t bite a dog back.”


Everyone laughed out loud when they heard out Little Tu said. Wasn’t this calling the other party a dog!

“You stupid brat, what are you saying?” Huo Zi Jiao slapped the table and shouted at Little Tu.

Little Tu was not afraid of her and glanced once, saying, “I wasn’t even talking about you, why are you so angry? Could it be that, older sister, you feel this way about yourself?”

“You spoilt brat, I will take the place of your parents today to punish you!” Sima You Ze was sitting right beside Sima You Yue, who leaned across Sima You Yue, wanting to hit Little Tu, but his hand was grabbed by Sima You Yue.

“Does my younger brother need an outsider like you to punish him?!” After she spoke, she pushed him away forcefully and Sima You Ze was pulled to the ground.

“You Zi, how could you hit Little Tu!” SIma You Qing stood up and berated him.

Sima You Ze crawled up from the ground and glared hatefully at Sima You Yue, saying, “You dare to hit me? You, backwater bumpkin, dare to hit me! Do you know who I am in the Sima Clan?”

Sima You Yue glanced at him faintly before turning to Sima You Yang and saying, “It looks like not everyone in your Sima Clan is like you all. It will be better for us to eat outside. Take care.”

After she spoke, each and every one of them left before giving him a chance to reply.

“Want to leave after hitting me?” Sima You Ze was going to attack them but was grabbed by Ouyang Fei.


Ouyang Fei exerted just a bit of strength before he began to cry out.

Ouyang Fei was silent but his eyes flashed with murderous intent. After that, he released him and followed them out.

“Enough!” Sima You Yang saw that Sima You Ze still wanted to follow them out and berated him loudly, “They are my friends, what do you mean by this!”

“I-” Sima You Ze held on to his arm with dissatisfaction.

“I’m going to go eat with them.” Sima You Qing left the room after she finished speaking. Seeing Sima You Yue and the others downstairs, she walked down and sat with them at their table.

“We’re really sorry for just now. You Ze and the others are used to being domineering.”

Sima You Yue and the others never thought that Sima You Qing would specially come downstairs to apologist, so their anger towards the Sima Clan dissipated quite a bit.

“You Qing, why are you still hanging out with them?” Fatty Qu asked directly about what he felt.

“I don’t like them either.” Sima You Qing said, “But they’re guests that came from the Huo Clan. Someone naturally needs to host the. Initially, You Yang and I were supposed to take them around, but those two guys like Huo Zi Jiao and insisted on coming.”

“You’re all family, so why is there so much difference in temperament and character?”

“They’re from the Third uncle’s line. That line of people are all the same. I often quarrel with them.” Sima You Qing complained.

Sima You Yue’s heart suddenly jumped as she asked, “I heard about Sima Kai and Sima Ke before. Which line are they from?”

“Third grand uncle and the others are all children of Third uncle.” Sima You Qing said, “However, third uncle died after coming back three years ago.”

“No wonder…”

No wonder their characters were all so rotten!

Sima You Yue and the others ordered their dishes. Seeing the prices, she finally knew why Fatty Qu wanted her to treat them. This meal was more than a thousand gold coins!

However, after they ate, Sima You Qing insisted on footing the bill in order to compensate them for the incident just now. They could not win that battle, so they gave in to her.

“You Yue, what are you planning to do tonight?” Sima You Qing asked after they left the Intoxicated Moon Restaurant.

“We want to go to the Xuan Yuan Pavilion.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“I haven’t gone there in a long while either. Let’s go together.” Sima You Qing said.

The few of them went to the Xuan Yuan pavilion and it had already opened by this time.

The shop assistant saw Sima You Qing and greeted her extremely warmly, “Miss You Qing, you’ve come.”

“Did you all get any good things in recently?” Sima You Qing asked.

“Yup. Miss You Qing will definitely like it.” The shop assistant replied.

“You Yue, do you want to go with me to take a look?” Sima You Qing asked.

“No need, we want to stay outside and walk around.” Sima You Yue said.

“Okay then, if I haven’t come out by the time you’re done, please wait for me.”

“Will do.”


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